Christmas Prep Day 1

**insert obligatory disclaimer that I am aware of my terrible attempts to keep writing in my blog**

Today is a special day and I am very excited about it! Won’t be long until I find myself wishing there more hours available today, but I am thankful for what I have. This is only the second year I’m doing this, but I am continuing the new tradition of leaving a couple of days of PTO (Paid Time Off) in December around the holidays. I managed to have 8.5 days left for the year (5 will transfer over into 2017) and I already took a half day for a dentist appointment.

That left me with three days I could take for the holidays. I get a generous amount of time off, but what I did last year and am doing this year, is taking a day or two off from work to dedicate to prepping for the holidays! As a result, I have today off, as well as next Monday. Today is dedicated to tackling my Christmas DIY items: things I need to make/do for gifts. Next week is dedicated to final Christmas shopping, of which we don’t have much left!

More and more, as expenses grow and gift funds dwindle, I try to find ways to use the things I enjoy doing and making as gifts. This year, I am creating a custom Christmas card for my family to be given out on Christmas day. I also have a custom card to create for a specific family member’s gift. Lastly—and this one I can’t say much about,—I am putting something together for another family member that needs to be started asap or I’ll find myself without time to finish it.

The main goal of my day, however, is to enjoy myself. I have a hefty to-do list today that could leave me feeling like it’s another day of work, but even if I can’t get everything done, it was a day dedicated to the Christmas holiday and at least I got things started!!! I’m also going to make sure that it’s not all just to-do items that take up my day. I plan on incorporating plenty of Christmas music, eggnog, some reading this evening (my other new tradition of reading a Christmas Carol each year), and maybe even an afternoon Christmas movie.

I have an idea for another Christmas post that explains some of the thought behind the days that I’m taking off (beyond simply needing time to get things done), so I won’t go on much further, but today is essentially my chance to get a little more in the Christmas spirit and to take a lovely, tailored-to-me personal day.

Until next time! ❤


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