The Start of Something New

Here it is. The start of a new adventure. I’ve decided to add one post to each of my sections to get the ball rolling, just as a breakdown of the full purpose of each one before I dive right in. It only seemed appropriate that the first post should fall under the namesake category.

When deciding on the organization of the new blog, I started by thinking about the things I frequently write about. I then had to come up with some way to describe all the random posts about random thoughts. What could bring it all together? I found myself in recent months giving an opinion and quite often ending with, “Well, those are my two cents.” I came to the conclusion after much brainstorming that this was what I was looking for.

Those posts came from looking a little bit deeper into the every day happenings of my life. I tend to just start writing and the content flows from there. To use an overused analogy, it’s like an onion. I begin by peeling away at the surface and end up removing layer upon layer until I am left with the core of my thoughts – the “what it all comes down to,” if you will. This is a section about paying attention to the details and seeking deeper meaning in the seemingly meaningless. I believe that we can discover amazing and important things about ourselves if we just take a minute to actually look.

So here is to my rambling on about the thoughts passing through my head and the start of something new.


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