Remove the Filler

I tried something new this morning: I was feeling like I would like to do a blog entry first thing, so I started up my computer and where I would normally open Gmail or Facebook, I came right here.

So many of the things we have on our to-do lists or would like to-do lists get pushed to the back burner. That creates obvious issues for things we really need to get done, but what about the things we would like to do? Doesn’t it seem odd that even those end up getting pushed back? Is that just me? Maybe it isn’t such a common situation for others, but I know it constantly happens to me and I am starting to pay closer attention.

I have many hobbies and activities I enjoy doing: yoga, dance, writing, reading, baking, the list goes on. But even when I find I have time to do those things, something else gets in the way; I call them my fillers. The almost automated, go-to things to do that end up eating up all of my free time. If you’ve read my blog before, you may have an idea of what some of those things are; it’s usually the “lost behind a screen” items that suck you in for hours on end.

It’s really easy to lose sight of the activities that you enjoy because, let’s face it, they may require a little more effort than just sitting down and watching 3 hours of Gilmore Girls. We gravitate towards the “easy” fillers—the ones requiring minimal effort—because we can power up to turn off.

Now, that is my situation. Some people may gravitate towards other things and others may not have this problem at all. But I think in many aspects of our lives, we can benefit from cutting out the fillers. If there is something you need to do, sit down and do it (or get up and do it). If there is something you want to do, same deal. Don’t let your fillers get in the way. Be mindful of your choices and make the ones that you’ll be the most satisfied with in the end.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.


Everything Happens For.. Well, You Know the Rest

So it has been just over 3 months since my post, A Much Overdue Life Update Part I, and Part II just never happened. In my defense, while part of that is my writing negligence, the main topic of Part II got derailed. As a result, I just stopped writing in this section all together—not ideal. This post is definitely my catch-up entry, so that I can *hopefully* stay up-to-date from here on out.

13501655_10207242874218321_2767446198091862942_nNick and I had a great summer. As I mentioned in my last post, he surprised me on our anniversary with tickets to go see Wicked, which was every bit as amazing as I anticipated—there were plenty of tears involved! We went to dinner first where we both ordered something we thought would be light and just filling enough to get us through the evening, but turned out to be one of the greasiest sandwiches I think I’ve ever had. Any other day, I would have made due, but we have cut greasy foods quite significantly from our diet and my stomach was NOT having it in 90 degree weather. Besides that and an annoying train situation on the way home, the day was wonderful. I am very fortunate to have found someone who enjoys doing the things that mean so much to me.

The highlight of our summer was definitely our trip to Memphis to see a wonderful friend and finally meet her (at the time, new) fiancée! I really should have done an entire post on this trip (fail) because there was a lot to cover that I feel may be excessive here. But here is the gist:

To get there, we made our first road trip, which was absolutely a learning experience. I discovered I definitely need to be the first one to drive or else I am just sleepy the entire time—aka Nick drove most of the way there and back.

We were able to pack the week with all the Memphis sights and things to do, but definitely had a nice dose of relaxation (which we were all in need of). Not to mention, we had really a great tour guide (aka Danielle). Nick and I were definitely surprised by the city, which (and I must have said this a thousand times during and after our trip) felt like a big small town—not the “city” I expected.


One of the first things we did was visit Graceland, which was really interesting. Not something you need to do more than once, but I am a sucker for any chance I get to *kind of* walk in someone else’s shoes. I love going to old homes or towns and trying to imagine daily life for the people who lived there, so Graceland was very cool for me. Terribly ugly in most cases (though I’m sure it was all the rage in its time), but great to see.

That was our museum day, for sure. Next stop was definitely the highlight: Sun Studio. We got to hear about how so many greats got their start there, including Elvis himself. They even had items such as his yearbook, social security card, and diploma!

The crown jewel of Sun Studio is one of five recording mics that were used during that era of music. At the end of the tour, many people hesitantly walked up to grab the mic, strike a pose, and have their pictures taken. Nick and I, of course, were no different.

I said above that I wasn’t going into terrible detail and I’m starting to fail at that. I really should have done the post shortly thereafter. To round out this topic, the whole trip was a lot of fun. We ate delicious food, spend time with great friends, got to see some live music, visit other historic sites and local spots—baby even got to go to a zoo for the first time (that I can actually remember). We got to see a lot, do a lot, and meet some really awesome people. It made my heart happy to see that my dear friend has created such a wonderful network down there in TN, filled with genuine people. All in all, a really wonderful trip that I was so grateful for! Here are some other pics from the week!

So where does the title of this post come in? A lot has happened this summer. We were essentially screwed out of the apartment we wanted and the frustrations of renting led us in another direction. My Part II post, as I mentioned, got derailed. It was supposed to come after we closed on our first home together. Surprise! Nick and I are buying a house! 

Unfortunately, things fell through on the house we were weeks away from settling on. At the time, I was very upset about it and as the summer wore on, frustration kicked in and it wasn’t a pretty picture. However, I sit here today grateful that all our failures, missed opportunities, and disappointments happened. Our lives took some crazy twists and turns and, had that house (or any other house) worked out, my stress levels would be through the roof.

So where do we stand now? We are still buying a house, but not looking until the spring. Our lease ended back in August and his grandparents have been gracious enough to let us stay with them in the interim. Due to recent events and a lack of a good housing selection, we’ve made the decision to stay put for the next six months, as his grandparents will be leaving for their home in Florida in a couple of weeks and we’ll have the place to ourselves. We are using the time to save save save, see how life transpires, and resume the hunt in the spring. It’s still a very exciting time in our lives and we will be so thrilled to finally take that next step with one another.

As someone who loves detail, I think that was pretty good for an overview. I definitely need to end this post here, but to close; I am constantly reminded that everything happens for a reason. The events of our lives have meaning—all of them—regardless of how we feel at the time. Nick and I have such a blessed life together and it’s one I wouldn’t trade for anything, not even the perfect house with a perfectly waterproofed basement in an area with a low water table close to my yoga studio and the train.