Morning Coffee

Forcing myself to write

Last night, I wrote a post about how we all get in our own way sometimes when it comes to doing things that, deep down, we really want to. I was in one of those moods saying that I didn’t want to get up and write and tried to convince myself that pushing it off until today was a good idea. Granted, I wrote anyway and was very happy I did, but it was a struggle to not just get to my desk, but to write something solid.

I challenged myself to write one blog entry every day for 25 days in the hope that I would get into a kind of routine. The goal is to have it become so natural to sit and write every day that I would then continue blogging consistently after the challenge was complete. But after 7 posts already published, I have come to realize that it isn’t always easy to just pull out your keyboard and write something brilliant. I’ve been writing long enough that I kind of already knew that, but this time was different because I had to write something to meet my goal.

I try to seek out an underlying message to thoughts like this one and it really coincides with my post from last night, which you can read here. I really think that at this point in my life, I need a bit of an attitude adjustment when it comes to getting out and doing the things I love. For some reason, be it not having time or money in the past or who knows what, I’ve turned the things I love into chores. In college all I wanted was some time to relax. Maybe that’s where it all started? My free time was limited and because of the lack to time to just.. be, I clung to it as best I could, whenever I could.

Getting up and going to dance was a chore. Writing in my blog was a chore. Reading. Going out with friends. Making dinner. Baking. Yoga. Heck, even meditating. You name it. All of the things that are like drugs to me, the things that make me so incredibly happy and make me feel so at peace, were becoming drudgery.

It is so important to remember what you love to do and the people you love to be with. If something makes you happy, you should embrace it. Yes, there are days when I won’t be able to just sit and write something fantastic, but that is normal and okay. My hope is that from this point on, I can start to make that adjustment and stop looking at these activities as the things I have to do and see them as the things I get to do.

And that is my tiny two cents..


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