Christmas Prep Day: the day after

So as I anticipated, yesterday did not go off with out a hitch. I have none other than yours truly to blame for it, as I got some dates mixed up, which resulted in unexpected work to be done. It would have had to get done anyway, but having to do so yesterday during the middle of my day off was really upsetting and threw my energy way off.

However, it was a lesson learned for me—a lesson I continue to learn all about—and it didn’t have to do with mixing dates up. It had everything to do with choice. Things happen. Maybe it’s that things don’t happen. But life goes on. I eventually got out of my funk, but about 5 minutes into my blunder, my mood was nothing short of crazy. I was panicked, stressed, irritated, and convinced this would ruin my day. I had already made the choice to let this affect my day completely.

So often, when things don’t go according to plan, emotions take over and I lose sight; it’s one of my biggest flaws, in my opinion. I still got a fair amount done yesterday. I didn’t get nearly as much completed as I had hoped, but I got things moving and realized I can fit it into my evenings after work from here on out—I also learned how to use yet another Adobe program (that’s the second in two weeks!).

So much of how my days go begins with choice. I woke up this morning later than I wanted to, I forgot to turn the coffee programming on, so the cup I was hoping for first thing wasn’t ready. The morning I wanted to spend with my coffee and book in front of our beautiful tree was spent starting my laundry and sweeping up cat litter off the floor. But my morning has also been great because I eventually got my coffee and it is delicious. The laundry is started and I was able to help Nick by cleaning up some of the litter. And this lovely morning and its events inspired me to write—which is something that makes me happy.

Life doesn’t live by our rules. It is a series of events that will happen, not only as they want to, but as they are meant to; there is no way to anticipate every detail. I believe that, in many people’s lives (not saying everyone, out of respect for a post I saw somewhat recently), positivity and happiness is a choice… and it’s a choice I plan on making as often as I can so that it becomes a stronger part of who I am.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.


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