Update 20: 112 Days to Go!

It’s taken about a month, but I am really starting to feel like I’m getting back to normal excitement levels for our wedding. When we first got engaged, I think I felt the way most brides do: incredibly excited, in love, and so ready to dive in. After the years of dreaming, pinning, and Say Yes to the Dress binges, I was finally a bride. I was planning my wedding to the love of my life; how could that not be exciting?!

Well, as I mentioned in a post from just under a month ago, it reached a very serious level of disappointment I never anticipated—for reasons I won’t get into. I even reached out to a number of my married friends to see if they felt that way when they were planning and almost every one of them did. I didn’t wish that upon anyone, but at least I wasn’t alone in that.

But, after a full, weeping meltdown in one of my bridesmaids’ cars, another way-too-adult conversation with my mom, many emails complaining to my dad, and endless talks with my fiancé, I began to refocus my attention and it’s been much better ever since. We still have too much going on and are still way too busy; but, being mindful and present in the wedding plans and forgiving to the things and people who have made it tough, has made all the difference—I’m having fun again.

Itty Bitty Things

Gone are the days of big updates, since all our vendors are booked. I look at my very messy to-do book and there’s still a lot, but we’re talking DIY projects, print materials, decor items, gifts, and vendor follow-ups.

DIY Endeavors

I am in the process compiling items for various displays (dessert table, memory table, etc.) and I’m making a number of signs to include in different locations. We also chose to make our own favors, since what I wanted to do would be laborious, but much cheaper to do myself. I thought the first step in the process would take forever and I that I’d spread it out over a few days, but got it all done in two and a half hours. There is still more to be done, but the worst of it is over!

As I mentioned in the last post, I decided to wood burn and stain a card box, since I couldn’t find what I wanted; I am also doing the same for our ring box. I think about all these items finding a place in our home, so you can bet my goal is to make them fit our taste and vision for the new house. I’m pretty sure that even the stain I’m using will be utilized on a number of furniture pieces!

This weekend, I am starting our invitation suite. I have to admit, I’m struggling with a direction, but I know it’ll work itself out once I start designing. I have colors, fonts, and graphics, thanks to our logo and Save the Date, so I think it’ll come together. Once those are done, that will open things up for me to do the signage and other print materials. I consider this the final hurdle for me before I can rapid fire the rest of our projects.

Sending Things Out

For items I’d like custom made by people with the proper resources, I’m sending artwork out. This includes our invitation suite, a custom cake topper I’m having laser cut, and our guest book—another thing we thought about fitting into our home. I will admit I feel like a total snob when I say there was no chance I’d opt for a non-traditional guest book that would need to be displayed on a wall or something like that. I don’t mean to insult anyone who likes those, but I prefer to open a book and reminisce on the day and our guests, not stare at their awkward signatures and messages on my wall. So thanks to Etsy, we got a laser-engraved, wood guest book that we will proudly display in our home.

By the way, Etsy is the greatest resource for brides and grooms. I got gifts for my bridesmaids that came in and I’m obsessed. One of their gifts came so beautifully packaged, I simply didn’t want to open the wrapping. Then to find someone who allowed me to upload my own design for the guest book was a godsend. Safe to say that, for many items that I don’t feel I can craft myself, I opt for Etsy.

Leavin’ on a Jetplane

As of this past week, our honeymoon is officially booked! Let me tell you… going with a travel agent was by far the best decision we’ve made for our wedding planning process. I had never used a travel company before, so I was nervous about how expensive it would be, but it was shockingly inexpensive and the extra money we spent was well worth it, compared to what would have been an agonizing process if we had done it ourselves.

Now, we have what is sure to be an incredible honeymoon booked, from the many flights, to hotels, to excursions, and even down to the transfers! We are doing all the things we wanted to and it’s going to be simply unforgettable. So where are we going in Thailand and what are we doing? Well, I think I’m going to save that for another post!

Wrap it Up

This weekend and next is all about wedding, wedding, wedding. I have other things I need to mix in there, but for the most part, it’s my focus. I’ve set a goal for myself to have everything that can be done, finished by the time I go away for my bachelorette, which is towards the end of April. Deep down, I really want it all done by the end of March, but April is the back-up.

Nick goes away for his bachelor party next weekend, so my plan is to not make any plans, so I can focus on a fun wedding weekend. I’ll miss him, of course, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t psyched for four days of tackling these DIY projects. As I’ve said before, I’m not going to be sharing too many visuals of the projects we’re doing—I don’t want to give everything away; but, I will try to share the experience and any photos I can!

Keep an eye out for my next post, which will be dedicated to sharing all the exciting details of our honeymoon in Thailand!