It only takes a moment

It is with a heavy heart that I write this entry, but we received news this morning that Nick’s great grandmother, Ruth, passed away in the early hours of the new year. It was not unexpected, but that doesn’t make it easier for anyone who knew and loved her.

I was not fortunate enough to know her for very long, but there are times in your life when you meet someone for a brief period of time and they have an effect on you that makes you feel as though they’ve been there for years–that was her.

We met last summer down at the beach and I could tell right away that she was someone special, so full of life with such a sweet demeanor. As our time that weekend was coming to an end and we were saying our goodbyes, she put both hands firmly on my arms, looked me in the eyes, and said, “I love you.” How could I not fall immediately in love right back?

The last time I saw her was powerful and quite beautiful. It was shortly after she and the family received the news that her time was limited, so we went to see her and had a lovely time. Of course I was a tad nervous because–how do you approach/speak with a woman who was just given that kind of news? I forgot who I was talking about, apparently.

She and I had a nice quiet moment between the two of us and she told me so gently how she was okay with it all–how at peace she was. That she had been blessed with 91 years of life and now she gets the opportunity to see and say goodbye to all the people she loves and eventually just drift away in her sleep. She was ready and that was something beautiful to witness.

I didn’t have to know her long to see the effect she had on people–how many people, family and friends, loved her. The outpouring of love and support was simply mesmerizing–to see how many lives she’s touched beyond my own. I am so very sad to think of our future milestones without her and she will be sorely missed, but I am so happy she is finally at peace and I feel so very blessed to have known her, if only for a while.

Rest in Peace Mom Mom Smith

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