Update 24: 30 Days to go

I did it again; I missed another milestone. You can ask my father: I even said I was going to write yesterday to commemorate the one month mark (twice) and I failed to do so. In my defense, last night got very busy. In addition to having my final dress fitting (more to come below), we got word on Monday that they were beginning the siding on our house. We have seen it go up within a few days on other homes, so we thought it would be a great chance to go see if it was done and to take Nick’s grandparents to see it with us, as they’ve been in Florida since the fall. But all that aside, I’m biting the bullet and writing this morning, to make sure I at least get the 30 day milestone in there!

It’s getting real

It has been a very eye-opening week in terms of all things wedding. Last weekend was my bridal shower, Tuesday was our final walkthrough at the venue with our coordinator and caterer, and last night was my final gown fitting. I feel everything beginning to hit me, but I still don’t think my head is fully wrapped around the idea that I’m getting married in a mere 30 days. Obviously, I’m aware of that fact and it comes in waves, but I have yet to have the big realization, I think.

Showered with Love

Last Saturday was my bridal shower, as I mentioned above, and it was incredible. Most of the day’s details had been kept a secret, but I had figured out the date a few weeks prior, so I knew that much. However, what I wasn’t expecting was to be taken to one of my favorite places from my childhood for a beautiful day with family and friends for the cutest picnic-themed shower I could have imagined.

Let me tell you something; the level of thought, detail, work, and care that was put into this day was overwhelmingly humbling and the fact that so many of the guests traveled a great distance to be there was incredibly touching and certainly not overlooked by yours truly. It has been a sentiment of mine throughout this whole process that I only get to do all this once, so every event is of the utmost importance to me, even though it may be another shower or wedding others have on their calendars. So to receive that level of support from everyone who came and everyone who played a part in the day’s execution was incredible. I’m still learning the extent to which people played a part and at every turn, I grow more and more humbled and grateful. It was a beautiful day.

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Moving right along

We’ve officially entered the time in the planning process where things are getting tied up with pretty little bows left and right. Over the past week, we’ve finalized everything with our DJ, we did our walkthrough at the venue to iron out the details of the day with our team, and we’ve really buttoned up a number of items.

Fortunately, Nick and I have two wide open weekends ahead of us to really bring us home. I have to make final purchases for decor and day-of details, to finish our signage and print materials, fine tune our ceremony script, and continue finalizing things with our vendors. This past weekend was a wash because of the shower and our preparations at the house for his grandparents’ return, but with these two weekends mostly open, I think we’ll be about 95% done. My to do list is still somewhat full, but when I look at everything, I realize most items can be ticked off with just a few minutes of work. There are some larger, more time consuming items on there, such as the ceremony script, writing our shower thank-yous, and the print/signage materials, but mostly everything else is on the smaller side.

The big picture (with a heaping side of sappy)

If you’ve spoken to me about the wedding, there’s a good chance you’ve heard me say that I can’t wait to simply see it all come together. Right now, I have a pile to my left, stacked high with the nitty gritty of our day, and a mental picture I have in my mind. I’d say it’s more accurate than ever, but it still isn’t truly tangible yet and won’t be until the day of.

Take my gown for instance. I stood there last night in my gown. For the first time, it was fitted the way I had wanted, it was the right length, the bustle was ready to bounce, and it was as it should be. Then when I had my hair and makeup trial back in April; I stood there looking in the mirror at my hair all done up, laying just perfectly, my makeup professionally polished, and my earrings in to push the look just a tad further towards day-of. But each one was missing the other on both occasions. The gown was missing the hair and makeup last night, just as the hair and makeup was missing the gown a few weeks back.

The pieces have to be put together. 

When I was a little girl and I pictured my wedding—which looked much different back then than it does now—I could picture the whole thing. I could see the color scheme, the ballroom, the food, the gown, all of it. But there was always one part I couldn’t ever place… and it was him. No matter who the flavor of the month was, he never quite fit in that spot at the bottom of the aisle.

If you had to ask me what I am most looking forward to at our wedding, it would be completing that picture once and for all. It would be the moment I round the corner and see my best friend waiting for me. That is the moment I am most looking forward to and that is what will get me through this final month of craziness, excitement, and stress.

So here is to the final countdown. I will not wish it away, because it will come and go in a flash. I will not expect perfection, because I am still a Kreischer and that just doesn’t work out for us. I will not forget the moment I’m most looking forward to, because when it is all said and done, it will not the proper placement of our favors in relation to the chargers, the whiny guest, or the crappy weather; it’ll be him… and me… and that’s all I’ll ever need. 


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