Update 19: 133 Days to Go!

I went against my better judgment this morning to write a blog post. Let me tell you something: I have a lot to do this weekend. However, if I can continue to blog once a week on Saturday mornings (at a minimum), I think it’s a habit I’d like to keep.

Wedding Central

It has officially begun: the house is turning into wedding central. Now that we are onto the last vendor we’re going to need—the transportation company—everything we have left is details, details, details. Last weekend, I began the myriad of purchases that need to happen for decor, gifts, and favors. One week later, we’ve got boxes and bags starting to accumulate in the dining room, foyer, and even the garage.

My primary goal in all the decor elements is to try and make setup and breakdown a smooth process for myself and everyone who helps out. For that, I’m talking numbered storage containers and a master list that says what items go in which container and where they go during and after the wedding… (yes, I’m neurotic). Now that we have a better understanding of our honeymoon departure (more to come on that below), we may not be there for break-down, so I want to make it easy on the folks who are. Y’all may roll your eyes now, but it’ll help!

DIY Kickoff

As of this week, I have officially started what will be a huge part of the next few months: wedding DIY. Surprisingly, the day isn’t quite as DIY as I would have thought and I’m grateful for it. On my list is our invitation suite, along with other printed materials, our card box (which I’ve already started), favors, dessert labels, table numbers, and various forms of signage. All things considered, I think it’s a pretty decent list to tackle in 4 months. Of those, the favors are going to take the longest, which is why I have already started the process!

would like to keep most of the final pieces a secret until the day of, but I will be sure to share some sneak peeks along the way! You can grab a quick look at the first DIY project I’ve started—the card box—here. I wasn’t finding one that I liked (that was reasonably priced), so I bought an inexpensive box and have decided to wood burn and stain it! The wood burning is done, but not without accident (essentially stabbed myself with the tool). However, it gave us an additional hashtag: #burningthewoodward, so not a complete loss! lol

Honeymoon Bliss

Yesterday, we received proposals from our travel agent for two variations of our honeymoon itinerary. The first included two cities: Bangkok and Phuket (which is what our original plan was); the second was three cities: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. Essentially, after we spoke to our travel agent, she got in contact with her connection for Asia destinations. Based on the types of things we wanted to do and the time of year we were going, they wanted us to consider the three cities of option 2. Well, after reviewing the proposals, we couldn’t have agreed more.

Once we finalize everything I’ll share more about it, but so far it looks like we’d be getting into Bangkok the 11th and leaving the 14th, flying to Chiang Mai until the 16th, then flying to Koh Samui until the 21st (this is the beachy, relaxing portion of the honeymoon), before flying to Bangkok so we can fly home on the 22nd. The itinerary looks incredible and we are definitely feeling the excitement. More to come soon!

Keep On Keepin’ On

One of the things I am trying to do is stay proactive. These last four months are going to fly and are only getting busier with each passing day. I know I am doing very well when it comes to time, but I don’t want to feel too comfortable. We are in a really good spot and I’m going to work to keep it that way!!


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