Another Lesson on Flexibility

I’ve mentioned this a few times over some of my more recent posts, but I’ve been working to come up with and “stick to” an optimal work schedule. I am definitely a morning person, whose energy and productivity happens to start wavering around 2:30, rendering me pretty much useless by 3:30. However, you get me started in the early morning hours? Not only are they productive, but they fly. I would love to do a separate post about what it’s like to work from home (featuring this subject), so I’ll keep moving along for now.

We are still at Nick’s grandparents’ house until ours is complete, so it’s not easy for me to figure out and stick to a routine. In our own home, it will be our own space, set up to accommodate our own lifestyle, thus making it easier to get into a routine. Now, my routine is not some harsh, rigid schedule that I have to follow to a T; it is a guideline to not only allow me the time I need to get ready and start my day, but to also fit in some of the things I enjoy or want to work into each day more, like reading, writing, and yoga.

I was really digging the routine I fell into over the past month or so, but fell out it and into a strange hybrid of the old and new. It’s not one I’d like to keep when we move, but it’s proving a good point: I like waking up and doing one of my “me” things in the morning. Case in point: this post. I sat down at my computer, ready to start work at 7 and got to thinking about my weekend. Next thing I knew, the blog was up and the words pouring out. It seems I am not writing about what I intended to (my weekend with Nick), but that’s another great thing about writing for me: it’s what I need it to be whenever I simply have the desire to write.

*Cliché segue approaching*—life doesn’t always unfold the way we hope it will. Nick and I are so grateful for the generosity of his grandparents, as this living situation is our saving grace as we head toward our first home, marriage, and our first years as a married couple. However, we both value our own space and alone time, often making it rather difficult to live in someone else’s home.

I sadly skipped a few mornings of writing and going for walks in the early morning sun, just so I could stay to my schedule. Why? Those things take time (obviously) and affect the rest of the day. But they are things that make me happy. They are activities that get my morning off to a good start and, in the end, if it means my work day is a little longer, then so be it! I have to work toward a compromise.

There are plenty of things we have to do each day. We can’t constantly push off responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make room and time for the things that make us happy—our “me” things. So no, I didn’t start my day off early. I will be working until the very end of the day; but, I started my day really nicely—not stressing over time away from the computer as I walked Nick to his truck and waited to wave him goodbye, or feeling disappointed as I watched the minutes tick away as I took way too long to write this post. It’s 2 hours later and I feel really good about how my Monday started, still feeling ready to tackle my day.

So I will end with this: living each day to the fullest doesn’t mean blowing off responsibilities, spending loads of money, or traveling the world. It means making the most of each and every day to not only do the things you have to, but making it a point to do the things that bring you joy, however complex or simple they may be. To me, living each day to the fullest means living full days—days where I go to bed feeling like I did what I needed to, but made time for my happiness as well.

With that, I bid y’all a happy Monday! Now it’s time to get to work!



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