Update 12, Part 1: 300 Days to go!

Good morning and Happy Saturday my loves!! I am back at it again and thrilled to be doing so! Sadly, I am so behind, this post has to be written in two parts. We have quite a bit to share, as much has happened regarding the wedding and all things related. Some is good, some is tough, but all sharable!

This post is all about our engagement party! Two weeks ago from today, Nick’s parents threw us a party to celebrate our engagement. Originally, we were only supposed to know the date, which we picked ourselves; but in the end, we knew the date, the location, the time, and bits and pieces of who was coming. Apparently both the Woodwards and the Kreischers have a tough time keeping secrets (ahem!). In the end, we didn’t mind because the day was absolutely wonderful.

The weekend began on Friday after what were two very difficult weeks at work. I’ve now received the paychecks for those two very difficult weeks and feel much better! But my parents made the trek up to Delaware for the weekend and I got to spend most of Friday with them. The joke of the day for me was that I was getting parental approval on some of the biggest “adult” decisions I’ve made recently—wanted to make sure my mommy and daddy liked the venue for the wedding and the neighborhood we are building in!!! They are thrilled about both, so I felt pretty good about myself!

After making our way to their B&B, it was time to pick Nick up to meet some more family out to dinner in Chesapeake City. We took them to Schaefer’s Canal House and got to have a delicious meal with my parents, grandmother, aunt, brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew. Surreal was a good way to describe the entire weekend of having my family in Delaware for the first time!!

20170728_18444320170728_190113thumb_IMG_2940_1024 2

Saturday was met with some hiccups, as the impending rain called for a change in location for the party, but the backup plan was soon set in motion and Nick and I were sent off to enjoy our morning. We had plans to head back to Schaefer’s for brunch, which is typically our normal spot, but on our way there, I decided to check to make sure they are open Saturday mornings (since we usually go on Sundays). Alas, they were not. We, instead, found a little hole-in-the-wall breakfast spot and ate there before going to the salon and getting all dolled up. I got a blowout and Nick got a haircut.

When we were both done, we made our way over to the new location where most of our guests were ready and waiting for us. In short, the day was overwhelmingly wonderful. First of all, the place looked beautiful. My future mother-in-law did an absolutely wonderful job of organizing everything and chose the perfect aesthetic! Second of all, the day was so much fun. We had delicious food, though I have to admit there was so much socializing, I wasn’t able to enjoy a large amount of it; but what I had tasted delicious and the reviews I kept hearing were wonderful. In true engagement party fashion, we also played some fun games about how well Nick and I knew each other and how well everyone knew us.

By the way, here’s a shout out to everyone who knew the name of my blog!! That was a highlight for me, for certain. It’s easy to feel like this blog is just sitting out there, not reaching people (comments would be nice once in a while, folks! lol). But to hear that answer come out of so many mouths made me very happy—thought you should know!

The game which stole the show was definitely what we called the “drag race.” I had never seen it done before and it was unbelievably hysterical. Two chairs, set a distance apart, the bridal party on one side, the groomsmen on the other. The mission: a relay race which involved putting on the contents of two black bags, running around the opposite chair and back, and passing off the contents to the next person, until everyone has done a lap. The girls got a suit jacket, pants, and rather large men’s dress shoes. Cute, right? The boys? You’re piecing it together now; yes, I got to see my future husband, brother-in-law, and all the groomsmen run around a lawn wearing a beautiful white wedding gown, a set of gorgeous heels, and.. wait for it.. a bouncy blonde wig.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire bunch, we were laughing so hard! Safe to say the girls won and the boys got a better understanding of our struggles to get ready. So really, we all won hah! I can’t add videos unless I upgrade, so here’s a little sample clip from the race!!

All in all, the day was amazing; it went entirely too fast (thus serving as a lesson for our wedding day and the need to slow down), but it was unforgettable. At the time of the party, Nick and I had been engaged for 7 months, so to finally start the wedding celebrations was very exciting for us. This is the sentiment I shared at the party with everyone, but I don’t think people truly understood how much the day meant to us. Nick and I have been together for three years and have been separated from many people we love for pretty much that entire time. Our family and friends live all over the country and even all over the world; so to have both our families and some of our best friends all together for the first time was surreal. We were missing a few people, but were so grateful for all who had made the trip; whether it was 5 minutes down the road or a plane ride away.

Our families and friends are the foundation of our lives. They are one of the main reasons Nick and I aren’t just having a teeny tiny wedding or eloping; we want to finally share this incredible love we’ve found in one another with the people who got us to each other. Doing it any other way just wouldn’t feel right.


And with that, I think I will wrap this post up. We had the most wonderful time and it only made us more excited for the rest of the wedding events coming our way next year. We are so grateful to Nick’s mom and dad for organizing and executing a beautiful day, and to everyone who played a part in making it happen for us—it was perfect.

Like I said, there is a second part coming; I may write it now and share later today or tomorrow, but it’s coming. Not likely as light-hearted as this post, as we’ve had to make a difficult decision regarding the wedding plans, but I need to utilize this platform to share our decision and our thoughts. But we also have some exciting updates to share in addition, so I hope y’all take a look!

Until then!


One thought on “Update 12, Part 1: 300 Days to go!

  1. jerrydairy56 says:

    “Our families and friends are the foundation of our lives. ”
    One of the greatest truths, unfortunately, some people never get…

    Incredible party/wknd!! Always great to see the fam and this time we got to mingle w/the Woodwards!! Susan & Chris did a wonderful job and the food WAS terrific – I can attest to that!!

    Liked by 1 person

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