TV Turnoff Challenge: Day 13

I am 13 days into my TV Turnoff Challenge already! It definitely feels like I just started, but alas, I am almost halfway through!

I’ve decided over the past 24 hours that I need to make further adjustments. Not only did I find myself continuing to ache for TV, but I also found myself turning to Youtube, Facebook, and my phone when I wanted to do something which required no thought or effort. Talk about defeating the purpose. This challenge isn’t going to do a thing if I cut TV, but replace it with mind-numbing scrolling and compulsive video watching.

So here are the adjustments all together:

  • No TV except for my one show and only two movies on the weekends.
    • I watched three this past weekend and felt icky about it.
  • My computer is only to be used during work hours (obviously) and for blogging, wedding planning, or completing real to-do items (like taxes, for example).
  • I will be setting a time limit on my desktop for Facebook. I have decided on one hour per day.
  • No technology in bed. No phone, no ipad—the only thing allowed is my Kindle to read.
  • No phone during lunchtime and very limited access to my phone apps in general
    • Real time: I’m currently looking into an app that will limit me!

It’s a lot. But my technological dependence is like having one piece of cake a day on a diet—and my slice has just been getting bigger and bigger. This is meant to be a challenge and I know the rest of this month is not going to be easy, but I can already say I don’t plan on going back to how things used to be, that’s for sure.

I know I will have more to write on this subject, as there are so many realizations I have yet to experience, but I’m feeling strong about this decision and I’m ready to take it to the next step—to really challenge myself.


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