Update 4: 454 Days to go!

I’m sitting here tonight in the quiet (minus some neighbors yelling, but laughing and having fun, so I can deal) and a wonderful realization crossed my mind that I wanted to share. Maybe this is too personal, but I said I would try to be as transparent in this portion of my blog as I could, so here it comes.

Nick and I spent some time this morning going through our catering options so that we can finally get it taken care of. There was laughter, yelling, pretend stabbing, kisses, frustration, and a myriad of other emotions. We managed to get on the same page and make great progress. Then, just prior to me writing this post, we were on the phone with one another—as we often do when we are apart (currently house-sitting)—and got onto a stressful wedding-related subject.

I spoke to him about my concerns; he expressed his opinions and we found ourselves standing on common ground (side note: it’s nothing to do with either of us directly). But I made a comment that said something to the effect of, “You know, it’s our wedding. We’re getting married,” and his response was so simple, but so much more than I could have ever dreamed. He quietly said, “Woah, that gave me the chills.” I was confused at first, so I asked why. He repeated what I said and went on to say it gave him excited butterflies. Cue the two of us going back and forth with audible smiles on our faces, “We’re getting married.”

Wedding planning isn’t all tulle bows, yummy cakes, and smiles. It’s tough decisions, complicated processes, and have I mentioned way too expensive?? But at each step, I am reminded of how wonderful it will be to celebrate this time in our lives, bringing together our dear friends and family, to celebrate the love we were so fortunate to find in one another. At the end of all of this, I get to marry my best friend. I think sometimes, we lose sight of that, so tiny moments like tonight bring it all back and leaves us even more excited than we were before.


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