Puerto Rico #2!

Day 1 got off to a slow start—Nicholas slept in until 12pm PR time so we spent our day getting the lay of the land in our hotel before spending some time at the beach/pool. Our meals Mon–Fri are done through the group, so we had dinner in the ballroom last night (too windy for the beach dinner they had planned) and met a really nice group of people who we ended up having breakfast with as well. We are kind of the oddballs A. because we are younger than the majority of the people on this trip (yet apparently look old enough to be asked if we have any kids haha) and B. because we are some of the only people (out of the people we’ve met so far) from the northeast. One couple we’ve gotten to know is from central Florida, the other couple and pretty much everyone else at our table were from the Midwest. But we’ve found a good bunch, I’d say. Nice to get to know people and share stories. Our Philly “O” definitely stands out amongst the sea of southern accents.

This morning, Nick is at his meeting and I have a little time to kill. I may go down to the beach or pool for an hour just to get some rays in. We have lunch again with the group before we all split into our excursion groups. We hit some bad luck yesterday with the news that our Bioluminescent Kayak trip hit some snags. They called to tell us that there weren’t enough people to do a hotel pick up from San Juan, so we would need to split the cost with the remaining people if we wanted to be picked up. But they were very honest in telling us that the visibility of the bioluminescence was extremely low. We already had another kayaking excursion planned and I wasn’t going to do this one knowing that we wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway. We cancelled and about 20 minutes later, we got the news the other kayaking excursion was cancelled as well haha.

SO. We wanted to do the Old San Juan walking tour and were going to pay for it ourselves, but now Hustler Turf is paying for it since the kayaking was cancelled and they cover 2 excursions. We found another kayaking/snorkeling/swimming with sea turtles trip that we signed up for on Saturday, so we are still in good shape for doing all the things we really want to. That trip is on the island of Culebra and we stop at Trip Advisor’s 8th best beach in the world, Flamenco beach. We are very much looking forward to that.

So today is the walking tour, tomorrow is a day off to get some beach time in. Thursday is a catamaran/snorkeling trip with the group and Friday is our other big trip into the rainforest to do some hiking, climbing, ziplining, and repelling (80ft down a waterfall!!) Saturday, as I mentioned, is the kayaking/snorkeling. We are going to be deadd by the time we come home on Sunday afternoon, but we are making the most of our time here—there’s so much to be done!!

It’s going to get harder to write as the week goes on, but I’ll check in when I can. We are very excited to be here and know it is going to be a wonderful time. I did promise some pictures so here are just a few to give you a little taste!!!





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