Update 28: 38 Days Past!

After a little over 5 weeks since our wedding, I felt sharing our stories needed to be a ‘now or never’ kind of thing. I have to start off by explaining why it has taken me so long to come back to the blog. The short response: we’ve been busy.

The morning after our wedding, we left first thing for our honeymoon (post to come on that, too). That trip took up the next two weeks; we left on June 10th and came back on the 22nd. That following Thursday was settlement on our house, so the week we got back was dedicated to getting back to work, battling jet lag, and getting ready for the move.

Since then, it’s been trying to get settled in the house. Every day has been filled with something to help us move in and get things situated—and that will be the case for a while. Of course, that’s all on top of our busy work schedules. So yes, finding the time to sit down and really dive into the wedding and honeymoon with anyone—let alone the blog—has been difficult. That said, for me to blog about this whole process for so long and not share details about what it’s all led up to would be annoying.

That all said, it’s time to get down to business. In short, our wedding was better than I ever could have imagined. I find myself on the other side of June 9th feeling so at peace with everything we did and with everything as it happened. We had a couple of frustrations that lingered for a bit, but our day was beautiful.

In the weeks leading up to the big day, I found myself really focused on my mindset. I know my personality and my tendencies, so I also knew they could be my downfall. We all know there are things in life (and on your wedding day) that you can’t control. I needed to accept that, as of 7:00am on Saturday, June 9, the day would unfold as it would and I just had to go with it. I worked hard to get the day set up the way we wanted and I had a team I trusted completely, so I needed to take that for what it was and roll with whatever punches came my way.

Anxiety Managed

The morning began very early with hair and makeup with my bridesmaids and mother. My parents and I did a Dunkin run so we could have some bagels for breakfast and my wonderful sister-in-law brought plenty of snacks for us to have throughout the day. One thing people always say is to remember to eat. Well, I definitely didn’t have that problem. I bought the bagels and was the first to tear into the snacks. Then for lunch, my bridesmaid’s husband arrived with pizza (which I refrained from eating) and salads, which I excitedly dove into.

Overall, the morning was great. It didn’t move too quickly and I was the bride I hoped I’d be: relaxed, excited, and eager to get married. Nerves didn’t have a place on our wedding day until I heard my music start and, even then, I was more excited than I’ve ever been in my life. Long story short, I’ve witnessed other brides overcome with stress and I knew my anxiety would ruin the day if I let it; so I started shifting my mindset early and it paid off big time—I had a blast.

The Dreaded Weather

For a couple of weeks leading up to the wedding—particularly the last week—many people thought it was a good idea to keep bringing up the weather as a talking point (sense my sarcasm here). There was rain in the forecast. I knew it. I was paying attention. I know my general luck. I also knew there was nothing I could do or say to change what the weather would be, so I paid it no attention. People were so confused when I said I wouldn’t even pray for good weather. If I gave it my attention, I would be setting myself up for disappointment, so I let it be whatever it was going to be (more to come on the day’s catch phrase later).

Well, the day came and we had a beautiful morning. The day before, we made the decision to set everything up expecting rain. I figured it was better to play it safe and just accept that rain was likely imminent—and it was. My coordinator came to me earlier on the day of and asked “what I wanted to do” about the rain, since our ceremony was supposed to be outside. I asked what our cut off time was to make a decision and told her that, when the time came, for someone else to make the call. I knew that, if it were up to me, I’d make a call that could result in everyone getting drenched. Well, the time came, she walked up to me and said they called it—we were moving inside. I nodded, said, “Ok,” and that was the end of it; I gave it no more thought.

*Insert comment on how insanely proud I was of myself to be so genuinely OK about my vision being derailed by rain haha.

That all said, it poured during our ceremony. It only started just before the ceremony and lasted until we were done with family photos. The rest of the evening was GORGEOUS (though my dress got insanely muddy and my hair was a goner). It took everything within me to not sneak in a joke DURING MY VOWS when I heard a loud crack of thunder. For those of you wondering, it would have gone something like, “well, that’s a good sign.” 🙂

So, in the end, the weather proved pretty great. Yes, the ceremony was moved inside, but we got all our pictures outside, the rainy-day photo lighting for family pictures, the “good luck” of rain on our wedding day (if I had a nickel), a sunny evening for an indoor/outdoor cocktail hour and reception, and we even got our long-awaited sunset photos. It was perfect(ly imperfect).

My Catch Phrase

I mentioned before that I had a catch phrase for the day. It was all related to things I couldn’t control. When someone asked for my opinion the day-of, I was difficult (sorry). Why? Because my phrase was, “I can’t care.” It wasn’t that I didn’t care, but I knew that if I had to start taking on people’s questions or making decisions I didn’t feel I had the emotional capacity to take on, it would stress me out. So out of self-preservation, I couldn’t care. I did everything I could for our wedding and decided it was more important for me to step back and leave it in capable hands, so I could simply enjoy it, than to stress about details that, in the end, shouldn’t break my attitude.

Now, that’s not to say every question was met with, “I can’t care.” I made decisions, but not ones that pertained to something going wrong hah. Inside or outside? You call it. So-and-so isn’t here, who should walk grandma down the aisle? Pick someone. Someone who wasn’t supposed to be touching it broke your custom laser-cut cake topper? Glue it; can’t care.

The Right People

With all that said—and to wrap up Part 1—surrounding ourselves with the right people was imperative. I can’t say that no one annoyed Nick or I. We had a vendor dig their way under my skin the day before and some guests that seemed to completely forget proper decorum and the should-go-without-saying “rules” for guests at a wedding, but our innermost circle was filled with people who made our day, and the days leading up to the wedding, incredible. Even the smallest of gestures made all the difference in the world to us and it’s important that people know it. Anything to help us out, calm us down, or just generally make things easier on us was so incredibly appreciated.

Opinion: it’s not all that easy to enjoy your wedding day. It takes a lot of focus to keep your eye on what’s important, when the day is literally swirling around you. Nick and I struggled with feeling pulled all over the place and had to work very hard to not let overwhelm take over. So to know we had vendors, family, and friends there to ease some of the burden was a game-changer and we are so grateful.

As an aside though, I will say that, when it comes to the typical “bridezilla” persona, there are some instances where brides (and grooms) can get a bad rep. There are situations where ANYONE would be frustrated, regardless of being a bride, groom, wedding party member, parent, etc. I felt eyes on me during moments of frustration and thought to myself that I must look/sound like a bridezilla, but when you have a vendor who refuses to let go of what you have already pronounced a miscommunication and insists on pushing the matter—to emphasize that you are wrong, when you’ve politely asked to move past the topic—you try keeping a calm demeanor (I was right, by the way, and I have a husband and a coordinator to back me up hah).

Even when people straight made me angry because they were rude and disrespectful at our wedding, I hated feeling like I had to suppress my emotions for the sake of not coming across like a bridezilla. The only reason I did it, in the end, was to keep my eye on the bigger, more beautiful picture.

I don’t know. I think there are true bridezillas out there, but there is a lot happening behind the scenes that I think people can be more understanding of. If I have to say, “get him/her away from me,” during the wedding, I think I deserve a moment of being visibly frustrated lol.

Hence my dedicated section to the people who made our day easier and more wonderful. To those people, you are wonderful and you are loved immensely!!

The Next Post

So I think this was the boring part of the wedding post, but I’m nothing if not detailed. In the next one, I’ll talk more about the day’s events, our thoughts, and what it was like to actually get married!


Update 27: 12 Days to go!

I don’t know how I’m managing to write more this week than I have in months, but I won’t knock it.

As you all know, most of us have been blessed with a 3-day weekend. Anyone in our house can tell you that I have been saying I’ve needed a 3-day weekend for weeks now. With my job being as demanding as it is, I find working on wedding things on weeknights rather difficult, so I’ve been clinging to the weekends.

And while I look forward to it each week, I don’t often feel like I get much of a break. I keep saying it would be nice to have an extra day to find some middle ground and I can now say with confidence that it makes all the difference!

Where we stand

I stood in the dining room today—what I’ve been referring to as wedding-central for months now—and looked around in my signature Peter Pan pose (reference). I was afraid to utter the words, but I did (and have yet to regret doing so): with the exception of final vendor check-ins, the seating chart, and teeny little things here and there, we are pretty much done.

Not only are things done, but things are packed up and ready to go—down to a tub filled with craft materials to fix things on-site, if needed! Next weekend is dedicated to making the physical seating chart (which should only take a day), finalizing budgetary items, making sure everyone is up to date on the schedule, and packing for the honeymoon (which has already been started)!

About that excitement

In my last post, I spoke a bit about our excitement levels and I’m going to do so again. True excitement still has yet to hit us (it’s only been a few days since I commented on this) and I really don’t think much of anything has hit Nick yet, considering we just went back and forth about how, “we’ll figure it out,” is not an acceptable response anymore (a.k.a running out of time). However, for the first time, I’m starting to feel at peace with things, making room for excitement to start trickling in.

It was actually quite funny; I ran into a friend of mine as I was hunting for some last-minute wedding supplies yesterday, and she seemed pumped for the wedding. She said it herself: she was more excited than I was! I’ll tell ya something, she wasn’t wrong! It was a surreal realization and one that genuinely caught my attention, but I know it’s because we haven’t slowed down enough for it to hit us yet—I also know that it will… very soon.

I’m actually feeling more motivated than I have in a long time, so I am ready to get things with work settled this week and to finalize the last of our details. I have decided to stop wedding to-dos for the evening, so I can enjoy some down time before diving into the work-week (it’s taking a lot to force myself to walk away), but I’m definitely feeling good—better than I have in a while.

I think that’s a good place to put a stopper in things. I’m really proud of everything I’ve accomplished this weekend and have been left with a renewed sense of motivation. I am actually looking forward to this week, though I know it will be a tough one with my workload, but knowing things are in a good spot for the wedding will certainly set me at ease.

I hope to check in soon! Almost there!!

Update 26: 15 days to go!

Good morning everyone! We are only 15 days away and it’s simply blowing my mind!!

This week has been kind of a game changer in terms of my outlook towards the wedding and my excitement for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always looked forward to the big day, but it was always so distant that the excitement was all you could expect from being a year or months or many weeks away. Now that we are so close—and almost done—I can feel the excitement growing exponentially.

What changed?

Finishing touches
Last weekend was yet another busy, get-as-much-done-as-possible weekend, in a long string of similar weekends. It involved shopping, DIYing, organizing, budgeting, etc. However, this time, it started to feel like the (start of the) last of each. I know I’ve been saying we’re almost there for a while now, but every weekend with that much productivity really feels like a milestone in our preparations—I just keep finding more things to add to our to-do list.

Sweet as honey-moon
This has been one of the primary game changers for my excitement levels, as I briefly touched on in my last entry. Now that the wedding plans are winding down, we have had to start thinking about what we’ll need for the honeymoon (and, therefore, making purchases). This is our first time going to Asia and it’s the first time I’m going anywhere for two weeks. Europe was a different animal because I was there for a few months, but everywhere else has been for about a week at a time, making this trip unique. We’ve had to research cultural expectations, tips and suggestions, as well as take a detailed look at our itinerary to figure out what we’re really going to need—aiming for only the necessities!!

By doing all this, it’s got us back in the mindset of the fact that we will be spending two weeks in Thailand on our honeymoon! I’d say that’s cause for excitement!

Are you excited??
The most common question I’ve gotten recently is, “are you getting excited?” For a bit there, my “yes” felt forced. But, then more and more family and friends began talking about their excitement for our day—showing me what they want to wear, how they bought this or that, got their hotel room all set up, etc. This sounds crazy, but it’s as if I forgot other people can get excited for our wedding, too. And guess what! Their excitement is exciting me!

We kinda need this
I knew that work was one of the reasons I was getting excited for the big day, but I didn’t realize how until I hit enter to write that subhead. After all, this work week has been crazy and only good as of yesterday. In short… we kinda need this. If you don’t already know, Nick and I have large roles at our jobs—like do-or-die roles. That has meant long hours, a lot of responsibility, a pinch of stress, and a dash of exhaustion.

We are also building a house. Granted, construction on our home is moving smoothly and swiftly (the distraction of a wedding is great—by the way—for this last phase); however, it’s another thing on our plate. It includes furniture hunting, trips to check on the house, meetings, packing, storing, and organizing. I’d be lying if I said the mere fact that we are planning a wedding, building a house, getting ready for a two-week honeymoon 8,750 miles away, and working two very demanding jobs hasn’t caused overwhelm just at the thought of it all.

And let me by crystal clear here and I will say it until my face turns blue, if I have to: we did not plan to do all these things at once. We started our house hunt nearly two years agoMini-rant over.

All that said, Nick and I are eager for a break and for everything we have going on between June 6 and the 22. We are eager to see it all come together, to celebrate this wacky love we’ve found with the wacky people we surround ourselves with, and to bask in the joy of becoming husband and wife as we celebrate our wedding and our two exciting and blissful weeks in the Land of Smiles.

I’m attempting to keep these posts coming in the last 2 weeks. Like I said, I have ideas for posts after the wedding, where I can finally show all the DIY projects I did, share some insight and experiences, tell you all about the honeymoon, etc. But it’s almost over and, while that is a relief, it’s also a little sad—I’m only doing this once and this is it hah.

So I don’t know what the posts will bring, but again, I’ll try to keep them coming when we have some updates!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

Update 25: 18 Days to Go!

Good evening everyone! I have found myself with the house to myself and a desire to share some insight into the wonderful world of planning a wedding. I’ve also found myself with drooping eyelids, a glass of wine, and a growing nervous energy. That is really why I am writing tonight.

Spoiler alert: it’s a bit cheeky.

If you haven’t figured it out already from my past wedding posts or from stories or experience, planning a wedding is not easy. Yes, there are the usual complaints, such as budget, guest list, and the ever-popular drama surrounding loved ones and relatively tolerable ones. But I’m here to share the 18-days-away difficulties:

I’m tired. And I’m up to my eyeballs in to-dos across all facets of my life. 

Don’t get me wrong, things are in a great spot for being only 2.5 weeks away from the big day. The last major thing I have on my list is the seating arrangement, which could only be started this week because of the RSVP cut off, plus a few little things here and there. So I’m definitely where I’d want to be in that sense.

However, things are a mess. I’m stuffed in a room with all our wedding items and they are slowly creeping closer and closer, urging me to finally start packing things up. Work, which has been slow recently, is just now picking up in an attempt to kill me. I’m prepping for my absence from work, which will last 2.5 weeks (that’s a fun process). I’m behind on shower thank yous (etiquette can bite me for a few more days). We just started purchasing things and getting ready for the honeymoon ($$$). And I’m desperately trying not to forget anything—the fact that we are almost done has me more nervous that I’m forgetting something than ever before. Oh and I’m trying to stay calm, fight exhaustion, and do my ever-lovely dance with anxiety.

The Jitters

On a less whiny note, the nervous jitters are starting to hit me in a good way. With things winding down and the pieces coming together, it’s becoming easier to visualize all the events and I’m now able to focus on the fact that it’s all really happening. As I mentioned above, we’ve started pulling things together that we’ll need for our honeymoon (turns out, I am not well equipped for two weeks in Southeast Asia) and, while it’s been a lot of busy work and spending money, it’s also been getting me really excited.

The big, “I’m getting married” realization has yet to hit, but I anticipate that will likely do so the week of the wedding. I’ve already booked a morning of spa treatments for the Wednesday before (thank yous to Nick and my bridesmaids for the spa certificates!!), so when those days roll around—when I’m finally done with work—that’s when the first wave will smack me in the face. Another will hit when I wake up on June 9th, with countless more to follow that day.

Almost There

I can’t say I’m really looking forward to these next two weeks. Next week is my last full week of work and, as I mentioned, now all my clients are popping up needing crazy amounts of design before my departure, so I do believe work will be what makes it hard; but the best part is that I know, on the other side, is a 2.5 week span that will likely be the best of my life (and I have some pretty incredible experiences sitting in those top slots), plus my email will be turned off completely. So tonight I raise my glass up to the mouth of my bottle, pour myself another, and cheers to it all being over with and worth it in 2.5 weeks.

Wish me luck!

And a shout out to a fellow June 9th bride, if you’re reading this—almost there!

Update 24: 30 Days to go

I did it again; I missed another milestone. You can ask my father: I even said I was going to write yesterday to commemorate the one month mark (twice) and I failed to do so. In my defense, last night got very busy. In addition to having my final dress fitting (more to come below), we got word on Monday that they were beginning the siding on our house. We have seen it go up within a few days on other homes, so we thought it would be a great chance to go see if it was done and to take Nick’s grandparents to see it with us, as they’ve been in Florida since the fall. But all that aside, I’m biting the bullet and writing this morning, to make sure I at least get the 30 day milestone in there!

It’s getting real

It has been a very eye-opening week in terms of all things wedding. Last weekend was my bridal shower, Tuesday was our final walkthrough at the venue with our coordinator and caterer, and last night was my final gown fitting. I feel everything beginning to hit me, but I still don’t think my head is fully wrapped around the idea that I’m getting married in a mere 30 days. Obviously, I’m aware of that fact and it comes in waves, but I have yet to have the big realization, I think.

Showered with Love

Last Saturday was my bridal shower, as I mentioned above, and it was incredible. Most of the day’s details had been kept a secret, but I had figured out the date a few weeks prior, so I knew that much. However, what I wasn’t expecting was to be taken to one of my favorite places from my childhood for a beautiful day with family and friends for the cutest picnic-themed shower I could have imagined.

Let me tell you something; the level of thought, detail, work, and care that was put into this day was overwhelmingly humbling and the fact that so many of the guests traveled a great distance to be there was incredibly touching and certainly not overlooked by yours truly. It has been a sentiment of mine throughout this whole process that I only get to do all this once, so every event is of the utmost importance to me, even though it may be another shower or wedding others have on their calendars. So to receive that level of support from everyone who came and everyone who played a part in the day’s execution was incredible. I’m still learning the extent to which people played a part and at every turn, I grow more and more humbled and grateful. It was a beautiful day.

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Moving right along

We’ve officially entered the time in the planning process where things are getting tied up with pretty little bows left and right. Over the past week, we’ve finalized everything with our DJ, we did our walkthrough at the venue to iron out the details of the day with our team, and we’ve really buttoned up a number of items.

Fortunately, Nick and I have two wide open weekends ahead of us to really bring us home. I have to make final purchases for decor and day-of details, to finish our signage and print materials, fine tune our ceremony script, and continue finalizing things with our vendors. This past weekend was a wash because of the shower and our preparations at the house for his grandparents’ return, but with these two weekends mostly open, I think we’ll be about 95% done. My to do list is still somewhat full, but when I look at everything, I realize most items can be ticked off with just a few minutes of work. There are some larger, more time consuming items on there, such as the ceremony script, writing our shower thank-yous, and the print/signage materials, but mostly everything else is on the smaller side.

The big picture (with a heaping side of sappy)

If you’ve spoken to me about the wedding, there’s a good chance you’ve heard me say that I can’t wait to simply see it all come together. Right now, I have a pile to my left, stacked high with the nitty gritty of our day, and a mental picture I have in my mind. I’d say it’s more accurate than ever, but it still isn’t truly tangible yet and won’t be until the day of.

Take my gown for instance. I stood there last night in my gown. For the first time, it was fitted the way I had wanted, it was the right length, the bustle was ready to bounce, and it was as it should be. Then when I had my hair and makeup trial back in April; I stood there looking in the mirror at my hair all done up, laying just perfectly, my makeup professionally polished, and my earrings in to push the look just a tad further towards day-of. But each one was missing the other on both occasions. The gown was missing the hair and makeup last night, just as the hair and makeup was missing the gown a few weeks back.

The pieces have to be put together. 

When I was a little girl and I pictured my wedding—which looked much different back then than it does now—I could picture the whole thing. I could see the color scheme, the ballroom, the food, the gown, all of it. But there was always one part I couldn’t ever place… and it was him. No matter who the flavor of the month was, he never quite fit in that spot at the bottom of the aisle.

If you had to ask me what I am most looking forward to at our wedding, it would be completing that picture once and for all. It would be the moment I round the corner and see my best friend waiting for me. That is the moment I am most looking forward to and that is what will get me through this final month of craziness, excitement, and stress.

So here is to the final countdown. I will not wish it away, because it will come and go in a flash. I will not expect perfection, because I am still a Kreischer and that just doesn’t work out for us. I will not forget the moment I’m most looking forward to, because when it is all said and done, it will not the proper placement of our favors in relation to the chargers, the whiny guest, or the crappy weather; it’ll be him… and me… and that’s all I’ll ever need. 

Update 23: 38 Days to go!

Can you believe it?! As of this past Saturday, we are at a mere 6 weeks from our wedding. How we got this close so quickly feels like a mystery to me.

It’s been over a month since I posted last (hey, it’s been really busy over here), so we definitely have some updates, but I have to start by saying the bachelorette recap will be making an appearance soon!!

“So, Is Everything Done Yet?”

No. But we’re close… like, really close.

One of the challenges of planning a wedding is planning a wedding on top of everything else already going on in your life, which is no easy feat when you play a major role in the company you work for and are building a house at the same time. So I’ve been clinging to my weekends for getting things accomplished.

Since my last post, it’s been a lot of slowly chipping away at the to-do list. Most of it has been following up with vendors about details, but here and there, we’ve had some more exciting events. I went in for my first fitting on April 14 and—now hear me out—it went well, but was just a tad disappointing. After months and months of getting healthier and exercising, I walked in knowing I had gained muscle where I wanted it and trimmed inches where I wanted to, fully expecting the need for alterations. As the seamstress was helping me into the gown, I could feel it getting tighter and tighter. No, it wasn’t too tight; it fit perfectly.

Is this a bad thing? No. But level with me here if you’re rolling your eyes: if you had been busting your butt (literally) for months and you stepped into your wedding gown and nothing needed to be taken in? Come on… you know it would bug you. That said, I know the fabric is incredibly forgiving, so I’m saying it’s the fabric and the gown itself. We did take it in a tad in certain spots, but that was for aesthetic enhancement, not out of need.

A very successful set of events was my salon visit, followed by my wedding hair and makeup trial, which I did on my birthday. For the salon visit, I had my hair and extensions dyed and trimmed for the big day by my usual (and incredible) stylist, Kristin. It took hours, but was so worth it. Then for the trial, I got to meet my stylists for the wedding day (from a different salon) and attempt to communicate what I was looking for, since I still hadn’t seen a picture that had it spot on. They absolutely nailed it. Not only was the finished product beautiful, they made me feel so incredibly comfortable requesting changes to the look, which is something that typically makes me anxious. When I got home and had some time to take it all in with my earrings on, I learned the waterproof makeup was truly waterproof… (I’m going to be a wreck on June 9 haha).

Less Exciting But Oh So Necessary

As I’ve mentioned, a huge part of these last weeks has been following up with vendors. We’ve had meetings with our caterer and coordinator, as well as what feels like countless back-and-forths with the others: adding flower arrangements, selecting final cake decor and flavors, filling out questionnaires, following up on meetings, confirming details, setting timelines, etc. This past weekend, we finally made progress with the ceremony script and have started to button up the music selections, so the big picture is getting really clear now (which also means I’ve been happy crying a lot recently).

The way I put it earlier: if I had a solid few days off from work, this wedding would be done. That is how close we are. Alas, I do not have a few days off from work, so it’s going to take a bit longer.

I’m Getting Married

An obvious statement, but one that has crossed my mind in different capacities throughout this entire engagement. I am constantly talking to people about the wedding because it’s the go-to “how is the [insert topic here] going” question we get, along with the house. However, from time-to-time, I really think about the fact that I am getting married and it always stops me dead in my tracks (in a wonderful way).

I’ve come to the conclusion that adulthood, to me, means being thrown into life situations and just figuring out how to handle it. Planning my wedding has been no different. Granted, the wedding industry is massive, so I think, these days, more and more people are exposed to the process long before they are even serious with someone. Therefore, when the time comes to plan their wedding, people have a better understanding of what needs to happen. That said, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to shut people down by saying, “I’ve never done this before.”

So what am I getting at? I’ve been to, I think, 9 weddings in my life, having been in 4 of those now. But this time, it’s me in white… and the novelty of that has not diminished whatsoever. I know what a wedding looks like behind-the-scenes. I know what the bachelorette, shower, set up, rehearsal, morning-of, ceremony, reception, send off, etc. all look like. But this time it’s me and my best friend up there… which I have zero experience with… and while that’s a strange realization, I couldn’t be more excited.

5.5 Weeks Left

With 5.5 weeks left, we still have plenty to do. Our DIY favors are finally done, but not without leaving actual sores on my fingers. I still have final print materials to wrap up, signage I’m just about ready to finalize, then the seating chart in the last couple of weeks, as well as a few other little things for decor. But all-in-all, most things are ready to rock.

Beyond that, we have our final venue walkthrough scheduled for next week, my shower is on Saturday (eee!), and we have some last minute purchases, organization, and vendor-related items to wrap up; then we’re really done! I’ll try to keep this updated throughout these last few weeks better than I have the past few months—I also intend to post a few times after the wedding about the day itself, the honeymoon, as well as more info on the DIY projects we did and some other recap posts.

So, until then! Wish us luck and keep an eye out for more updates, as well as a house update coming soon (Spoiler alert: we have a house to speak of now) and some general posts I’ve got burning a hole in my list!

Update 22: 71 Days To Go!

It has been some time since I’ve posted about the general details of the planning process, as my last post was dedicated to sharing the details of our honeymoon, and I finally feel like I’m at a place where I can justify an update!


A massive part of the past few weeks has been dedicating my weekends to DIY. I remember, months and months ago, a friend asking me if we were doing a lot of DIY projects, to which I had responded, “no, not that many.” However, after coming up with ideas and seeing how much prefab versions of those ideas cost (and how awful the typography was), I realized it would be more cost effective and, simply, better to do things myself. The answer I gave to my friend was knocked right out of the park.

Fast forward a couple of months and we’ve DIYed our card box, ring box, favors, stationary (that was a given), table numbers, signs, cake stand, cake topper design, and guest book design—plus a few other things I’m sure are escaping me. This weekend is dedicated to purchasing the last of the signage materials, staining as many of the wood elements as I can manage, continuing signage work, and definitely continuing favors, which has been an ongoing, evening project for me.

Once this next chunk is done, it’ll be onto the last of the printed materials and finishing a few things here and there, but we’ll be close to finished.

FINAL Things

I had a very exciting moment this past week, as I set out to begin scheduling vendor follow-up meetings before our coordinator heads on a two-week vacation in a few days. I was going back-and-forth with her, our caterer, and the venue owner to schedule a walk-through the other day and she mentioned scheduling a call to go over details about the day, before our final walkthrough.

**Cue wide-eyed deer in headlights look**

Now, that walkthrough isn’t for a month. But I was suddenly astounded at the thought of any meeting being final. HOW ARE WE TO THAT POINT ALREADY?!?! It set off a slight panic in me; but more so than anything, it got me incredibly excited and—shocker—a tad emotional because I get to marry my best friend so soon. I had a very real and long-lasting, “Holy crap, I’m getting married” bout.

But now, we have our final catering selections meeting scheduled for tomorrow, the walkthrough with our coordinator and caterer scheduled for the first week in May, my general hair appointment (to color my hair and match the extensions I got) on Wednesday, my hair and makeup trial for the following Wednesday, my first gown fitting for the 14th… we are moving right along!! Not to mention, I’m aiming to get as many final payments out this weekend as possible for vendors who have a set price (not dependent on final head count).

Phew!! We’re gettin’ there!

A Fit Bride

If you’ve been following other areas of my blog (though it’s been a while since I’ve talked about the subject), you may know I’ve been on an endeavor to get fit and healthy over the past 4-5 months. It is super common to hear that a bride wants to be in great shape for her wedding and I am no different.

I have been exercising every day, both slimming down and gaining muscle. I’ve been tracking my progress along the way (photos to come in a couple of weeks) and I have seen some incredible results up to this point. I didn’t set June 9th as my goal date, but April 14, which is when my fittings begin.

Though my reasons for wanting to get in shape extend far beyond our wedding (a.k.a motherhood (when the time comes)), it has been a great motivator for me along the way. I won’t get into all the reasons I’ve made the changes I have, but I will share why the wedding has a role in it.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day. So yes, I’ll say it: I want to feel beautiful on my wedding day. That doesn’t mean I am in the best shape of my life or my skin is the clearest it’s ever been or there isn’t a flyaway hair in sight. It means that I feel good in my body. I feel healthy and radiant—I feel on the outside the way I do on the inside. I’ve accepted a lot of things about my body over the years, but I still don’t want to be thinking about any of my perceived flaws on my wedding day. So I’ve put in the work and made some real lifestyle changes for the better. Can’t wait to share progress!

Wrap it up

It is crazy to think that we are just ten short weeks from our wedding already! It feels like yesterday I was going out of my mind waiting for Nick to propose. We have a lot left to do, but are in a great place for being 10 weeks out… like really great. It’s been incredible seeing all the details come together and I can’t wait to see what these next few months will bring!

Update 21: 98 Days to Go!

How nice would it have been if I actually posted on a milestone date: the hundredth day from our wedding, like I planned?! Well anyway, that didn’t happen because my work week was crazy, but we are officially in the double digits people!!!

If you haven’t had a chance to read Update 20, today’s post is about… dun dun da dun… OUR HONEYMOON! Granted that will be much more exciting when I write about it after the actual honeymoon; but, I am in a strange wedding-planning limbo, where things are happening, but they don’t quite yet warrant a blog entry, so this is what you’re getting!

Where it started

So this is no longer new information, but way back when, when Nick and I first began thinking about our honeymoon, there were a few things we were looking for. First, we were looking to go somewhere new. I think we both toyed with the idea of going back to Aruba, which was our first vacation together and our favorite to date; but, we saw this as an opportunity to have a brand new experience. To that point, we removed Europe from the list because that “new experience” turned into looking for a new-to-us culture.

Combining that with my personal checklist of three things: beach, culture, and yoga, we landed in Asia. After a volcanic eruption put the kibosh on my dream of Bali, we turned our attention to beautiful Thailand.

Starting from scratch

Because we were now faced with starting our research over, the conversation of hiring a travel agent was introduced. I felt that if we didn’t get some help, our honeymoon would either suck or not get planned at all.

The process was very simple, though our eagerness to finalize the details made it feel long. We had a phone consultation, during which our agent got all our info, our wish list of things to do and see, and our preferences for locations, hotel-types, etc. She then took that information and started her research, which included reaching out to their contact in Thailand, all to put together an itinerary

Because we were dealing with experts, they made some incredible suggestions based on what we wanted to do, what was important to us, and when we were going. In the end, they gave us one itinerary for the two locations we asked for; but they also gave us a second itinerary, in which they suggested adding a third location, Chiang Mai, and a location switch: Phuket to Koh Samui, both in addition to a definite visit to Bangkok.

The itinerary

After seeing the two itineraries, we knew the three-city option was perfect for us. After a minimal change in a flight time we requested, the itinerary was complete and ready for booking. I can now say we are officially booked for the trip! So what are we doing?!

June 10–11: Flight from Newark to Bangkok—approx. 19 hours in the air and a 2.5 hour layover in Hong Kong… ouch.

June 11–14: Bangkok– In Bangkok, we have a few things planned: a visit to the Grand Palace & Wat Po, a cruise along the Chao Phraya River, a stop at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), bargaining at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, and a late night Tuk Tuk tour on our final night.

June 14–16: Chiang Mai– A quick visit to Chiang Mai starts with a visit to Wat Pra That Doi Suthep, which is a 600-year old temple near the summit of Doi Suthep mountain, in addition to temple visits to Wat Suan Dok, Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Phra Singh.

Day 2 is dedicated to a full day at the Elephant Nature Park, where we will start the day by helping staff load food in their trucks for the elephants, before traveling to the park to get an incredible chance to learn about their rescued elephants and the challenges elephants face in Southeast Asia. Then they teach us how to safely and properly bathe an elephant—after which we’ll get to actually get to do in the river! To round out the day, we get to feed the elephants before enjoying some Thai cuisine ourselves!

At some point—and this is super exciting—we’ll get to meet up with an incredible friend of mine from college, who is skipping our wedding because she’s… wait for it… living in Chiang Mai! We have yet to coordinate specifics, but I’m thinking an evening with her sounds perfect!

June 16–21: Koh Samui– The bulk of our honeymoon will be spent on the island of Samui. The first full day is the only day we have something planned and it will take us to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan by speedboat for a day of snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing on the islands.

The rest of the week is up to us and it will include a ton of relaxing, sunbathing, and yoga, since the hotel that was chosen for us is a wellness sanctuary and holistic spa resort. We get complimentary attendance to their fitness activities, which includes optional morning and evening meditations, pranayama, a wide array yoga classes, and a number of other activities—it’s a dream!!

June 21–22: Bangkok, then home– Our trip ends with a quick overnight stay in Bangkok, in preparation for our 18.5 hour flight and 2 hour layover in Tokyo back home. The best part is that, even though we fly out Friday, June 22, because of the time difference, we get home Friday as well—leaving us with Saturday and Sunday to recuperate at home before going back to the real world.

Wrapping it up

There are people out there who think we are nuts for going on such a far trip for our honeymoon, when we could easily find a beautiful and interesting place closer and still have a wonderful time. I’ll be honest: no, I am not looking forward to 20–22 hour trips each way. But, we know ourselves—what is important to us as travelers, what we like to do, and our plans for the future. We know this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and that the next few years will inhibit traveling, especially to anywhere like this; so yeah, we’re going to deal with the painful flights and have the honeymoon of our dreams.

It’s a huge relief to not only have the honeymoon planned and booked, but to have a honeymoon that feels like us planned and booked. We’ve worked hard over the past year and a half to save for our house and our wedding. While the honeymoon won’t mark the close of all our current endeavors, it will give us a much-needed break to celebrate such an incredible new chapter.

I’m at a strange point when 98 days still sounds like a lot… even 90 days sounds fine, which is coming up next week. What doesn’t sound fine (even though it’s the same thing) is THREE MONTHS. Don’t get me wrong; I am so excited to marry Nick—I can’t wait. But there is much to be done and to know we are almost to the three month mark is simultaneously thrilling and horrifying haha.

I’m tackling quite a bit this weekend, so I think I’ll feel better here within the next couple of weeks; but things are coming along and, most importantly, coming together! More to come soon!

Update 20: 112 Days to Go!

It’s taken about a month, but I am really starting to feel like I’m getting back to normal excitement levels for our wedding. When we first got engaged, I think I felt the way most brides do: incredibly excited, in love, and so ready to dive in. After the years of dreaming, pinning, and Say Yes to the Dress binges, I was finally a bride. I was planning my wedding to the love of my life; how could that not be exciting?!

Well, as I mentioned in a post from just under a month ago, it reached a very serious level of disappointment I never anticipated—for reasons I won’t get into. I even reached out to a number of my married friends to see if they felt that way when they were planning and almost every one of them did. I didn’t wish that upon anyone, but at least I wasn’t alone in that.

But, after a full, weeping meltdown in one of my bridesmaids’ cars, another way-too-adult conversation with my mom, many emails complaining to my dad, and endless talks with my fiancé, I began to refocus my attention and it’s been much better ever since. We still have too much going on and are still way too busy; but, being mindful and present in the wedding plans and forgiving to the things and people who have made it tough, has made all the difference—I’m having fun again.

Itty Bitty Things

Gone are the days of big updates, since all our vendors are booked. I look at my very messy to-do book and there’s still a lot, but we’re talking DIY projects, print materials, decor items, gifts, and vendor follow-ups.

DIY Endeavors

I am in the process compiling items for various displays (dessert table, memory table, etc.) and I’m making a number of signs to include in different locations. We also chose to make our own favors, since what I wanted to do would be laborious, but much cheaper to do myself. I thought the first step in the process would take forever and I that I’d spread it out over a few days, but got it all done in two and a half hours. There is still more to be done, but the worst of it is over!

As I mentioned in the last post, I decided to wood burn and stain a card box, since I couldn’t find what I wanted; I am also doing the same for our ring box. I think about all these items finding a place in our home, so you can bet my goal is to make them fit our taste and vision for the new house. I’m pretty sure that even the stain I’m using will be utilized on a number of furniture pieces!

This weekend, I am starting our invitation suite. I have to admit, I’m struggling with a direction, but I know it’ll work itself out once I start designing. I have colors, fonts, and graphics, thanks to our logo and Save the Date, so I think it’ll come together. Once those are done, that will open things up for me to do the signage and other print materials. I consider this the final hurdle for me before I can rapid fire the rest of our projects.

Sending Things Out

For items I’d like custom made by people with the proper resources, I’m sending artwork out. This includes our invitation suite, a custom cake topper I’m having laser cut, and our guest book—another thing we thought about fitting into our home. I will admit I feel like a total snob when I say there was no chance I’d opt for a non-traditional guest book that would need to be displayed on a wall or something like that. I don’t mean to insult anyone who likes those, but I prefer to open a book and reminisce on the day and our guests, not stare at their awkward signatures and messages on my wall. So thanks to Etsy, we got a laser-engraved, wood guest book that we will proudly display in our home.

By the way, Etsy is the greatest resource for brides and grooms. I got gifts for my bridesmaids that came in and I’m obsessed. One of their gifts came so beautifully packaged, I simply didn’t want to open the wrapping. Then to find someone who allowed me to upload my own design for the guest book was a godsend. Safe to say that, for many items that I don’t feel I can craft myself, I opt for Etsy.

Leavin’ on a Jetplane

As of this past week, our honeymoon is officially booked! Let me tell you… going with a travel agent was by far the best decision we’ve made for our wedding planning process. I had never used a travel company before, so I was nervous about how expensive it would be, but it was shockingly inexpensive and the extra money we spent was well worth it, compared to what would have been an agonizing process if we had done it ourselves.

Now, we have what is sure to be an incredible honeymoon booked, from the many flights, to hotels, to excursions, and even down to the transfers! We are doing all the things we wanted to and it’s going to be simply unforgettable. So where are we going in Thailand and what are we doing? Well, I think I’m going to save that for another post!

Wrap it Up

This weekend and next is all about wedding, wedding, wedding. I have other things I need to mix in there, but for the most part, it’s my focus. I’ve set a goal for myself to have everything that can be done, finished by the time I go away for my bachelorette, which is towards the end of April. Deep down, I really want it all done by the end of March, but April is the back-up.

Nick goes away for his bachelor party next weekend, so my plan is to not make any plans, so I can focus on a fun wedding weekend. I’ll miss him, of course, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t psyched for four days of tackling these DIY projects. As I’ve said before, I’m not going to be sharing too many visuals of the projects we’re doing—I don’t want to give everything away; but, I will try to share the experience and any photos I can!

Keep an eye out for my next post, which will be dedicated to sharing all the exciting details of our honeymoon in Thailand!

Update 19: 133 Days to Go!

I went against my better judgment this morning to write a blog post. Let me tell you something: I have a lot to do this weekend. However, if I can continue to blog once a week on Saturday mornings (at a minimum), I think it’s a habit I’d like to keep.

Wedding Central

It has officially begun: the house is turning into wedding central. Now that we are onto the last vendor we’re going to need—the transportation company—everything we have left is details, details, details. Last weekend, I began the myriad of purchases that need to happen for decor, gifts, and favors. One week later, we’ve got boxes and bags starting to accumulate in the dining room, foyer, and even the garage.

My primary goal in all the decor elements is to try and make setup and breakdown a smooth process for myself and everyone who helps out. For that, I’m talking numbered storage containers and a master list that says what items go in which container and where they go during and after the wedding… (yes, I’m neurotic). Now that we have a better understanding of our honeymoon departure (more to come on that below), we may not be there for break-down, so I want to make it easy on the folks who are. Y’all may roll your eyes now, but it’ll help!

DIY Kickoff

As of this week, I have officially started what will be a huge part of the next few months: wedding DIY. Surprisingly, the day isn’t quite as DIY as I would have thought and I’m grateful for it. On my list is our invitation suite, along with other printed materials, our card box (which I’ve already started), favors, dessert labels, table numbers, and various forms of signage. All things considered, I think it’s a pretty decent list to tackle in 4 months. Of those, the favors are going to take the longest, which is why I have already started the process!

would like to keep most of the final pieces a secret until the day of, but I will be sure to share some sneak peeks along the way! You can grab a quick look at the first DIY project I’ve started—the card box—here. I wasn’t finding one that I liked (that was reasonably priced), so I bought an inexpensive box and have decided to wood burn and stain it! The wood burning is done, but not without accident (essentially stabbed myself with the tool). However, it gave us an additional hashtag: #burningthewoodward, so not a complete loss! lol

Honeymoon Bliss

Yesterday, we received proposals from our travel agent for two variations of our honeymoon itinerary. The first included two cities: Bangkok and Phuket (which is what our original plan was); the second was three cities: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui. Essentially, after we spoke to our travel agent, she got in contact with her connection for Asia destinations. Based on the types of things we wanted to do and the time of year we were going, they wanted us to consider the three cities of option 2. Well, after reviewing the proposals, we couldn’t have agreed more.

Once we finalize everything I’ll share more about it, but so far it looks like we’d be getting into Bangkok the 11th and leaving the 14th, flying to Chiang Mai until the 16th, then flying to Koh Samui until the 21st (this is the beachy, relaxing portion of the honeymoon), before flying to Bangkok so we can fly home on the 22nd. The itinerary looks incredible and we are definitely feeling the excitement. More to come soon!

Keep On Keepin’ On

One of the things I am trying to do is stay proactive. These last four months are going to fly and are only getting busier with each passing day. I know I am doing very well when it comes to time, but I don’t want to feel too comfortable. We are in a really good spot and I’m going to work to keep it that way!!