We got an email…

There is a fair amount of work to be done on this foggy, somber morning; but after the week I had and the current mood of having too much racing through my mind, I need to take a second, stop, and write.

If you hadn’t guessed, I had a tough week. It was very busy and, at times, very emotional. The week ended up OK, but getting to Friday wasn’t easy. In general, there is just a lot going on—I have a ton of responsibilities at work, a house to build, and a wedding to plan. All of which are made up of tiny little projects here and there that are beginning to pile up.

But something happened yesterday that was a beautiful continuation of something that started three weeks ago. As you may know by now if you’ve been following along, we aren’t building the house we signed on in February. Our builder came to us saying they had no idea when the building permits would come through and that they wouldn’t string us along in the meantime if we didn’t want to wait anymore.

I remember getting into the car and, for the next day or so, feeling absolutely defeated. I couldn’t help but sit there and believe it wasn’t meant to happen for us. One failed apartment and two failed houses in a year? I couldn’t help but think maybe we should just rent for a couple more years and pick back up then—that clearly this wasn’t meant to be for us right now.

Nick, on the other hand, was so sure we’d find something else because he had secretly been looking since late spring. I felt that we’d find something, but it wouldn’t compare to the house we were going to build. It had taken us so long to find that one and it ended up being new construction, something we couldn’t afford anywhere else in this area. The rest were too expensive or were by builders we didn’t like. I did not share Nick’s confidence whatsoever.

Three days after we met with the builder, we saw two communities. The first, Nick was absolutely sure would be the one… it wasn’t. But we saw Jockey Hollow and it was the one. The next week, when we made our deposit on the lot, we had come to find out that lots were being taken at a rapid pace. The timing had to work out just right for us to get what we did.

Now, we are signing our contract on Tuesday—just a couple of weeks before the new, higher tax goes into effect. I also got the icing on the cake yesterday: an email from our original builder. They said—and this was two days after Nick picked up our signed addendum and refund check—that the county was finally releasing the building permits for the community we were going to build in. I cackled when I read that email.

It wasn’t anger, disappointment, or frustration; it was the irony of it all. It was serendipity. The events of the past three weeks had to happen exactly as they did for us to be in our current position, which has us more excited than we’ve ever been for a house (though my experience-based apprehension is lingering). I will always be a believer that everything happens for a reason and when we walked away from the Avonbridge home, I knew it was for a reason (despite my disappointment). Granted, I thought it was because we weren’t supposed to be buying a house, but I still knew there was a bigger picture we were not meant to see yet.

That picture may not even be clear, but with each event, I can see more and more of it. You may not be religious or spiritual, but I am, and I know someone has our back right now. Nick and I are very fortunate people and with everything going on, the stress, the million to-dos, and the overwhelming price-tags they come with, it’s easy to lose sight of just how fortunate we are sometimes. I am so grateful for all the opportunities we’ve received, the support we continue to get, and for the little reminders here and there to keep our feet on the ground.

In other news, I hope to have some wedding updates shortly! I put planning on the back-burner, but we’ve needed to kick it back up, so that started a couple of days ago with reaching out to potential coordinators and officiants. Hopefully more to come on that and more soon!!


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