Every Little Bit

Wishing everyone a very good morning today!

Last night was not the peaceful night of unbroken rest I had hoped for—Nicholas is still sick, so in an attempt to protect my oh-so-weak immune system, we have slept separately for two nights now. The first night was near perfect, as I was finally able to sleep through the majority of the night without having to deal with the fur babies waking me up far too early. However, last night was filled with nothing but those two driving me absolutely bonkers; I wish I was that fascinated with window blinds…

Inspiration for this post actually came yesterday. The lesson, however, came full force as I began my day today. While I am disappointed to say I haven’t truly started either of my 365 Challenges, I have been diligent in my primary resolution, to find time every day to keep doing the things that bring me happiness and personal growth. I’ve started back down my path to Living my Yoga, as our living situation and many other “excuses” have taken me away from it. I started re-reading Living Your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Every Day Life by Judith Hanson Lasater, as that was one of the things I walked away from mid-stream. I have a number of other books I want to read on the subject, but felt it was important to recenter myself by starting that from the beginning again, taking in its lessons, and most importantly, finishing it this time.

But what did yesterday bring me? When I woke up yesterday morning, I made the bed, grabbed my cup of coffee, sat in the chair in the bedroom, and read the next chapter. I sat down knowing I would only have a few minutes of this before I would have to continue with my day, since I hit the snooze button one too many times. It was driving my mind wild as I sat there trying to find peace in my morning.

Then the sunrise streamed in through the windows on either side of me. I found myself in a room of earthy, neutral colors that were being enriched by the warm colors of the sunrise. It wasn’t a Hallelujah Chorus kind of moment, it was simply serene and beautiful. As I kept reading, the chapter’s message—combined with the scene I found myself in—reminded me of the most important lesson of my resolution: it doesn’t matter if I’m able to spend an hour or two fulfilling it every day; if I can only find 5 minutes to slow down and do something for me—do something that brings me happiness or growth—then I need to own that 5 minutes, be present in it, and be grateful for it.

Quality over quantity.

I went to bed last night thinking I could recreate this lovely morning and make it better today. Well, that certainly wasn’t the case. The cats kept me up throughout the night and this morning, they definitely didn’t care that I was supposed to have an hour more of sleep. I woke up feeling agitated and as if they had already “ruined” my chance at a nice morning. I’m sitting here feeling inspired to write, so that clearly wasn’t the case.

When I finally got up, I consciously decided to make the most of it—to let go of my frustrations. I gave both of them a kiss and some quality pets before having my cup of coffee and reading the next chapter. It was a difficult chapter to understand, but I reminded myself to be thankful for the time I had and that I could reread it tomorrow or even later today.

To wrap this all up—to send my final two cents out into the universe: any step in the right direction, regardless of how big the stride, still moves you forward. If there’s something you want to resolve to do or practice, do so in whatever way your life will allow, but always be fully present and grateful for it. You may be surprised how far that step actually gets you in the end.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.


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