Why Wait?

Why? Seriously. What is the benefit to waiting? For what, you ask?


I am tagging this post under two categories because it is a combination of my ramblings and a real goal I have for myself. When I was doing my TV Turnoff Challenge, I obviously had more time in my day. Not only did I have more time for the things I wanted to do, there was also more time for things that I didn’t particularly want to do, but now had no excuse not to. It got me thinking about procrastination—a concept I am too familiar with.

I don’t know about y’all, but when I think about procrastination, I think of school, work, deadlines, etc. All of that is pretty typical; but I’ve also started thinking those little to-do list items that always seem to be pushed to “later.”

Oftentimes, when I push things off, I know they wouldn’t take much of my time, but I find myself overcome with laziness and I just walk away. The TV Challenge opened my eyes to these instances in the face of doing small, every-day tasks, because now I had the time to do them and still didn’t. Take setting up the coffee, for example. My fiancé and I like to set up the coffee maker the night before, so that when I get up in the morning, the coffee is ready to be poured. Simple task, really: grounds in basket, water in maker, press two buttons, bada bing, bada boom—fresh coffee in the morning.

But that hour hits when I’m ready for bed and all of a sudden, I’m “too tired” for this process, which takes all of 2 minutes. The next morning isn’t a disaster, but I miss out on that moment of bliss when my coffee is there waiting for me (I clearly really love coffee). It sounds silly, but I’ve started to notice a number of these little tasks being avoided, despite their ease. I have two checks to get out in the mail. I have two thank you notes to write. Neither set will take long to do, but they’ve been sitting (with others) on a Post-it note stuck to my computer for three days now.

Yes, I’m talking about the little things throughout the day… but I need to emphasize the big things too… Why wait? Why keep pushing things off? All we have to do is start. Whenever I had something to tell someone that wasn’t easy, I knew I just needed to get past the point of no return. What’s the point of no return, you ask? The second I took the breath that would start my sentence—the moment I could say, “well, there’s no turning back now.”

I have a ton of work to do in this area—on both small and large scales. That’s why in my day-to-day activities, my goal is to stop putting things off and quit with the excuses. If I have a minute to write that thank you, I’m going to do it. If I can spare a half hour to give someone I love a call, I need to do it. Challenges like this are always hard because there isn’t much that is tangible, but it’s still important to find a way.

Timing rarely works in our favor. Oftentimes, the longer we wait to do anything, the harder it becomes. If you want to get healthy, get up and go to the gym… tonight… now. If you need to make the bed, stop walking past it and just make it. If you need to set up the damn coffee, quit the excuses and set it up. And most importantly, if you have something to say, say it. Words are useless when they are unspoken and there is no better time than right now. You want something? Go get it. Now. Not tomorrow. Not in a week. Now.

So many regrets come from actions not taken and words unsaid… I say this to myself and out into the universe: always seek to push yourself past the point of no return and when you do, simply revel in all you accomplish.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.


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