Update III: 30 Day Fitness – A Swift Kick

Here’s to being honest again… I am disheartened to say that I have not kept up with my 30 Day Fitness challenges as I would have liked. I got back on track by skipping rest days, but soon after fell behind again. I am going to complete the 30 Day Challenge, just not in the 30 days I had hoped for. To elaborate on the title of this update, I got a nice swift kick in the you-know-what the other day and it was quite sobering.

Growing up, I was incredibly active. I didn’t think of what I was doing as exercise, but I was younger, with a faster metabolism and exercising 15+ hours a week. It’s been an awkward adjustment to not living that way. I’m not a get up and go to the gym kind of person because exercise was always integrated. As I’ve said, that’s my goal in all this: to make my exercise so routine, it comes second nature to my day again. I just need to focus a bit more on the process getting there.

What was this swift kick? I went bathing suit shopping on Saturday haha. I will just say I’ve gained noticeable weight since graduating (due to less stress and finally eating full, proper meals, but not exercising) and the gain really hit me when I put on that first bikini.

This little kick showed me that there’s something I want, but I am not doing everything I can to get it. I don’t do what I do to look like something society tells me I should. I do what I do because I remember how I felt when I looked my best. I had strength and confidence. I don’t exercise to reach a number on the scale or a measurement around my waist. I exercise to take care of my one body and to create a healthy foundation for my future.

I’ve had setback with this 30 Day Challenge, but I am serious about making a positive change and I will keep working to reach my goals.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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