Update 9: 363 Days to Go!

Holy Hannah! Two updates in a matter of two days—I’ll take it! Today’s update is brought to you by a beautiful Sunday morning—oh so perfect for writing—combined with an insane excitement for today’s agenda, but the need to wait until this evening!! As I mentioned in Update 7, we are doing our long-awaited engagement shoot today!

When it comes to having a longer engagement, I personally feel there are more perks than disadvantages. It was the right decision for us, but there are times when I wish that timeline was a little shorter. Take today, for example. I’m so excited for this day because it’s been just shy of 6 months since Nick proposed. While we’ve kept very busy since then (and it often feels like time is flying), it can sometimes feel like so much time is passing between wedding-related milestones.

I know what y’all are going to say: “don’t rush this time in your lives,” and, “it’ll be over before you know it.” Yes, yes. I hear you. I know these things. I don’t want to rush through it either, but time is going to pass as it shall. In the meantime, I will comment on my excitement for the next step—experience tells me that it won’t speed time up or slow it down haha.


It’s not every day you get to do a photoshoot with your best friend, especially in the hands of a very talented photographer. We are so excited to start working with Elizabeth of Elizabeth Baxter Photography, who we met with for the first time a few months back. Photography was not something I was going to compromise on, as I really wanted to be sure we had, not only the right look and feel, but the right photographer with the right eye. Everyone knows I’m A-Type and, as a fine arts major and designer, I know what I want from a visual perspective. To walk into what is, in my opinion, a creative shoot, and have absolute confidence in our photographer makes me feel so at ease.

We playfully joke about Nick’s “forced” smile—the one where someone says, “smile for the camera!” It generally reminds me of an episode from Friends (shocker, I know), where Monica and Chandler are getting their engagement photos taken and Chandler cannot put on a nice smile for the camera. Nick is nowhere near the level Chandler is, but as an obsessive Friends fan, I can’t help but think of it.

With that being said, Nick’s smile is my favorite feature of his, besides the jawline that can cut glass; but it’s his natural smile that still gives me butterflies. It makes me happy to see him happy and to finally capture those kinds of genuine, real moments has me through-the-roof elated. Combine that with a natural setting and sunset and you have a girl that cannot contain her excitement, even finding a way to make a whole blog post about it!


This afternoon, we are putting the finishing touches on our photoshoot prep, as I finally picked out my second outfit yesterday. After two full days of what felt like endless shopping, I finally found a really sweet dress to wear during the second part of the shoot. As a girl who, for the most part, operates in navy, brown, gray, and black, the likelihood of stumbling across a light, flowy, floral dress in her closet wasn’t promising.

I cannot bring myself to admit tell you all where I ended up purchasing said dress, but it works and that’s all that matters! Shout out to Nick for putting up with Day 1 shopping last week and to Brittney for getting me through Day 2 yesterday! Today, we are choosing Nick’s outfits and doing some final shopping and primping—oh woe is me!

Safe to say, we are really excited for this evening and can’t wait to share the sure-to-be-amazing photos with y’all!! I’m sure nerves will kick in, but we’ll find our way!

Until next time! ❤


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