6 Months at MKJ!

I am starting with a quick post because last night, after being under the weather all day, my darling boyfriend insisted that I finish up dinner and our movie and head right to bed (which I agreed was a good idea if I was going to get better at all and survive the rest of the work week). I am glad I did because I woke up feeling refreshed and healthy.

This post is going to be short and sweet, but I wanted to talk about yesterday, which was my 6 month anniversary at MKJ Creative! I have a few work-related topics that I want to delve into at some point, but I wanted to take this opportunity to comment on the past 6 months. There are many friends and family who can’t believe it’s been that long already. For my coworker and I, we can’t believe it’s ONLY been 6 months. I think it’s safe to say based on previous conversations that I melded with the team very quickly, so it feels as though I’ve been there for much longer.

I was very fortunate to land this job. I learned early on in the interview process that there were many, many applicants. On a day trip we took to Maryland to visit a client a couple of months back, I learned that the job posting got over 1,000 views and 450+ applicants. They were able to weed out the people who didn’t provide work samples or a website, but the number was still in the 300s. My lovely coworker narrowed that down to 10 to have phone interviews with. From there, 9 of us had in person interviews with my boss and the senior designer. The final 3 had an interview with the former creative director.

Though I had another offer on the table at the time of my final interviews with MKJ, I knew in my gut where I wanted to be. I took a HUGE gamble (which my junior-in-college self would have killed me for) but it was absolutely worth it. Just another example of when you know… you know.

I am really trying not to get into any of the work-related posts I have in mind, but I just want to say that these past 6 months have been amazing. It has been challenging, eye-opening, exciting, frustrating, informative, and not to mention, working from home is probably the greatest perk ever (that will be it’s own post, I can guarantee that). I’ve been getting a great education with MKJ and I seriously cannot wait to see what the next 6 months and beyond have in store!


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