A dreamy silt fence…

We are heading into summer and it’s going to be an exciting one, for sure. I say our summer is starting because this week, Nick’s grandparents are coming back up for the summer/fall. They live in Florida between November-ish thru the very beginning of May and have been gracious enough to let Nick and I stay with them (and without them) since we gave up our lease last summer.

The intent was to stay for a month or two while we searched for our first home, but when the house we initially chose fell through, the reality of a longer stay settled in. Nick and I made the decision—when we felt ourselves getting desperate to find and choose a home—to put the search on hold until after the winter. Having the right home was more important than having one as soon as possible and our options were next to none.

That “month or two” is now 9 months and counting. It’s been an absolute godsend in terms of savings and I don’t think words can express how grateful we are to his grandparents; but for Nick and I, we really value our own space and are eager to have ours completed. Even though we’ve had the house to ourselves (and our kitties) for about 5 months now, it never stops feeling strange to be living in another couple’s space. If you’ve ever lived in someone else’s home as an adult, you can probably relate.

Because I don’t think I ever officially wrote about it on my blog in much detail, Nick and I are building a home in the town we are currently in. New construction was something I was very interested in, as I realized the next few years were going to be busy enough without having to worry about major renovations. Because I also work from home, I wanted a space I would love to be in, since a large portion of my week is spent there. Nick took some time to come around to the idea, but we finally decided to look into these twin homes since his brother lives right down the street from where we’ll be and we love their house (which is also a twin).

We saw a model that was for sale and, with the price being as great as it was (and consequently offering some wiggle room), we decided we’d build our own and customize what we could. I’ve included some pictures of the model to show and left some notes on how we are customizing it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were beginning to get a bit anxious because they haven’t broken ground yet and we were told 6 months from start to finish. That was in February and no one told us how much of that time was for actual construction. We came to find out that the permit process has been hectic and was taking longer than they thought due to some changes in the process with the County.

With that all said, after a few weeks of nervous anticipation, we received very exciting news this week from Nick’s brother, who shared a photo he took while walking his dog. I laugh because our primary contact at the builder told us most people don’t get excited until they see framing, but I saw this and almost started crying in excitement!

IMG_7847 2

Who knew a silt fence would make this girl tear up?! They haven’t updated our portal yet, but any progress is good enough for me at this point!

I’m suddenly realizing there is quite a bit to talk about on this topic, so I will end it here for now. We have a very busy couple of months coming up and I hope to share as much as I can! I’ll be taking the summer to work on a number of DIY projects for the house in an effort to be prepared (and stay busy), so I’ll keep y’all posted on that as well.

Keep those fingers crossed and well wishes comin’ for a smooth process and accurate timeline!!


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