Happy Father’s Day

Because there is a 99.9% chance that he will see this Father’s Day post (unlike the one I wrote on my old blog FOUR years ago), I will take my chance to reiterate.

As you all know (or should know), today is Father’s Day—a day when we honor and celebrate the often first man in our lives. Of course we all know being a father doesn’t always mean sharing the same DNA; in fact, I like to believe being a father (and mother) goes even deeper, whether genes are shared or not.

Let me tell you all about my dad.

Kids are passed a lot of traits from their parents. While I can be honest and say I wish the whole temper thing had missed me, I now like to think I was given fire. This fire has transformed my life in ways I never could have imagined. It shows its red hot face in my dedication, passion, ambition, and heart. Let me explain.

I was always an observant person, even as a kid. I had the incredible advantage of being the baby of the family (even if it didn’t always feel like a blessing). I was able to grow up watching my family grow up around me, hitting milestones and dealing with aspects of life I wouldn’t fully understand for years—some of which I still don’t. I saw success, failure, stress, happiness, priorities, and mistakes. I took the things I could understand and used their experiences to my advantage when the time came. I took the things I didn’t understand yet, but would come to, and that understanding slowly pieced itself together.

When I saw my dad, I saw fire. Truth be told, fire has always mesmerized me, just like him. He taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life—value which has been proven time and time again for years now. I am the woman I am because of the lessons my dad taught me. Lessons of hard work, dedication, love, and family—lessons of fire.

I am heading into a brand new chapter in my life. This time next year, my dad and I will have done his first look, our arm-in-arm walk down the aisle, and our father-daughter dance. This is the next step of taking more things I couldn’t understand then and seeing them flower into the rest of my days. As Nick and I start our lives together as husband and wife and as we begin and grow our family, I will gain a new and more beautiful understanding of all my parents have done for me. My self-proclaimed success in life has everything to do with the fire my dad inspired me with. I can only pray that I can pass along the same to my children when the time comes.

To you Padre, thank you for giving me the foundation on which everything in my life is built. The fire you instilled in me has provided all the things that have brought me the most joy. While I know you may be apprehensive of June 9th next year, I want you to know my confidence in it is because of you and I hope to make you proud as I become a wife and, eventually, a mother.

I am grateful for all you’ve done, you do, and will continue to do. I am grateful for your guidance and your support. I am grateful for our father-daughter emails and for the friendship we’ve created. I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day today.



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