Waiting for today

Here I am again! Most likely to fail on another promise to keep up with my blog, but hey: baby steps. I woke up this morning before everyone else and believe it or not, once I realized I could have a morning with some coffee and the sunrise as I wrote, I was up pretty quick.

I had inspiration for this post a couple of weeks ago when I was taking a walk down the lane at Nick’s grandparents’ house. It was the week when Fall was in the air. The air was chilly, August was winding down, and I was clinging to every and any opportunity to believe my favorite season was just around the corner. A thought crossed my mind that felt important enough to try and put into words.

When I was growing up, it was always about having something to look forward to, especially as I was getting older and life was getting harder. Day-to-day life wasn’t always that thrilling and it was nice to have something to be excited about—to get me through it. That continued through college and beyond. Don’t get me wrong, being excited in anticipation of something is not a bad thing. But I realized how much I was spending my time waiting for something “better” than the day-to-day.

Things are kind of… quiet in my life right now. I catch up with people without any major updates. I’m not even really sure what the next thing to be excited for is. But it’s this idea of making something out of each day—being grateful for the even the simplest, most uneventful days. It’s fun to have things to look forward to, but when I do that, I let all the days in between pass me by only to be left asking myself the question, “now what?” when the event comes and goes.

With the things I know are coming my way in the next months and even the next few years, I know that my life is going to be really different. It’s all very exciting, but I don’t want to rush the process. Life is good and I’m very fortunate and, even if it wasn’t, there’s no reason to wish my life away. Coming from a girl who loves organization and her to-do list, I now know that life isn’t about checking things off the list or getting to the next step. Everything will happen in its own time and I just want to enjoy the ride.

When I was 9, I wanted to be 10. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be in high school. When I was 20, I wanted to be 21. I’ve just realized I’m just not interested in rushing to get there anymore, wherever “there” may be.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.


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