Update 5: 430 Days to go!

Wow! Do I have a wedding update for y’all! As most people know by now, this past weekend was the one many brides are most excited for (you know, besides the wedding itself): dress shopping!!!

We are in a funny situation, as my mom and dad live in Florida. That meant we had to plan this event far in advance. Schedules needed to be checked, flights booked, reservations made, etc. Our goal was to have my mom come up in May sometime, but in trying to coordinate a weekend with both her and my future mother-in-law, we had one weekend free between April and the end of July and this was it.

Now, our wedding is just over 14 months away—not really any rush to find a gown. However, the thought was, “If I can’t find a gown during this first trip, we have to start the whole process over again, but now we’re looking at August or September—9 months before the wedding.” I wasn’t going to push it.

I decided to go with just the moms on Friday. As special a day as it would be for me, I knew how special it would be to them as well, so I wanted to dedicate the first day to just us for a more intimate appointment. Saturday was with the moms again and four of my bridesmaids. The thought of a large entourage was nerve-wracking leading up to the day, but it turned out to be wonderful. It makes a huge difference when you go with people you know, love, trust, and who know you well enough to find a good balance.


The sea of gowns!

I tried on approximately 30-35 gowns at 3 different stores. I had great consultants, so one had me in the poofiest gown in the store from Saturday (shocker: we loved it) and another was my Friday consultant’s pick for the ugliest gown in the store (which I included a picture of below). Believe me, putting those on for fun made my life as the bride better. My head was killing me this weekend from all the thinking I had to do, so it was nice to break that up with some fun.


The dress that went through a lawnmower…

In the end, we had some real contenders. Friday, we had to narrow it down from 5 gowns. Saturday a.m., while the store was gorgeous, it was mostly out of my price range and the dresses I saw weren’t for me. Saturday evening, we had some contenders, but one in particular rose to the top. That sounds good, right? Nope. I had already had my “bridal moment” on Friday. That’s right! My flexibility in silhouettes turned into loving two completely different gowns. Now I was faced with this existential question of, “what do you want to say about yourself on your wedding day?”

HA! You try answering that when you have a million dominant personalities.

Safe to say, I was distraught. Thank goodness for my amazing group of ladies who were there to give their support and help me through it. After some dinner, wine, and sleep, we came up with a plan. I needed to try on both gowns again. The first at the store from Friday and the second at the store from Saturday afternoon. We were set to go to both the following day to do just that.

BUT. To throw a wrench in the mix, there was one more gown I had fallen in love with in my searches leading up to this weekend and it felt like the perfect blend between the two. We found out the Saturday afternoon store could get it in for me to try on, so I opted to hold on going back there until they could get it in. So Sunday, we went back to the original store here in town. I was grateful that Bridget, one of my lovely ladies, could come to this appointment because I needed someone who hadn’t seen me in the original gown to do so (which should have been a sign right there).

I walked out of the dressing room and we all knew without a shadow of a doubt. I was already in my dress.

It all came down to a feeling. I now understand the concept of “you just know” when it comes to your wedding gown. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I felt a blissful silence. I wasn’t thinking about any other gowns; I wasn’t thinking about other possibilities or nitpicking at tiny details. I was there… in my gown… and I didn’t want to try on another dress ever.

Fun fact: my bridal moment on Friday didn’t come immediately. I thought you walked out and just started bawling. Turns out, my emotions don’t work that quickly. What happened was that, after trying on the gown multiple times, when my thoughts finally settled (because there wasn’t anything left to say—unlike every other gown I tried on), my mind was quiet enough to able to envision walking down the aisle to Nick. Guess what! That’s where the tears came from!! (and not cute ones either).

As you can gather by now; I very excitedly said yes to the dress!!!


I am so happy with my decision and genuinely can’t wait for the day I get to put it on and marry my best friend. It was a rollercoaster weekend that went entirely too quickly, but I am yet again reminded of how incredible my support system is. A special shout out to my bridesmaids Bridget, Charlotte, Maddie, and Melanie, my fantastic future mother-in-law to be, Susan, and my other best friend/Mommy! Having you all there this weekend was an absolute blessing and I couldn’t have picked a better group!!

While I am grateful to never have to try on another wedding gown (who’d a thunk, right?), this was a weekend I will always remember… and now I have my gown!!!!


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