Update 7: 369 Days to Go!

Good afternoon everyone! It is a rainy Monday here in Delaware and I am unfortunately under the weather, but itching to write. I have about 3-4 blog posts sitting in my head, so there is a good chance you may see a few of those today/tonight!! First up: the wedding!

Our Wedding Team

Throughout our meetings, emails, and phone calls with potential vendors, I got in the habit of referring to them as our “team.” When it comes to the day of our wedding, I see the people we choose to have on our team as the pillars—the ones responsible for having our backs, so we don’t have to worry. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to many when I say I am a Type-A personality and I genuinely believe that may make my wedding day hard. With so many details that need to come together, I know we need a strong group of professionals who I can hand things over to… a feat that I do not consider easy.

I am really happy to say we have our biggest, on-site, day-of vendors booked! That’s right—venue, caterer, photographer, and DJ are all set. We still have to find the vendors like florist, bakery, and officiant, but to have the others set one year in advance is a weight off our shoulders!

The Real Stress

Now here is where I get as close to “real talk” as I can without getting too specific. Nick and I have faced some hurdles throughout this process; that we all know. But some of our hurdles go deeper than finding the right vibe for a DJ. In every wedding planning story, you have the people—the friends and/or family that can sometimes make their way into the horror stories. Maybe “horror” is a bit dramatic, but it’s certainly no picnic.

We have been very fortunate to have a ton of support, but not without some hiccups. We’ve already experienced the reality of getting input we aren’t huge fans of—which is really only an issue when not properly and/or respectfully given.

I love having people involved; it’s truly one of my favorite aspects of all this—I want people who want to have a hand to have it. But sometimes, the delivery of input isn’t as graceful as one would hope. I’m referring to the comments such as, “You’re not having [blank]?!” or, “Why on earth would you do [blank]?!” etc. Yeah, those really don’t sit too well.

However, I will follow up with this: recently, I had to make a very, very hard wedding decision regarding some people I love. It was something I didn’t anticipate and something I wish I didn’t have to do; but it needed to be done. I spent weeks and weeks deliberating, stressing, getting looks of disapproval, and yeah, there was plenty of the kind of “advice” I’m not a fan of. But it was finally resolved last week and here is what I have to say about it:

I am constantly humbled by the amount of love and support we’ve received. This decision was so hard because we’ve surrounded ourselves with some of the best humans we could ever hope for in life. While the situation wasn’t ideal, I was reminded of how lucky I was to have that kind of problem—to have so many amazing people by my side.

People may make this time a tad more stressful, but people are also constantly reminding us of how lucky we are to be surrounded by so much love, support, and friendship.

Next Steps

Up next in the planning to-do list, we have some smaller things and some very exciting, big things. The most exciting thing coming up is that Friday will mark one year until we say I do! To celebrate, it worked out that we could get our engagement photos done Sunday, which we are both SO excited for. We spend so much time together already, but to have an afternoon dedicated to capturing our love and relationship sounds like a beautiful way to spend a day! We officially chose a location, thanks to our already-amazing photographer, Elizabeth and we are all set for a beautiful sunset shoot!!

After that, I get to move to our wedding branding—yes you heard that correctly. As a designer, I’d love to have a cohesive “brand” for our wedding so that every single element works in tandem, from monogram, to website, all the way to our thank you notes. I’d love to have that up and running by the end of July so I can get our Save the Dates out in August!

In Conclusion

Being a year out means we aren’t crazy busy planning for the wedding. We have things on our to do list, but nothing to drive us too nuts. We’ve tackled quite a number of the hard items, so it’s a relief to head into summer with that all settled. Now, we are moving towards the “fun” stuff. Having a long engagement is the best wedding decision we’ve made thus far, but it also has a downside: we have to wait!

I’m hoping to find my way back to this section soon to tell y’all all about the engagement shoot and our one year mark! Until then!


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