A New Section and How He Asked!

Good morning! Welcome to the newest part of my blog: a Woodward Wedding!! As most people know by this point, Nicholas proposed on Christmas Eve and, surprise—I said yes! I would love to keep everyone up-to-date on this exciting time, so what better way than to write about it here!

Of course, the biggest question I’m getting at this point in time, besides whether or not we set a date yet, is how he asked! Well, I would love to fill you all in, but to do so, I need to start at the beginning. I have two favorite days of the year: October 23 and Christmas Eve. I learned shortly after the proposal that Nick only had these two dates in mind—what a guy!

Christmas Eve holds a very special place in my heart. It has always been a day filled with family, traditions, and the excitement of the holiday season. December 24th was almost ritual and there was always so much magic that day in the Kreischer household.

Due to the natural progression of growing up and moving forward, Christmas Eve is now much different. My immediate family is spread all over the place—we all still get together on Christmas day, but Christmas Eve is, for the most part, apart. For instance, I spend Christmas Eve with Nick’s family in Rehoboth Beach. Though it’s not the same, the day is still wonderful and always filled with love and joy. Nick and I are currently lacking in the “traditions” department, but I have the excitement of seeing the ones we create as we start our family.

Needless to say, I don’t think he could have picked a better day to ask me—nor a more perfect location. The evening was lovely; we were all together, the house looked absolutely gorgeous decorated for the holiday, and everyone was having a wonderful time (though we were going too quickly through gifts, for my taste! Note to self: next year push for dinner first). I knew something was off with Nick during gifts. He was like a statue the whole time; I swear I could almost hear the nerves buzzing around. I had a good idea that night would be the night, but he had acted so normal leading up to the date, I was heavily second guessing it.

Once gifts were done and everyone was cleaning up, Nick said he had one more gift for me. Here is the moment when the question I had been asking for  m o n t h s  was answered, “Would I cry during his proposal since I knew it was coming?” I’ve been in situations before when I was so overwhelmed that tears weren’t even a remote possibility, but to answer the question, yes. Yes I would cry… a lot. He said the gift was outside and my bottom didn’t even come off the couch before the waterworks started in.

He invited his whole family onto the deck and, once he told me everything was ok (I was really crying a lot at this point), he began by talking about the first time we met. Nick and I are an online dating success story—not the ideal meeting for my future hubby, but I believe the stars still aligned to bring us together. The day we met, he picked me up for dinner and a movie. I got into his car and my first thought was, “oh my gosh, he definitely lied about his height online. He’s so short!” We later got out of the car and I realized it was just the positioning of the seats—whew! Later in our relationship, I learned his first thought was eerily similar: “oh my gosh, she is so tall!”

Surrounded by the beautifully lit backyard that was decorated with white lights in all the trees, he went on to talk about all the things we’ve done together—all the adventures we’ve been on—and how everything we’ve been through made him realize that he wanted to keep going on adventures with me forever. I was jumping out of my skin to say yes, but formalities said I needed to hold my horses. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The moment was so surreal and every little part of it—especially the adorable mistakes—was absolutely perfect. It was also wonderful to share that moment with his our family.




What Nick didn’t realize until a week or so before the proposal, was that he was creating a beautiful trifecta for me. With the exception of a new couch and a few feet, three of the most significant moments in our relationship happened in the same spot. Two and a half years ago, I realized I wanted to be with him exclusively. One year ago, a week or so before Christmas, I realized that I was certain I’d say yes when he asked me. Then on Christmas Eve 2016, I said yes—all within 10 feet of one another.


Needless to say, it was a whirlwind and couldn’t have been better. I am so happy to finally call him my fiancée and begin planning for our special day. We’ve already set the wheels in motion and my inner A-Type is having a blast! Due to the length and nature of this post, I will hold on more details of the first days of planning until next time! Can’t wait to share this exciting time with everyone!

Much love! ❤


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