Update #1: 30 Day Fitness

I have to admit, I don’t feel like I am off to a strong start with this goal. I was asked the other day, why not wait to start until after the holidays are completely over? The answer was simple: we always tell ourselves to wait for a better time to do things. The fact of the matter is–there is never a better time, in the end.

However, it has been an incredibly busy few days and I fell behind with my workouts. I am staying in my workout clothes as long as I can today in order to complete all the ones I missed, plus the new ones for today.

Something that I promised for myself this time around blogging was that, no matter what, I would be honest in my posts. Not to say that I was being dishonest in the past, but I know I would sometimes just step away and ignore the fact that something didn’t go according to plan.

So here is my honesty; this morning I have been grappling with the third 30 Day Challenge I chose: the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge. It is very hard for me to admit, but I just don’t think I have the strength or discipline to see that through right now. One of my faults, you could say, is trying to do too much too quickly. But this morning I remembered the goal of this, and that is to take the steps to living a healthier lifestyle.

Key word in that is life. I’ve been thinking about the sprint, not the marathon in terms of my fitness levels. I want what I had–the endurance, the muscle, the body. But the fact is, I haven’t done any real exercise consistently for well over a year. Yes I want to look good for my vacation, but more importantly, I need to focus on incorporation. I am not going to be doing high intensity workouts for the rest of my life, I am going to take some time a few days a week to exercise and stay healthy. The endurance, muscle, and body will come back if I remain diligent.

I am disappointed in myself, but I also know that if I make this into a grueling routine for 30 days, I am not going to get out of it what I truly want, even if I end up with the beach body by then. So here is my plan. I am going to be true to what I want and thus need and continue doing the abs and squat challenges, but begin the Beach Body challenge after the completion of the other two.

I don’t feel wonderful about this decision, because a part of me thinks I failed, but I’d rather find myself taking 15 minutes every day for the rest of my life to work out, than taking 30 days once every two years to try and make a lasting change.

So here is to honesty and remembering the marathon.


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