‘Twas only a dream

Full disclosure (or as close as I can get to it without involving other people) is the name of the game on my blog. I’ve toggled back and forth in the past, but the best way to document our lives and share thoughts and experiences is to do so regardless of whether or not the situation is ideal, so long as I am not hurting others in the process.

In my last post, I shared the exciting news about the “dreamy” silt fence, which was put up at the site of our new home a week and a half ago. In this post—if you haven’t guessed from the name—we hit a snag and found out there is still a hold on all building permits in the neighborhood in which we are building. We were made aware of the situation a few weeks ago, but the sight of the fence led us to believe we had gotten over the hump.

Sadly, the other day, I got an email saying otherwise. In recalling the struggles we’ve faced throughout the home search process, this isn’t the worst news we’ve received. It just means our settlement date may end up being pushed if the permit doesn’t come through soon. If I’m being completely honest, I see it taking a long time. Certainly not ideal, but the punches are what have brought us to where we are over the past year, so we’ll keep rolling with them.

But we certainly have a lot to keep us busy this summer, that’s for sure. Over the past two weeks, our calendars have become jam packed with lots of amazing events over the next three months. Two of my best friends in the entire world are getting married this year, so that means we have quite a bit to do in preparation of those. We have showers, bachelorettes, concerts, weddings, birthdays, an engagement party (for yours truly), engagement photos, and eventually, we move into our house! Not to mention, we need to keep planning our wedding and getting ready for the house along the way—still have a ton of DIY items to tackle, too!

Safe to say, though we are eager to get to settlement, we have a lot of wonderful and exciting things to keep us busy and little reason to rush! I have a few updates on the wedding front, but I will save those for a separate entry.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


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