Happy Father’s Day

Because there is a 99.9% chance that he will see this Father’s Day post (unlike the one I wrote on my old blog FOUR years ago), I will take my chance to reiterate.

As you all know (or should know), today is Father’s Day—a day when we honor and celebrate the often first man in our lives. Of course we all know being a father doesn’t always mean sharing the same DNA; in fact, I like to believe being a father (and mother) goes even deeper, whether genes are shared or not.

Let me tell you all about my dad.

Kids are passed a lot of traits from their parents. While I can be honest and say I wish the whole temper thing had missed me, I now like to think I was given fire. This fire has transformed my life in ways I never could have imagined. It shows its red hot face in my dedication, passion, ambition, and heart. Let me explain.

I was always an observant person, even as a kid. I had the incredible advantage of being the baby of the family (even if it didn’t always feel like a blessing). I was able to grow up watching my family grow up around me, hitting milestones and dealing with aspects of life I wouldn’t fully understand for years—some of which I still don’t. I saw success, failure, stress, happiness, priorities, and mistakes. I took the things I could understand and used their experiences to my advantage when the time came. I took the things I didn’t understand yet, but would come to, and that understanding slowly pieced itself together.

When I saw my dad, I saw fire. Truth be told, fire has always mesmerized me, just like him. He taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life—value which has been proven time and time again for years now. I am the woman I am because of the lessons my dad taught me. Lessons of hard work, dedication, love, and family—lessons of fire.

I am heading into a brand new chapter in my life. This time next year, my dad and I will have done his first look, our arm-in-arm walk down the aisle, and our father-daughter dance. This is the next step of taking more things I couldn’t understand then and seeing them flower into the rest of my days. As Nick and I start our lives together as husband and wife and as we begin and grow our family, I will gain a new and more beautiful understanding of all my parents have done for me. My self-proclaimed success in life has everything to do with the fire my dad inspired me with. I can only pray that I can pass along the same to my children when the time comes.

To you Padre, thank you for giving me the foundation on which everything in my life is built. The fire you instilled in me has provided all the things that have brought me the most joy. While I know you may be apprehensive of June 9th next year, I want you to know my confidence in it is because of you and I hope to make you proud as I become a wife and, eventually, a mother.

I am grateful for all you’ve done, you do, and will continue to do. I am grateful for your guidance and your support. I am grateful for our father-daughter emails and for the friendship we’ve created. I love you very much and hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day today.


The Waiting Game

Good afternoon everyone! Combine wrapping my work day up early with feeling the growing desire to make more of my evenings and you have yourself an afternoon life-update blog post!

I have been trying to relinquish the desire to write first thing in the morning during the week. Experience has shown starting work first thing, in order to finish earlier in the day, is absolutely the ideal for me. I have more energy, my day moves faster, and I have an easier time meeting my hours. But, that can often mean I go some time without writing and I don’t want that either.

While I plan on writing all about our engagement photo shoot experience; first, I am tackling a life update (all the while noticing how empty my For the Future section has become). It’s going to start on a low note—sorry.

Our houseor lack thereof.

Approximately 1 month ago, I shared that everything was put on hold. I am disappointed to say that is still the case. For reasons known and others we believe are unknown, the county has a hold on all building permits in our neighborhood (even though ours is approved). Our settlement date has already been pushed from the end of August to the mid–end of October—extending with every passing week. Luckily for me, living in a house where new construction is flying up in the backyard gives a nice twist of the knife every day. *heavy sarcasm*

Before we started looking for a house, people were all-too-eager to share their horror stories. I couldn’t help but think, “No! This is going to be a great experience—we are so excited!” I’m sitting here, one year later, laughing at my year-ago self..

Our builder gave themselves a 90-day extension in our contract. Good news for us is that many builders usually give an extension of 12–18 months. We will only be locked into this contract until the end of November. With that said, I am praying every single day that it comes through long before we get to that point. There are some differing opinions on where to go past that mark and, quite frankly, I don’t even want to toy with the idea of starting over. Are there more houses out there? Obviously. Are we looking at a high probability of getting a house with our desired upgrades, at the price we want, and in the school district we’re in? Nah.

In the end, there isn’t much we can do but wait, hope, and pray. I send this out into the universe to gather as many good thoughts and prayers as is possible—we want our first home… preferably before our wedding.

In happier news, we have some very exciting events coming up. Next week, we are celebrating the marriage of one of my best and oldest friends. I love weddings to begin with, but to know I will get to watch one of my favorite people in this world—someone I’ve grown up with—marry the love of her life? Bring on the tissues. I’m already hyper-sensitive to wedding-talk, so there’s no hope for me on her wedding day.

The next day, we are celebrating my grandmother’s 85th birthday, so we’ll get to see the fam squad and family we haven’t seen in a longggg time (I’m lookin’ at you, Jenn!) It will be a busy, but very fun weekend.

Not much else to report in the life-update vein. I would love to keep this section more populated than it currently is, but I clearly cannot make any promises!!

Keep an eye out for our engagement photo shoot recap and have a wonderful night!

Spinning into Control

This is by far one of the most exciting blog posts I’ve ever written and it’s because this story started 3 years ago without an end in sight. It is by no means over, but I got the best worst news I’ve received this whole time. I decided to write a post about it because there have been SO many people who helped me get to this point (especially in the beginning) and I’d love for them to know where I stand today.

Three years ago, I began getting a sharp, hot pain in the lower right occipital lobe; I could only ever describe it as lightning. It would come and go without warning—and with a vengeance—rendering me useless for the 10-15 seconds it would last. Nothing I did could anticipate or prevent it, often leaving me feeling afraid, saying, “this isn’t normal.”

Fast forward a few months to me crashing down in a bathroom during one of the most painful headaches I could remember and watching things spin out of control more severely than they ever had—all of that was meant literally, by the way. That day, after weeks of seeing the school doctor, a family doctor, an eye doctor, and a neurologist, I was on my way to the ER. 7 hours later, my long awaited CT scan came back clear. A relief? Yes. Enough relief? No.

Remember just before when I hit fast forward? Well, there was more to it than that. There was pain, sickness, lots of tears, tons of fear, scary words being thrown around, and an urgency that wasn’t being met. The stress of trying to figure it all out was doing more damage than good, so when that scan came back clear, I stopped trying.

I learned how to manage the pain, figuring out what made it worse and trying to do less, figuring out what made it better and trying to do more. But about 10 months ago, a new chapter really kicked in: welcome to the world of vertigo. It started out minimal, getting dizzy here and there, nausea coming and going, but over time, it got harder to control, harder to anticipate, and affected me every day. It was so sporadic that going to the doctor simply wasn’t a priority. When I finally paid attention, I noticed how much things had changed. I was constantly off balance, couldn’t move quickly, had trouble driving, and motion sickness was part of the daily routine. Then this past Sunday, in a situation I had yet to experience up to this point, I was glued to my bed all day because nothing would stop the spinning. A gentle turn of my head, a quick flicker of my eyes, and even laying down would have me spiraling off. It got a bit better, but not by much, and hasn’t improved since.

Today, I picked up where I left off in 2014. I hit the next stop on my list of specialists: the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat). Kudos to my mom, who knew all along I’d find some real answers here. I want to preface by saying the quest isn’t over; I have a series of tests and an MRI scheduled for three weeks from now at Christiana Hospital, but for the first time, I got a potential diagnosis I can get behind—a diagnosis that makes sense and doesn’t just continue to chip away at possibilities and maybes.

Dun-dun da-dun! Vestibular migraines.

“No, no, no. I’ve had migraines. This is not migraines.”

^ That right there has been my feeling since day one. I’ve had migraines before. All this? Nothing like the migraines I’ve had. So I had to understand what it really meant. Turns out, there are many types of migraines. The traditional migraine is what I grew up getting: aura (for me, it was visual wobbling/undulation or dark spots that would eventually fill in my vision until I couldn’t see), followed by 2-3 hours of the most excruciating headache I could imagine, only getting relief after a nap I would struggle to fall into. Vestibular migraines? Apparently much different.

They are sporadic. Some can last 3 minutes, while others can last 3 days. The headache can be horrible or nonexistent. The differentiator is vertigo, which can happen with or without a headache (and is common in people with a history of traditional migraines—who knew?!). Other symptoms include:

  • Nausea: ✓
  • Motion sensitivity: ✓
  • Balance Issues: ✓
  • Visual and auditory sensitivities: ✓

I have more tests to take and other issues to rule out, but for the first time in three years, a doctor has finally said something that makes sense—finally listening to everything I had to say and looking beyond the tip of the iceberg. Does sitting behind a computer make it worse? Yes. Does getting stressed out make it worse? Yes. Are those things the cause? No.

*Lets out huge sigh*

Finally. Finally someone heard me. It’s a neurological condition made worse by various triggers. Bad news is it’s one without a cure. Good news is there are going to be things I can try to make my life better and to alleviate the problems. Am I happy to hear it can’t be fixed with one visit to an ENT? Not really. But it’s easier to live with a condition when you know what it is. Today, I got my first real taste of peace of mind.

I’ve got some researching to do, more issues to rule out, and, not to mention, a long road ahead of finding the right path for me, but this has changed my life and to have a better understanding of what and why has me over the moon today.

A shout out to the family and friends who got me this far. I kept the problems as much on the DL as I could, but confided in a number of people that looked out for me along the way, whether it was making sure I took care of myself, giving me a shoulder to lean on, both physically and metaphorically, sitting with me for hours in a busy emergency room, being the one to finally get my ass to the hospital, and especially to my parents and Nick, for not allowing me to let it go on any further without action. To all you amazing humans, I thank you so much and love you all very dearly!

‘Twas only a dream

Full disclosure (or as close as I can get to it without involving other people) is the name of the game on my blog. I’ve toggled back and forth in the past, but the best way to document our lives and share thoughts and experiences is to do so regardless of whether or not the situation is ideal, so long as I am not hurting others in the process.

In my last post, I shared the exciting news about the “dreamy” silt fence, which was put up at the site of our new home a week and a half ago. In this post—if you haven’t guessed from the name—we hit a snag and found out there is still a hold on all building permits in the neighborhood in which we are building. We were made aware of the situation a few weeks ago, but the sight of the fence led us to believe we had gotten over the hump.

Sadly, the other day, I got an email saying otherwise. In recalling the struggles we’ve faced throughout the home search process, this isn’t the worst news we’ve received. It just means our settlement date may end up being pushed if the permit doesn’t come through soon. If I’m being completely honest, I see it taking a long time. Certainly not ideal, but the punches are what have brought us to where we are over the past year, so we’ll keep rolling with them.

But we certainly have a lot to keep us busy this summer, that’s for sure. Over the past two weeks, our calendars have become jam packed with lots of amazing events over the next three months. Two of my best friends in the entire world are getting married this year, so that means we have quite a bit to do in preparation of those. We have showers, bachelorettes, concerts, weddings, birthdays, an engagement party (for yours truly), engagement photos, and eventually, we move into our house! Not to mention, we need to keep planning our wedding and getting ready for the house along the way—still have a ton of DIY items to tackle, too!

Safe to say, though we are eager to get to settlement, we have a lot of wonderful and exciting things to keep us busy and little reason to rush! I have a few updates on the wedding front, but I will save those for a separate entry.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

A dreamy silt fence…

We are heading into summer and it’s going to be an exciting one, for sure. I say our summer is starting because this week, Nick’s grandparents are coming back up for the summer/fall. They live in Florida between November-ish thru the very beginning of May and have been gracious enough to let Nick and I stay with them (and without them) since we gave up our lease last summer.

The intent was to stay for a month or two while we searched for our first home, but when the house we initially chose fell through, the reality of a longer stay settled in. Nick and I made the decision—when we felt ourselves getting desperate to find and choose a home—to put the search on hold until after the winter. Having the right home was more important than having one as soon as possible and our options were next to none.

That “month or two” is now 9 months and counting. It’s been an absolute godsend in terms of savings and I don’t think words can express how grateful we are to his grandparents; but for Nick and I, we really value our own space and are eager to have ours completed. Even though we’ve had the house to ourselves (and our kitties) for about 5 months now, it never stops feeling strange to be living in another couple’s space. If you’ve ever lived in someone else’s home as an adult, you can probably relate.

Because I don’t think I ever officially wrote about it on my blog in much detail, Nick and I are building a home in the town we are currently in. New construction was something I was very interested in, as I realized the next few years were going to be busy enough without having to worry about major renovations. Because I also work from home, I wanted a space I would love to be in, since a large portion of my week is spent there. Nick took some time to come around to the idea, but we finally decided to look into these twin homes since his brother lives right down the street from where we’ll be and we love their house (which is also a twin).

We saw a model that was for sale and, with the price being as great as it was (and consequently offering some wiggle room), we decided we’d build our own and customize what we could. I’ve included some pictures of the model to show and left some notes on how we are customizing it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were beginning to get a bit anxious because they haven’t broken ground yet and we were told 6 months from start to finish. That was in February and no one told us how much of that time was for actual construction. We came to find out that the permit process has been hectic and was taking longer than they thought due to some changes in the process with the County.

With that all said, after a few weeks of nervous anticipation, we received very exciting news this week from Nick’s brother, who shared a photo he took while walking his dog. I laugh because our primary contact at the builder told us most people don’t get excited until they see framing, but I saw this and almost started crying in excitement!

IMG_7847 2

Who knew a silt fence would make this girl tear up?! They haven’t updated our portal yet, but any progress is good enough for me at this point!

I’m suddenly realizing there is quite a bit to talk about on this topic, so I will end it here for now. We have a very busy couple of months coming up and I hope to share as much as I can! I’ll be taking the summer to work on a number of DIY projects for the house in an effort to be prepared (and stay busy), so I’ll keep y’all posted on that as well.

Keep those fingers crossed and well wishes comin’ for a smooth process and accurate timeline!!

We can be more

Good morning everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all!

I woke up this morning absolutely ready to write this post. Last year, I did a year in review, but this New Year—for the most part—I am looking ahead. 2016 was a pretty great year for my little family. It was a still a rollercoaster, but not in the ways past years were. It was a year of change, excitement, disappointment, frustration, self discovery, and a whole lot of happiness.

For 2017, while I am going to attempt to do two different 365-resolutions (both very different from one another—more to come), I am keeping my primary resolution a tad more general as an alternate challenge for myself.

There is a growing stigma attached to New Year’s resolutions. Most people who know me know I believe any day is perfect to make a new resolution if it is going to improve your quality of life, but I often hear people say resolutions are stupid and pointless. Well, to each his own, but I’m still going to throw in my two cents.

Regardless of what they are, resolutions are made for a reason. New Years often leaves us taking a look back at how we’ve been living and oftentimes, we realize that things could be better—that we could be better. I believe human beings are always capable of immense growth, but we need proper care or else it can’t happen. New Year’s resolutions get a bad reputation because, let’s face it, we simply lose sight of them. We fall back into old habits, get lazy, or just stop caring. But one of the messages that has stuck with me this year is to be resolute in my resolutions.

Resolutions are made because we get a glimpse of our potential and an idea of how we might reach it. We see that we can be better in a way that makes sense for us and our lives. We can be happier, healthier, smarter, more ambitious, dedicated, loving, and a multitude of other things—we can be more. So, to everyone, I’d like to say be resolute this year. It doesn’t have to be anything massive; it can be as simple as trying to drink more water or make the bed everyday. But I suggest leaving your resolution somewhere you’ll see it every day. Put it in a frame by your bed. Make it the background on your phone. We all need a little reminder sometimes, so do what you need to do. But whatever you choose, be steadfast in your decision to do it.

For me, I am doing two 365-resolutions. For those who may be unfamiliar with the concept, it’s pretty self explanatory: doing one thing every day for 365 days. For my challenges, I hope to accomplish two things: 1. to get back into the yoga lifestyle by doing some form of yoga every day and 2. expand on my skills by hand lettering every day. 365 resolutions don’t have to be done extensively, but have to enter each day at some point.

For my general resolution, I took a look back at my year and the things I was trying to accomplish. If I wrote out every resolution I have, I’d run out of characters (and that’s not even possible). So here is my resolution: to find time every day to keep doing the things that bring me happiness and personal growth. I enjoy doing so many activities and, oftentimes, find myself not doing any of them because of laziness and the ease of doing nothing. So I am resolving to choose to do the things I enjoy every day, in some way, shape, or form.

2017 is going to be a big year. We have a lot happening and there is much to be done, but today, I am breathing in the promise of a wonderful 365 days. I genuinely wish everyone a year of happiness, success, and love. And if you are going to resolve to do anything, resolve to be better… and resolve to be resolute.

Happy 2017! xo


Christmas Prep Day: the day after

So as I anticipated, yesterday did not go off with out a hitch. I have none other than yours truly to blame for it, as I got some dates mixed up, which resulted in unexpected work to be done. It would have had to get done anyway, but having to do so yesterday during the middle of my day off was really upsetting and threw my energy way off.

However, it was a lesson learned for me—a lesson I continue to learn all about—and it didn’t have to do with mixing dates up. It had everything to do with choice. Things happen. Maybe it’s that things don’t happen. But life goes on. I eventually got out of my funk, but about 5 minutes into my blunder, my mood was nothing short of crazy. I was panicked, stressed, irritated, and convinced this would ruin my day. I had already made the choice to let this affect my day completely.

So often, when things don’t go according to plan, emotions take over and I lose sight; it’s one of my biggest flaws, in my opinion. I still got a fair amount done yesterday. I didn’t get nearly as much completed as I had hoped, but I got things moving and realized I can fit it into my evenings after work from here on out—I also learned how to use yet another Adobe program (that’s the second in two weeks!).

So much of how my days go begins with choice. I woke up this morning later than I wanted to, I forgot to turn the coffee programming on, so the cup I was hoping for first thing wasn’t ready. The morning I wanted to spend with my coffee and book in front of our beautiful tree was spent starting my laundry and sweeping up cat litter off the floor. But my morning has also been great because I eventually got my coffee and it is delicious. The laundry is started and I was able to help Nick by cleaning up some of the litter. And this lovely morning and its events inspired me to write—which is something that makes me happy.

Life doesn’t live by our rules. It is a series of events that will happen, not only as they want to, but as they are meant to; there is no way to anticipate every detail. I believe that, in many people’s lives (not saying everyone, out of respect for a post I saw somewhat recently), positivity and happiness is a choice… and it’s a choice I plan on making as often as I can so that it becomes a stronger part of who I am.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.

Christmas Prep Day 1

**insert obligatory disclaimer that I am aware of my terrible attempts to keep writing in my blog**

Today is a special day and I am very excited about it! Won’t be long until I find myself wishing there more hours available today, but I am thankful for what I have. This is only the second year I’m doing this, but I am continuing the new tradition of leaving a couple of days of PTO (Paid Time Off) in December around the holidays. I managed to have 8.5 days left for the year (5 will transfer over into 2017) and I already took a half day for a dentist appointment.

That left me with three days I could take for the holidays. I get a generous amount of time off, but what I did last year and am doing this year, is taking a day or two off from work to dedicate to prepping for the holidays! As a result, I have today off, as well as next Monday. Today is dedicated to tackling my Christmas DIY items: things I need to make/do for gifts. Next week is dedicated to final Christmas shopping, of which we don’t have much left!

More and more, as expenses grow and gift funds dwindle, I try to find ways to use the things I enjoy doing and making as gifts. This year, I am creating a custom Christmas card for my family to be given out on Christmas day. I also have a custom card to create for a specific family member’s gift. Lastly—and this one I can’t say much about,—I am putting something together for another family member that needs to be started asap or I’ll find myself without time to finish it.

The main goal of my day, however, is to enjoy myself. I have a hefty to-do list today that could leave me feeling like it’s another day of work, but even if I can’t get everything done, it was a day dedicated to the Christmas holiday and at least I got things started!!! I’m also going to make sure that it’s not all just to-do items that take up my day. I plan on incorporating plenty of Christmas music, eggnog, some reading this evening (my other new tradition of reading a Christmas Carol each year), and maybe even an afternoon Christmas movie.

I have an idea for another Christmas post that explains some of the thought behind the days that I’m taking off (beyond simply needing time to get things done), so I won’t go on much further, but today is essentially my chance to get a little more in the Christmas spirit and to take a lovely, tailored-to-me personal day.

Until next time! ❤

Everything Happens For.. Well, You Know the Rest

So it has been just over 3 months since my post, A Much Overdue Life Update Part I, and Part II just never happened. In my defense, while part of that is my writing negligence, the main topic of Part II got derailed. As a result, I just stopped writing in this section all together—not ideal. This post is definitely my catch-up entry, so that I can *hopefully* stay up-to-date from here on out.

13501655_10207242874218321_2767446198091862942_nNick and I had a great summer. As I mentioned in my last post, he surprised me on our anniversary with tickets to go see Wicked, which was every bit as amazing as I anticipated—there were plenty of tears involved! We went to dinner first where we both ordered something we thought would be light and just filling enough to get us through the evening, but turned out to be one of the greasiest sandwiches I think I’ve ever had. Any other day, I would have made due, but we have cut greasy foods quite significantly from our diet and my stomach was NOT having it in 90 degree weather. Besides that and an annoying train situation on the way home, the day was wonderful. I am very fortunate to have found someone who enjoys doing the things that mean so much to me.

The highlight of our summer was definitely our trip to Memphis to see a wonderful friend and finally meet her (at the time, new) fiancée! I really should have done an entire post on this trip (fail) because there was a lot to cover that I feel may be excessive here. But here is the gist:

To get there, we made our first road trip, which was absolutely a learning experience. I discovered I definitely need to be the first one to drive or else I am just sleepy the entire time—aka Nick drove most of the way there and back.

We were able to pack the week with all the Memphis sights and things to do, but definitely had a nice dose of relaxation (which we were all in need of). Not to mention, we had really a great tour guide (aka Danielle). Nick and I were definitely surprised by the city, which (and I must have said this a thousand times during and after our trip) felt like a big small town—not the “city” I expected.


One of the first things we did was visit Graceland, which was really interesting. Not something you need to do more than once, but I am a sucker for any chance I get to *kind of* walk in someone else’s shoes. I love going to old homes or towns and trying to imagine daily life for the people who lived there, so Graceland was very cool for me. Terribly ugly in most cases (though I’m sure it was all the rage in its time), but great to see.

That was our museum day, for sure. Next stop was definitely the highlight: Sun Studio. We got to hear about how so many greats got their start there, including Elvis himself. They even had items such as his yearbook, social security card, and diploma!

The crown jewel of Sun Studio is one of five recording mics that were used during that era of music. At the end of the tour, many people hesitantly walked up to grab the mic, strike a pose, and have their pictures taken. Nick and I, of course, were no different.

I said above that I wasn’t going into terrible detail and I’m starting to fail at that. I really should have done the post shortly thereafter. To round out this topic, the whole trip was a lot of fun. We ate delicious food, spend time with great friends, got to see some live music, visit other historic sites and local spots—baby even got to go to a zoo for the first time (that I can actually remember). We got to see a lot, do a lot, and meet some really awesome people. It made my heart happy to see that my dear friend has created such a wonderful network down there in TN, filled with genuine people. All in all, a really wonderful trip that I was so grateful for! Here are some other pics from the week!

So where does the title of this post come in? A lot has happened this summer. We were essentially screwed out of the apartment we wanted and the frustrations of renting led us in another direction. My Part II post, as I mentioned, got derailed. It was supposed to come after we closed on our first home together. Surprise! Nick and I are buying a house! 

Unfortunately, things fell through on the house we were weeks away from settling on. At the time, I was very upset about it and as the summer wore on, frustration kicked in and it wasn’t a pretty picture. However, I sit here today grateful that all our failures, missed opportunities, and disappointments happened. Our lives took some crazy twists and turns and, had that house (or any other house) worked out, my stress levels would be through the roof.

So where do we stand now? We are still buying a house, but not looking until the spring. Our lease ended back in August and his grandparents have been gracious enough to let us stay with them in the interim. Due to recent events and a lack of a good housing selection, we’ve made the decision to stay put for the next six months, as his grandparents will be leaving for their home in Florida in a couple of weeks and we’ll have the place to ourselves. We are using the time to save save save, see how life transpires, and resume the hunt in the spring. It’s still a very exciting time in our lives and we will be so thrilled to finally take that next step with one another.

As someone who loves detail, I think that was pretty good for an overview. I definitely need to end this post here, but to close; I am constantly reminded that everything happens for a reason. The events of our lives have meaning—all of them—regardless of how we feel at the time. Nick and I have such a blessed life together and it’s one I wouldn’t trade for anything, not even the perfect house with a perfectly waterproofed basement in an area with a low water table close to my yoga studio and the train.

A Much Overdue Life Update: Part I

Hey everyone! It has been very long since I’ve last written and even longer since I’ve done a good ol’ life update. A lot has happened in the past month or so—so much that this is a two part series!! I’d say it’s time to play catch up.

To start, on May 20, Nicholas and I celebrated our two year anniversary. It’s a strange dichotomy of feeling like it’s been no time at all, but also like we’ve been together forever. We kept our celebration pretty low key by enjoying a relaxing weekend together and decided that we would recreate our first date by going to see the sequel to the movie we saw in theaters on our first date after a delicious dinner. Locations were different, but both dates involved sushi and Neighbors.

We set a spending limit on our gifts to one another in lieu of not doing gifts at all. Of course, Nick blew that out of the water and bought us Broadway tickets that we will be using on Saturday. I wasn’t thrilled that he went way over budget for the tickets, but at the same time, I am finally, after way too many years, seeing Wicked.

I couldn’t be more excited. Eek!!

The following weekend, we went into Philly to see one of my favorite up and coming artists, BØRNS. It was a great night minus people who were talking the whole time instead of enjoying the show. That group aside, it was an awesome night and a lovely evening out with my man.

It was a late night for us as we headed down to Rehoboth for what would be a wonderful weekend. It was relaxing, fun, exciting, and overall, just a great time. I got some much needed alone time and time with Nick. We got to see his sister and her boyfriend quite a bit, spent our time hanging out, got to the beach, and even played some fun games (and won adorable prizes) at the Boardwalk arcade. I left feeling rejuvenated and just really happy with my life and all I’ve been blessed with.

That week ended up being quite pivotal as our housing situation got turned on its head. With the company I work for going completely virtual in August, we decided that we would move further south into Delaware so that Nick could be closer to work. Our apartment hunt started much earlier, but this was the week we were told that the unit that sold us on the complex we chose and put money towards, was being renewed by its current tenant. You can imagine our frustration when we were given this news. It really turned us off to the complex since it shouldn’t have been made available to us in the first place.

After some serious conversing with one another and our families, we’ve decided to go another route, but I am not ready to unveil that quite yet, so y’all are going to have wait for Part II!

It has been a whirlwind these past couple of months. Work was crazy busy for a while and now my personal life has been all over the place. But I am so excited for everything coming our way and could not be more thrilled to have my best friend by my side for it all. We have quite a bit happening this summer, so we’re ready to strap ourselves in and enjoy the ride!

As soon as I am ready for Part II, I will get that post up right away!! 😉