Need Some Grounding

I began this post early yesterday morning. However, I ran out of time to finish as I needed to start my day at work. So as not to abandon it, I will continue as I was. 🙂

After a wonderful weekend, I feel a tad scattered this morning. I did something I always try not to do: went back to sleep after I woke up without an alarm at a reasonable hour. So I ended up sleeping a bit later, woke up thinking it was 7:15 when it was actually closer to 7:50, and since then I’ve felt like I’m just walking in circles, unsure of where to go next. Safe to say that isn’t how a typical morning works for me.

I fully intend on writing Part II to my post, Not Through a Screen; however, I just felt that today could use a quick post about the weekend to get me settled in for the day. This weekend was quite wonderful. It began at 5:30 on Friday with a ‘Rock your Asana’ yoga class. The class was set to high energy, rock/metal music with the intent on creating a dynamic and motivating flow class. Let me tell you, it was great. I am all for the calming, zen music during yoga; but this was great because the music really drove me forward and I think that I can now try and do the same with any music played in class. The intention I set was to use the energy of the songs to energize my practice. I felt focused and motivated throughout and it’s safe to say, I am a fan.

After a much needed shower, I finished packing and taking care of the cats to set out to Kingston, PA for a girls’ weekend. I got to spend a couple of days with two of my best friends and we had a weekend that was different than expected, but wonderful all the same. We did a lot of eating and plenty of waiting until the next time we could eat but had a blast doing so. Sadly, our plans of a nice hike were kiboshed by wind, but we were still able to have a chilly lunch by the lake at one of the state parks near her.

The whole weekend was filled with realizations of how our lives have changed since we were together in college—how we are growing up. Sometimes it was a welcomed thought, like when we went to the grocery store for snacks and ended up picking mostly healthy items. Other times, it was a little strange, like when we were set on 2-3 margaritas at dinner and more when we got home, but each ended up having a mojito and water at dinner and 2 beers at home. Not to mention, some of the conversations were very strange to be having in general. But I’m glad to know that there are some people I will go through life and all its stages with, having more and more strange conversations I don’t feel ‘adult’ enough to be having.

Back to this morning. I managed not to go back to sleep after I woke up sans alarm today and that means: here I sit, able to finish my post with time to spare! Not quite sure I want to switch gears at this point, so I will bring it to a close. Spending time with the people I love makes a world of difference and has really made my life so much better. It was lovely spending the weekend with those two and I can’t wait to do it again!


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