I did a thing..

As the title says, I did a thing…

… a thing that was about 12+ years in the making and a thing I never thought would happen. Last Thursday, I had the second of two visits to my dentist in order to… wait even longer for it… have my brand new teeth put in!

…and no, I didn’t get dentures.

About 6 months ago, I spoke with my dentist about Lumineers after finding out she was a certified Lumineers dentist. It was a procedure I’d heard about on TV for a long time and figured I would look into it. For those who don’t know what Lumineers are, they are an incredibly thin porcelain veneer that is bonded to your existing tooth. With traditional veneers, they have to grind down the existing tooth to a stub so that the new veneer has enough room. I was a perfect candidate for Lumineers because the two teeth I needed replaced were already small, so Lumineers, which do not require grinding, could sit easily over top.

Oftentimes, when I pointed out this area of self consciousness to people, they would react as though they barely noticed—for many people that was the case, but I’m sure others were just being kind. I had grown to accept my smile for the way it was, as I never anticipated being able to get them done. I wasn’t called out for them (besides my brothers and a brief period of time when my nickname at dance was, lovingly, Beaver) and it was never a major cause of stress, but it was always something I thought about.

So I made it happen. I got the quote, started saving, and opportunity knocked on my door telling me now was the time! About a month ago, I had my first official visit—we ended up doing a little contouring to the two teeth to be covered and shortened my two front teeth, which would have dropped much lower than the new additions. After that, we took impressions of the top, bottom, my bite, and chose the color. Points for me: she switched from the natural colored teeth to the “white” set.


Then last Thursday, after some minor contouring to adjust and a bit of tooth bonding, they were in!! I still haven’t adjusted completely to them, as I am not used to feeling teeth there and they are a teeeeeeeny bit too white, so they appear to stand out further (Crest Whitestrips to the rescue); but overall, I am so happy with them. I’ve waited a long time for these and it feels good to know I can smile with absolute confidence. I realize how much I sound like an advertisement, but these have been merely a wish since the damn things grew in.


So now for the big reveal….

Obviously there is a difference in the lighting, but the teeth are still pretty obvious!! Here is a before and after I took in the car at the dentist!


As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty keen on taking pictures recently as a result. I definitely wasn’t expecting as dramatic result as I got—who knew two little teeth could make such a difference!!!



Even Miss Harley Quinn is excited for her mamma!

Safe to say, I am a happy camper who is now excited to show these pearly whites! I’ve wanted this for a long time and never knew if the day would come.

Say cheese!!! 😉


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