Our First Wedding Update!

It’s been 10 days shy of a month since Nick and I got engaged and the wheels have been set in motion! While I always thought about my wedding to a certain extent, I was definitely not the girl who had a clear picture of what it would look like. In truth, my picture only became clear when I met Nick and I saw how our lives would intertwine. Not to mention— surprise—I grew up and actually discovered my preferences. Safe to say I will not be getting married in the golden, opulent ballroom I used to picture in a dress the size of a hot air balloon.

Once we announced our engagement, the first step was to begin the hunt for a venue. Luckily, that picture I was talking about is much clearer now, making it easy to narrow the focus in pretty much every aspect of planning. Nick and I have also been very open about getting married and have known our engagement was coming for about a year, if not more, giving us plenty of time to start thinking and saving.

We went to go see our first venue two weeks ago. Because it was not a great experience, I am going to refrain from mentioning the name and hyper-specific details, as I’d like to think not everyone’s experience would be like ours and the venue is still very beautiful. We set up an appointment to take a tour and were very excited to do so. I have a habit of taking car pictures with Nick whenever we go somewhere (usually trips, holidays, or just special dates/days out) and this day was no different—I even got him to smile for this one!!!


We got to the venue and were pleasantly surprised. I did have some “reservations” leading up to our visit, as they were aspects that are important to us in finding the right venue, but I still wanted to keep an open mind. Here were my reservations:

  1. The outdoor space was not what I was hoping for. I realized I might be willing to compromise if the indoor space was amazing.
  2. The tables they have are rectangular and we really like round. Again, this is something that we would be willing to work with and the tables they had were gorgeous.
  3. The dance floor was tiiiiiight. If you’ve ever been to a Kreischer wedding, you know this just simply isn’t an option. It may work for other families, but not mine.

We did like this venue. The bridal suite was simply lovely, though the space for the guys was certainly not. I actually told Nick if we got married there, he would not be getting ready in that space—it’s his day too! However, the main areas of the venue were beautiful and very well taken care of. It would have been a serious contender if our experience with the owner was not what it was. Word to the wise: regardless of your personal connection to a potential client, consider dressing nice (not talking a suit here, but even just a nice pair of jeans and a button up would be good) and definitely don’t reek of beer. It doesn’t make for an impression that says reliable.

Not to mention, any time I would present an element that wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, we were met with just enough contention to notice—again, not a good impression to leave. I don’t think I was being insulting, but the owner’s response came across with frustration and I speculate it was not the first time the comments were made.

Luckily, Nick found another venue not far from where we are right now. We saw photos and visited the website, quickly realizing this was moving to the top of our list. We did a drive by that same night and, though we didn’t see much, were excited by what we could. We set up an appointment and took a tour the next day. Safe to say, this experience, despite rain and mud, was much better. The owner was very accommodating and sweet. The tour was thorough and informative and the venue had everything we were looking for. We could really picture our day there and love all the options we are left with.

In an effort to not jump the gun, we spent more time looking into other venues in Delaware, Maryland, and SE Pennsylvania to see if anything came close. We quickly realized how right this venue was for us in almost every way; it’s a real gem. I’ll hold on announcing the location until we are officially booked, but it’s something we are hoping to do this week!

I am so excited to share this experience with everyone, though. We have a great amount of time to plan and are so excited to watch it all come together. I’ve already considered eloping because the cost is stupid, but we are going to take the time we need to find the best options for our special day and I’m excited to share our trials and tribulations along the way!!

Until next time!


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