Double Whammy

This morning’s entry started from what would have been a Facebook status. I sat there writing it out, only to realize I could turn it into a post. After reading a dear friend’s blog this morning, I am really starting to envy the people who are immersed in the blogging community and it leaves me wanting to put more into this, as well as connect with other people who share my enthusiasm for blogging. So when I realized there was more to my status, I seized the opportunity.

I woke up this morning an hour and a half before work, which is not that uncommon (I usually give myself 2 hours). But I found myself without the time I would really like to have in order to start my day. I’ve taken on some personal goals recently (that I should really share on here now that they are starting to take off) and the great thing is they leave me with many, many options for how to fill my time. However, isn’t it the truth that we could always use an extra few hours in the day? My answer is most certainly yes.

I sat in my chair with my morning cup of coffee and was writing in my yoga/meditation journal and realized that, from there, I was ready for a morning flow, meditation, writing in my personal journal, writing in my blog, tackling some other items on my to-do list, the list goes on. However, my morning was over. It was time to pack things up and start my work day. The thought crossed my mind that I could fill my entire day with all the things that I’ve started to do and really enjoy doing. Fact is: I can’t do that because of a little thing called my job, but maybe I need to refine my down time to better optimize it.

The things I like to do are not activities to check off my to-do list. They are designed to help me live in the moment and process my day’s thoughts and actions—to allow me to be more present in my own life. I am excited about the things I’ve started adding to my day, maybe there just needs to be a little more focus to make it all happen.

Because I have not updated my goals section in a while, I will do so now! I have two goals set for myself that I’ll talk about here.

Goal #1: Spend some time searching for new blogs to follow.
– I want to connect with people who are also out there blogging. I’ve seen many friends do this via their own blogs and I would love to find a nice little network.

Goal #2: Find some ways to optimize my down time.
– I think part of it is waking up a tad earlier since most of the things I do feel the best first thing in the morning. However, I know a few of them can be incorporated into my evenings as well, so I need to just figure out what those things are but without forgetting to do what feels right in the moment.

I feel like things are a tad jumbled right now, but with this realization, I really think a beautiful system may come of it naturally and perfectly tailored to me.

Have a great Thursday!



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