Get out of the way

I started this post with no direction in the hopes that I would stumble across something brilliant–so far it has ended up with a jumbled mess of random thoughts and ideas I am now trying to make sense of.

I laid in bed most of tonight saying in the back of my mind, “oh yeah, you need to write a post tonight.. I don’t really know what to write about, so maybe I’ll just think on it tonight and do it in the morning.” Well clearly I am now writing this post–not laying in bed pushing my goal away.

This is something I have been seeing in various areas of my life and I absolutely believe it is worth a look. We all get tired.. sometimes lazy.. and sometimes complacent in our lives. There are things we want that are important to us, but “things” get in the way. Believe me, I know that more often than we’d like, obstacles are not of our own creation; life happens and sometimes things are beyond our control. Other times–let’s face it–it’s just us… getting in our own way.

I have always been great with excuses. I work them so well in my head that I even end up believing them sometimes. The ones that really get me though are the ones that keep me from doing things I love. Like tonight, I was comfortable in our new bed, relaxing and watching Friends. I figured well, I don’t feel like it and there’s always tomorrow. But as soon as I got myself up, walked into my office, and opened up a fresh, clean post, I was a completely different person who was now saying, “What was with all the whining? You love writing. YOU decided to give yourself this challenge because you know it makes you happy.”

But this isn’t just about writing. This isn’t necessarily even about things you are obligated to do. It’s about stepping aside so you can get where you want to go and pushing yourself to drop the lame excuses that have clouded your vision. I don’t want to be complacent in my life. Maybe you share that feeling, maybe not. But I know I don’t want to just accept that things are the way they are when they don’t have to be.

I will be very honest, sometimes it’s fear that blocks my path; other times it’s laziness and even anger. But I like to believe that beautiful things can come from getting out of our own way. Goals can be reached, relationships and friendships can be salvaged, and wonderful opportunities can be created. All it takes is one side step so you can start making your advance.

And that, my dears, is my tiny two cents.


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