TV Turnoff Challenge: Day 21

Apparently, I misplaced my ability to count the last time I did an update, because I was a day behind. Day 13 was actually day 14! Of course this is not a big deal, but I am nothing if not meticulous. Today is Day 21 (don’t worry—I’ve checked a few times now). And here is my big revelation:

It’s really not that hard anymore.

In my last post, I talked about the need to eliminate excess technology use by limiting time spent on my phone and computer—I even completely eliminated use of my iPad. I’ve been much better about this, though my efforts to find an app that would limit my phone failed (it was way too obtrusive and kicked me off when I really needed to be on it). But I’ve been keeping my phone at bay when I can and I set my desktop tracker to only allow me 1 hour of Facebook per day. Even saying that sounds like a lot, but I’ve been blowing through it without even realizing until I’m kicked out.

Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here with that revelation. Work has been insanely busy, Nick and I are certifiably nuts for walking down the many roads we are on, and everything we have happening is keeping my days quite full; so I don’t know what a really boring week would look like. However, when I stop to think about it (and try to give myself more credit), I always feel like I have a never-ending to-do list that never gets attention. Well… I’m attending to it and it’s been great.

The hardest time to resist sitting down in front of my television is after a long day when I really don’t want to do anything. But when it comes to the times of day when my first instinct used to be to go sit in front of the TV, my mind doesn’t even think to go there anymore.

For example, my lunch break was always the same: get food, sit down, watch one episode, get more food (I was eating way too much during lunch), then squeeze in as much TV as I could until my lunch break was done. When my break was done, I felt relaxed, but also tired, groggy, and completely uninterested in going back to work.

Now? I get my food, sit at the counter (also another instinct now for meals), finish in a reasonable time because I don’t have distractions (also not overeating for the same reason), and then I see what I can do around the house to straighten up, so that we have a clean house ready for the evening. Most days, I spend the last portion of my break resting my eyes and/or reading. It’s been great. I now feel rejuvenated for the last part of my work day.

What I am also loving is that every day feels unique. TV allows time to pass so quickly that, if you aren’t careful, it can be the only thing you do every day at lunch or in the evening. Now, each day is unique because I spend my time doing other things—things that all make me feel better about my day. I don’t go to bed feeling like the day just started; I go to bed feeling like I had a full, productive, yet relaxing day.

If I am being quite honest, I don’t see myself going back to the way things were. My days are so much better than they used to be and this challenge has been the catalyst. Do I miss watching TV? Yes. There are many shows I enjoy and Nick is constantly telling me to come sit with him and watch something. So, where I may be watching more than the one show a week I am now, I have no intentions to watch during meals, during breaks, and certainly not all night long.

I know I say this to close every post about this challenge, but do it. Give it a try if you have the slightest feeling that you may watch more TV than you’d like. If you have a personal to-do list that never gets touched, do it. If you have just one hobby you want to take up, do it. If you are the person who can’t seem to put their phone down, do it. If you just want to take on a challenge, do it. If you feel like your day is monotonous, do it.

I could keep going, but I think I’ve made my point. I truly believe many people could benefit from giving this a try. The challenge is flying and I no longer see a 30 day endeavor… I see my lifestyle switch.


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