Update 23: 38 Days to go!

Can you believe it?! As of this past Saturday, we are at a mere 6 weeks from our wedding. How we got this close so quickly feels like a mystery to me.

It’s been over a month since I posted last (hey, it’s been really busy over here), so we definitely have some updates, but I have to start by saying the bachelorette recap will be making an appearance soon!!

“So, Is Everything Done Yet?”

No. But we’re close… like, really close.

One of the challenges of planning a wedding is planning a wedding on top of everything else already going on in your life, which is no easy feat when you play a major role in the company you work for and are building a house at the same time. So I’ve been clinging to my weekends for getting things accomplished.

Since my last post, it’s been a lot of slowly chipping away at the to-do list. Most of it has been following up with vendors about details, but here and there, we’ve had some more exciting events. I went in for my first fitting on April 14 and—now hear me out—it went well, but was just a tad disappointing. After months and months of getting healthier and exercising, I walked in knowing I had gained muscle where I wanted it and trimmed inches where I wanted to, fully expecting the need for alterations. As the seamstress was helping me into the gown, I could feel it getting tighter and tighter. No, it wasn’t too tight; it fit perfectly.

Is this a bad thing? No. But level with me here if you’re rolling your eyes: if you had been busting your butt (literally) for months and you stepped into your wedding gown and nothing needed to be taken in? Come on… you know it would bug you. That said, I know the fabric is incredibly forgiving, so I’m saying it’s the fabric and the gown itself. We did take it in a tad in certain spots, but that was for aesthetic enhancement, not out of need.

A very successful set of events was my salon visit, followed by my wedding hair and makeup trial, which I did on my birthday. For the salon visit, I had my hair and extensions dyed and trimmed for the big day by my usual (and incredible) stylist, Kristin. It took hours, but was so worth it. Then for the trial, I got to meet my stylists for the wedding day (from a different salon) and attempt to communicate what I was looking for, since I still hadn’t seen a picture that had it spot on. They absolutely nailed it. Not only was the finished product beautiful, they made me feel so incredibly comfortable requesting changes to the look, which is something that typically makes me anxious. When I got home and had some time to take it all in with my earrings on, I learned the waterproof makeup was truly waterproof… (I’m going to be a wreck on June 9 haha).

Less Exciting But Oh So Necessary

As I’ve mentioned, a huge part of these last weeks has been following up with vendors. We’ve had meetings with our caterer and coordinator, as well as what feels like countless back-and-forths with the others: adding flower arrangements, selecting final cake decor and flavors, filling out questionnaires, following up on meetings, confirming details, setting timelines, etc. This past weekend, we finally made progress with the ceremony script and have started to button up the music selections, so the big picture is getting really clear now (which also means I’ve been happy crying a lot recently).

The way I put it earlier: if I had a solid few days off from work, this wedding would be done. That is how close we are. Alas, I do not have a few days off from work, so it’s going to take a bit longer.

I’m Getting Married

An obvious statement, but one that has crossed my mind in different capacities throughout this entire engagement. I am constantly talking to people about the wedding because it’s the go-to “how is the [insert topic here] going” question we get, along with the house. However, from time-to-time, I really think about the fact that I am getting married and it always stops me dead in my tracks (in a wonderful way).

I’ve come to the conclusion that adulthood, to me, means being thrown into life situations and just figuring out how to handle it. Planning my wedding has been no different. Granted, the wedding industry is massive, so I think, these days, more and more people are exposed to the process long before they are even serious with someone. Therefore, when the time comes to plan their wedding, people have a better understanding of what needs to happen. That said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to shut people down by saying, “I’ve never done this before.”

So what am I getting at? I’ve been to, I think, 9 weddings in my life, having been in 4 of those now. But this time, it’s me in white… and the novelty of that has not diminished whatsoever. I know what a wedding looks like behind-the-scenes. I know what the bachelorette, shower, set up, rehearsal, morning-of, ceremony, reception, send off, etc. all look like. But this time it’s me and my best friend up there… which I have zero experience with… and while that’s a strange realization, I couldn’t be more excited.

5.5 Weeks Left

With 5.5 weeks left, we still have plenty to do. Our DIY favors are finally done, but not without leaving actual sores on my fingers. I still have final print materials to wrap up, signage I’m just about ready to finalize, then the seating chart in the last couple of weeks, as well as a few other little things for decor. But all-in-all, most things are ready to rock.

Beyond that, we have our final venue walkthrough scheduled for next week, my shower is on Saturday (eee!), and we have some last minute purchases, organization, and vendor-related items to wrap up; then we’re really done! I’ll try to keep this updated throughout these last few weeks better than I have the past few months—I also intend to post a few times after the wedding about the day itself, the honeymoon, as well as more info on the DIY projects we did and some other recap posts.

So, until then! Wish us luck and keep an eye out for more updates, as well as a house update coming soon (Spoiler alert: we have a house to speak of now) and some general posts I’ve got burning a hole in my list!


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