I want to be…

Have you ever heard the phrase, “be the person your dog thinks you are”? Well I want to be the person my cat thinks I am… when I practice yoga.

This is a genuine statement and one I’m sure someone out there can relate to. We have two cats: Loki and Harley Quinn. Neither of them are what you would consider “affectionate” cats, though they are friendly and definitely show their affection to Nick and I more than anyone else. It just happens on their own time, on their own terms—none of which is surprising for cats.

Miss Quinn follows me everywhere I go and Loki offers his affection by occasionally rubbing against my legs. They both lay/sleep with us and Harley is all over Nick at night. But for Loki especially, he doesn’t “hang out” with us very often—he just pops in to say hello. That is, unless I am doing yoga.

I believe Loki to be a very intuitive and emotionally aware cat (cue eye rolls from Padre). But, it’s true. When I practice, I get into a state that he always responds well to. He’ll come out of wherever he is to be with me when I practice.

So, what brought me here? This afternoon was a slightly stressful one. I ordered something and it did not arrive as it should have. When speaking to the Customer Sales Rep, it became clear that we had very different definitions for something and truthfully, we both got incredibly agitated, despite my efforts not to take it out on this woman who was simply doing her job.

If you know me, you know my fuse can be pretty short. It’s something I’m not proud of and it’s something I am always working towards improving. After taking a walk post agitated conversation, I came back to my mat for a few minutes. Within seconds, there he was—my Little Man was at my side (also under me, next to me, weaving in and out of my arms, sitting on my back, etc.).

When I am on my mat, I am a person my usually-not-very-affectionate cat loves to be around. A person who he feels comfortable intertwining with, laying with, stretching with, and rubbing against. I love seeing that side of him and more importantly, he loves seeing that side of me—truthfully, I do too.

Over the years, I’ve tried to better understand the difference between being too hard on yourself and challenging yourself to be better. You don’t want to live your life putting yourself down, but it’s also important to take a realistic look at what you could work on for the better. I happen to know I have a quick temper. Because I accept that fact, I notice it more, which means I can more easily work on it. I’ve wanted to come back to my mat for some time now and, thanks to my Little Man, I caught a glimpse of the person who he loves to love the most and I’m finally feeling inspired to make my way back…


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