Greetings from Puerto Rico!

Good morning everyone! Yes, I am writing this morning from our hotel room in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

I am so glad to say that despite a blizzard, 2 cancelled flights, and the third being delayed almost 3 hours, we finally made it here in the wee hours of the morning. It was a rollercoaster of a weekend that absolutely put a damper on the excitement that had been building up, but we are here and are ready for an incredible time.

We arrived early this morning around 2am local time (we are an hour ahead here). By the time we were settled in our hotel room, it was closer to 3am and we needed to wind down before going to bed. Nicholas is still out cold, but I got up fairly early to organize my things and write some emails (and this post). I feel like we lost out a bit due to our travel complications — don’t feel like we have the full day I was anticipating since we did not arrive at noon yesterday like we were supposed to. However, I am counting my blessings to be here at all and shutting up now about how we lost some time.

We have a jam packed week ahead of us — today is the least planned day with only check in with the group and a opening reception dinner tonight on the beach. There has been a complication with one of the excursions we planned for later in the week, but we’ll get that sorted out. Goals for today are to get the lay of the land here in our hotel, finally eat something (haven’t had a meal since 3pm yesterday), check out the pool and beach, and of course, get some quality beach time in!  We were given these cute little Hustler Turf branded beach bags with some goodies inside. I was happy to get this upon arrival since I did not bring a beach bag of my own and would prefer not to get sand in my good bags.

I need to finish getting my stuff unpacked — decided I will not be living out of a suitcase this trip. We have ample space to store things and I am taking advantage of it. Then I need to start getting myself ready so I can wake up darling Nicholas (it’s already 11:30 here). I am ready to get this vacation started!!! Pictures will be on their way soon and we have the GoPro with us, so there will be videos too!

So until next we meet!!


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