Keeping up

I needed to do a simple, run-of-the-mill post this morning because the truth is: I haven’t posted since I was on vacation a couple of weeks ago. I am sooo behind on all the posts that I want to do (my list is up to almost 20 separate posts and that doesn’t include the last of my vacation entries that I would still love to talk about). Getting home from vacation was tough because I did not have a buffer day.

I toyed with the idea, when putting in for time off for the trip, of taking off the day after I got home. However, with a set number of days allowed for the year, I did the responsible thing and here I sit, behind on practically all of my personal to-do list items.

I am happy to have created Tiny Two Cents and I want to see it blossom. There are some things in my life I would like to work on and writing more often will help me do that. So whether I have something groundbreaking to say or not, I need to write. Here is me doing just that. I have a few minutes before I need to start working and I will use those minutes effectively.

I am going to touch on this in my goals section when I figure out exactly how to execute things, but I need to get away from electronics. I realize how silly that sounds considering I am on a computer writing this, but I am not referring to blogging and/or reading on my Kindle.

What I need to get away from is the mindless surfing, browsing, staring into nothingness disguised as something entertaining. I don’t want to get too into it because it will leave nothing for my actual goal entry, but I saw a video not long ago that changed my outlook completely and has gotten me to step back and take a serious look at myself and those around me. With all that being said and prefaced, writing is important to me and it’s something I would rather spend my time doing, as opposed to scrolling through Facebook incessantly. So the fact that I spent those extra 15 minutes here writing instead of endless scrolling makes me feel better about how I am going about my day.

As I said, more to come on that subject, but for now, I wish everyone a very happy Wednesday!



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