Because We Have One Life

As I’ve said for each section: I’ve decided to add one post to each of my sections to get the ball rolling, just as a breakdown of the full purpose of each one before I dive right in.

One of the best experiences I got out of blogging was a couple of years ago when I decided to complete the Insanity workout program. I had a race to train for and a lot of work to do physically. I knew a lot of people who had started the program but never completed it. I had a lot of drive and excitement going in, but was afraid all that would fade and I wouldn’t reach my goal. I turned to my blog.

I put it out to anyone who would read it. I found a way to hold myself accountable. Believe me, my blog didn’t reach many people, but the knowledge that there were some following my story was enough to push me forward. I took this into serious consideration when creating the categories for this blog.

I want to do things that are going to enrich my life. Not all of them are groundbreaking, but they mean something to me and I would love to share my experiences. I am happy to say that as of hitting ‘Publish’ on this post, I will have completed the first goal: setting up my blog. It took me a while to do this and I put off a list of 10+ blog post ideas and 18 goals I already have lined up, but I woke up this morning and said that today would be the day.

I try to stop and smell the roses, but I like to keep thinking about ways to make my life better, stronger even. I love the feeling of working towards something and even more, accomplishing goals and enjoying the results. Sometimes I don’t make it through – I let life take over and I watch as my goals fade, but as we all know, sometimes we learn more from failures than success. Granted, the goal is not to fail, but it’s all part of the process.

So here is to my first success:

Create New Blog

  • Started: September 22, 2015
  • Completed: November 21, 2015 (Told you I put it off)

Let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?


Because Life Happens

I realized it’s probably best to open all the initial posts with this: I’ve decided to add one post to each of my sections to get the ball rolling, just as a breakdown of the full purpose of each one before I dive right in.

I admire bloggers who make the decision to base their entire blog on a specific topic. I, however, am not that kind of person. My reason for writing is personal, it helps me process life. During the initial brainstorming for this blog, I realized that I wouldn’t feel comfortable specializing in one general topic because I wouldn’t be staying true to the things I enjoy writing about.

I needed to remember the reason I started my first real blog: to keep my family and friends in the know. With parents in Florida, 4 brothers spanning the east coast, the closest relatives living 2.5 hours away, and friends who are now all over the country and world, I need some way to reach out and maintain connections.

I’m not too sure what this section of my blog will bring as of yet. It’s the day to day, the good and the bad, the big and little. It may be a lot of things, but it’s me.

The Start of Something New

Here it is. The start of a new adventure. I’ve decided to add one post to each of my sections to get the ball rolling, just as a breakdown of the full purpose of each one before I dive right in. It only seemed appropriate that the first post should fall under the namesake category.

When deciding on the organization of the new blog, I started by thinking about the things I frequently write about. I then had to come up with some way to describe all the random posts about random thoughts. What could bring it all together? I found myself in recent months giving an opinion and quite often ending with, “Well, those are my two cents.” I came to the conclusion after much brainstorming that this was what I was looking for.

Those posts came from looking a little bit deeper into the every day happenings of my life. I tend to just start writing and the content flows from there. To use an overused analogy, it’s like an onion. I begin by peeling away at the surface and end up removing layer upon layer until I am left with the core of my thoughts – the “what it all comes down to,” if you will. This is a section about paying attention to the details and seeking deeper meaning in the seemingly meaningless. I believe that we can discover amazing and important things about ourselves if we just take a minute to actually look.

So here is to my rambling on about the thoughts passing through my head and the start of something new.