We can be more

Good morning everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all!

I woke up this morning absolutely ready to write this post. Last year, I did a year in review, but this New Year—for the most part—I am looking ahead. 2016 was a pretty great year for my little family. It was a still a rollercoaster, but not in the ways past years were. It was a year of change, excitement, disappointment, frustration, self discovery, and a whole lot of happiness.

For 2017, while I am going to attempt to do two different 365-resolutions (both very different from one another—more to come), I am keeping my primary resolution a tad more general as an alternate challenge for myself.

There is a growing stigma attached to New Year’s resolutions. Most people who know me know I believe any day is perfect to make a new resolution if it is going to improve your quality of life, but I often hear people say resolutions are stupid and pointless. Well, to each his own, but I’m still going to throw in my two cents.

Regardless of what they are, resolutions are made for a reason. New Years often leaves us taking a look back at how we’ve been living and oftentimes, we realize that things could be better—that we could be better. I believe human beings are always capable of immense growth, but we need proper care or else it can’t happen. New Year’s resolutions get a bad reputation because, let’s face it, we simply lose sight of them. We fall back into old habits, get lazy, or just stop caring. But one of the messages that has stuck with me this year is to be resolute in my resolutions.

Resolutions are made because we get a glimpse of our potential and an idea of how we might reach it. We see that we can be better in a way that makes sense for us and our lives. We can be happier, healthier, smarter, more ambitious, dedicated, loving, and a multitude of other things—we can be more. So, to everyone, I’d like to say be resolute this year. It doesn’t have to be anything massive; it can be as simple as trying to drink more water or make the bed everyday. But I suggest leaving your resolution somewhere you’ll see it every day. Put it in a frame by your bed. Make it the background on your phone. We all need a little reminder sometimes, so do what you need to do. But whatever you choose, be steadfast in your decision to do it.

For me, I am doing two 365-resolutions. For those who may be unfamiliar with the concept, it’s pretty self explanatory: doing one thing every day for 365 days. For my challenges, I hope to accomplish two things: 1. to get back into the yoga lifestyle by doing some form of yoga every day and 2. expand on my skills by hand lettering every day. 365 resolutions don’t have to be done extensively, but have to enter each day at some point.

For my general resolution, I took a look back at my year and the things I was trying to accomplish. If I wrote out every resolution I have, I’d run out of characters (and that’s not even possible). So here is my resolution: to find time every day to keep doing the things that bring me happiness and personal growth. I enjoy doing so many activities and, oftentimes, find myself not doing any of them because of laziness and the ease of doing nothing. So I am resolving to choose to do the things I enjoy every day, in some way, shape, or form.

2017 is going to be a big year. We have a lot happening and there is much to be done, but today, I am breathing in the promise of a wonderful 365 days. I genuinely wish everyone a year of happiness, success, and love. And if you are going to resolve to do anything, resolve to be better… and resolve to be resolute.

Happy 2017! xo



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