Make it Special

So I am trying this new thing where I start a post as soon as the idea pops into my head, rather than writing it down for a “later date” when I have time. Now, I don’t actually have time to write something in its entirety, but I think this may be a good approach to getting myself to write more often and when inspiration strikes.

My last post was all about trying to live more in the moment, rather than simply clinging to the “next exciting thing” on the calendar. I spent Sunday afternoon relaxing, thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and beautiful weather and a thought crossed my mind about how I hoped I could find that sense of happiness on gloomy days. It’s a challenge, of course, because beautiful weather usually equals beautiful moods, but it was an important thought.

The weather today is relatively gloomy. The skies are blanketed and only a sliver of light is passing through to my left. It’s a day that would typically make me want to curl up and not do much of anything. However, I found myself feeling quite peaceful as I started my work day.

The day has not gotten any better weather-wise; in fact, it got worse with the addition of rain. But I am actually having a great day. I created a setting within this gloomy atmosphere that was both cozy and conducive to a productive and positive day. I took the things that make me feel comfortable, not lazy, on a day like today. I put on some chill music, a comfy cardigan and scarf, got my coffee, and went to work. I even just finished some chicken noodle soup.

Here is the point I want to make—to myself and others—I’ve had many instances very recently where the phrase “there is no such thing as the ‘right time'” has been proven. Enjoying life and the every day shouldn’t be reserved for the perfect weather or the perfect day. Every single day has meaning and it’s important to remember that even on the gloomiest and darkest of them (in more sense than one).

Make each day special. Find reasons to smile. Set yourself up for a great day every day.

And that my dears.. is my tiny two cents.


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