Here we go: 365 Days to go!

Our first major milestone has officially arrived—let the countdown begin!!!

That’s right! We are exactly one year from our wedding day and I have been sitting on the brink of happy tears all morning just thinking about where we’ll be on this day a year from now. I will, no doubt, be yelling to my bridesmaids and anyone within a 50 mile radius, “I’m getting MAAAAAARRIEDDDDD!!!!!” (which they already have experience with, of course—Lord help those girls).


I know I covered this in another post after we picked our date, but I’ll reiterate. Originally, Nick and I were looking to get married in the fall. It has always been part of my vision and I was adamant about it. When we got engaged, the first venue we were interested in didn’t have a single date in September or October. It was at that point where I started to let go of the fall requirement.

The venue we chose had fall dates available for 2018, but after getting engaged, neither of us wanted to wait almost a full 2 years. So, we chose May 19. It was the perfect day for us because it was the day before the anniversary of our first date (and falls on a Saturday). But, because our luck isn’t the greatest, May 19 was the only date taken at the venue. We ultimately chose—you guessed it—JUNE 9!!!

It worked out beautifully because June 9 is four days after my parents’ wedding anniversary and four days before both Nick’s parents’ and grandparents’ anniversary. Our wedding date becomes symbolic: the products of these marriages coming together as one—we kinda like it 😉


I began writing about this on our 3 year anniversary (which was three weeks ago), but today is the perfect chance to get it out there! One of the great anecdotes we have from our first date was at the very end when Nick was dropping me off back home. We both felt that awkward tension as our minds raced to figure out how the other wanted the date to end. Was it a, “thank you, I had a great time,” and get out of the car? A hug? A kiss, perhaps?? I settled on the hug and we both began to move in.

I looked down and, though he swears otherwise, I saw him going for a handshake… a handshake?? Nah. I verbally shut that down and gave him an awkward car hug as we both laughed about the whole thing. To this day, he insists I was the one moving for the handshake, but we all know the truth.

It’s a silly little story, but one I came back to on our anniversary this year, as we sat in the restaurant where we had that first date. I couldn’t help but think about how symbolic that almost-handshake was. That day, I not only met the love of my life; I met my partner. Nick is many things to me, but what I believe will help us through all of life’s adventures is that we are partners in everything we do. We are each others’ support. We are each others’ lifelines. It’s one thing to have someone who will hold your hand through the tough times; it’s another to have someone who will lift you up and help you forward.

Our wedding day will be one we continue to painstakingly plan for, a day we will look forward to with such eagerness, and a day that will likely come and go way too fast. But on this day, 365 days from now, we will embark on one of the biggest adventures we will ever go on. It will be the foundation for the rest of our lives together and all the exciting challenges we’ll face.

We have a crazy number of things on the horizon for the coming year, but it fills my heart with such excitement to know that one year from today, I will be getting ready to marry my best friend.


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