A Much Overdue Life Update: Part I

Hey everyone! It has been very long since I’ve last written and even longer since I’ve done a good ol’ life update. A lot has happened in the past month or so—so much that this is a two part series!! I’d say it’s time to play catch up.

To start, on May 20, Nicholas and I celebrated our two year anniversary. It’s a strange dichotomy of feeling like it’s been no time at all, but also like we’ve been together forever. We kept our celebration pretty low key by enjoying a relaxing weekend together and decided that we would recreate our first date by going to see the sequel to the movie we saw in theaters on our first date after a delicious dinner. Locations were different, but both dates involved sushi and Neighbors.

We set a spending limit on our gifts to one another in lieu of not doing gifts at all. Of course, Nick blew that out of the water and bought us Broadway tickets that we will be using on Saturday. I wasn’t thrilled that he went way over budget for the tickets, but at the same time, I am finally, after way too many years, seeing Wicked.

I couldn’t be more excited. Eek!!

The following weekend, we went into Philly to see one of my favorite up and coming artists, BØRNS. It was a great night minus people who were talking the whole time instead of enjoying the show. That group aside, it was an awesome night and a lovely evening out with my man.

It was a late night for us as we headed down to Rehoboth for what would be a wonderful weekend. It was relaxing, fun, exciting, and overall, just a great time. I got some much needed alone time and time with Nick. We got to see his sister and her boyfriend quite a bit, spent our time hanging out, got to the beach, and even played some fun games (and won adorable prizes) at the Boardwalk arcade. I left feeling rejuvenated and just really happy with my life and all I’ve been blessed with.

That week ended up being quite pivotal as our housing situation got turned on its head. With the company I work for going completely virtual in August, we decided that we would move further south into Delaware so that Nick could be closer to work. Our apartment hunt started much earlier, but this was the week we were told that the unit that sold us on the complex we chose and put money towards, was being renewed by its current tenant. You can imagine our frustration when we were given this news. It really turned us off to the complex since it shouldn’t have been made available to us in the first place.

After some serious conversing with one another and our families, we’ve decided to go another route, but I am not ready to unveil that quite yet, so y’all are going to have wait for Part II!

It has been a whirlwind these past couple of months. Work was crazy busy for a while and now my personal life has been all over the place. But I am so excited for everything coming our way and could not be more thrilled to have my best friend by my side for it all. We have quite a bit happening this summer, so we’re ready to strap ourselves in and enjoy the ride!

As soon as I am ready for Part II, I will get that post up right away!! 😉


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