Meeting With Resistance

Something I’ve made a commitment to for Tiny Two Cents is being honest with myself and readers. I am not perfect and sometimes things do not go according to plan (see the two goals I failed at already). I am, in a sense, embarking on a personal journey through yoga and while I have many eye opening and beautiful moments, there are plenty which are not beautiful, but may still be eye opening.

Part of my Living My Yoga goal is to practice more at home because I want it to become part of my daily routine. As inexpensive as my studio is, I still can’t afford 5-6 classes a week. However, I do not want that to stop me from deepening my practice each day. Most days, it’s a quick morning flow and meditation to get myself moving, muscles stretched, and set the stage for the remainder of my day. But sometimes I do miss the structure and length of a formal class. Lucky for me and for a lot of people feeling the same, we have the wonderful world of the internet, as well as apps for our mobile devices if we so desire, some free, others not. I don’t think anything really compares to an actual class because you lack the attention of your instructor and the overall energy of the space, but I still didn’t want that to stop me.

This morning, I went to a YouTube channel I’ve been subscribed to for a long time (but haven’t used much) and began her 30 Days of Yoga. I would like to say I’ve made a commitment to completing the 30 Days (and I probably should), but I have yet to do so. Either way, I completed Day 1 and it did not go as well as I would have hoped. I started the practice angry because my darling kitten decided to attack (playfully, but painfully) and she had already got me good earlier, so I was not having this during my peaceful time.

The rest of my practice was met with resistance and distraction. I was “upset” because it was much easier than I would have liked. However, she kept saying, take it easy. It’s only Day 1. So I continued and tried to focus on my practice, which I did, but kept coming in and out of it. One of my goals through this process is to become more present on and off the mat and it is very frustrating to find myself getting distracted and losing that presence. Of course once I realized it, I fell even further away.

However, I completed they day’s practice and learned something about myself and how I need to move forward: with patience. This is certainly a marathon and I need to remember that it will take some work, but that with patience, I can find a sense of calm and work towards being more present and grateful for each practice, regardless of how well (or not well) I think it may be going. With this realization, I feel good about continuing my day and taking this lesson along with me.


P.S I’m hearing more and more through the grapevine that I have people keeping up with my posts! I would love to get some more subscribers and even more so, would love to hear from people in the comments! ❤


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