Because Life Happens

I realized it’s probably best to open all the initial posts with this: I’ve decided to add one post to each of my sections to get the ball rolling, just as a breakdown of the full purpose of each one before I dive right in.

I admire bloggers who make the decision to base their entire blog on a specific topic. I, however, am not that kind of person. My reason for writing is personal, it helps me process life. During the initial brainstorming for this blog, I realized that I wouldn’t feel comfortable specializing in one general topic because I wouldn’t be staying true to the things I enjoy writing about.

I needed to remember the reason I started my first real blog: to keep my family and friends in the know. With parents in Florida, 4 brothers spanning the east coast, the closest relatives living 2.5 hours away, and friends who are now all over the country and world, I need some way to reach out and maintain connections.

I’m not too sure what this section of my blog will bring as of yet. It’s the day to day, the good and the bad, the big and little. It may be a lot of things, but it’s me.


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