Baby Steps

We are officially ten days away from Christmas! I get another shot at a day off for Christmas prep on Monday and, to be honest, the remainder of the preparations should start over the weekend if I am going to get it all done. I want my Christmas weekend to be nothing but Christmas movies, music, baking, and celebrating with my family, so I need to get that prep done.

I am continuing my endeavor to wake up earlier so that I can start and finish work earlier in the day—not to mention I love mornings. I work very well first thing and really believe I should take advantage of that. I tried jumping right a new schedule two weeks ago and was thrown way off. The first two days were fine, but then it went downhill until I stopped completely.

Guess what? It was another lesson (I’m like an episode of Full House over here). I actually spoke with my brother and he suggested an alternate route for starting the day: that getting right onto my computer wasn’t the way to go. That I should program my coffee to be ready, get up, grab a cup, and relax for a while until I’m ready and awake enough to work. Now, I don’t like the idea of watching TV first thing—I have a habit of getting sucked in—but the general idea makes sense (don’t tell him I said any of this, by the way).

When we move into our new house, wherever and whenever that may be, I think my schedule will become more refined, but until then, I want to start taking baby steps towards my “ideal” morning; which, as it turns out, would have me up at 5, if not earlier.

I am constantly trying to jump into things head first—essentially go big or go home. But it just doesn’t work for me. It does for a while, but I lose sight and give up. I’ve done it with exercising, yoga (in all aspects of the practice), meditating, waking up early, blogging, writing, reading, personal projects—really you name it. It’s a frustrating thing to admit. I also let situations provide excuses for not doing things. Exhibit A: not living in our own home. Moving in with the grandparents while we search for a house has “stopped” me from doing many of the things I listed above because it’s not my own space and I have other people’s schedules to consider. Guess what? I could have found a way to adjust and I didn’t. I gave up.

Wow, this post took a turn.

I’m getting close to deciding on my New Year’s Resolution and starting to see a clearer picture of what that might look like, but let’s just say intentional baby steps need to be a big part of it.

This morning, I woke up a little earlier than Tuesday (yesterday didn’t count because I had to get up early for a meeting in the city). I also woke up on my own, without an alarm. I opted to make my coffee and write this post to start my day. I’m still far from that “ideal” morning I’d like, but it’s progress and I’ve had a lovely start to my day.

The best things in our lives aren’t handed to us. I know the best things in my life came from some of the hardest struggles I’ve ever faced. At the end of the day, I just want to live my life to be happy and luckily, I have some ideas on how I might continue to do that, but I have to stop expecting to make it to the finish line after one step. In closing, I know there is work to be done, but I sit here grateful for this beautiful morning and what I’ve accomplished.


2 thoughts on “Baby Steps

    • katinrome says:

      Correct on the brother haha and I won’t be watching TV—trying to watch less in general and doing so first thing in the morning is not an option until I have my breakfast before I have to start at 9.


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