Update 17: 154 Days to go!

So apparently I’m not so great at having a Saturday morning without a blog post. Hey, I’m not complaining—I love when I feel the urge to write… and CAN. Question is, what on earth do I want to talk about? I have bits and pieces from different sections that I could touch on, but I’ve got the wedding on my mind, so I’m running with that (as you probably guessed from the title).

Ring-ing in the new year

Yes, I already used that pun on Instagram, but it works. Last weekend, Nick and I paid our first visit to our jeweler to discuss wedding bands. It was an exciting day for me, but mostly because I was excited for Nick. This is a kid who doesn’t wear jewelry, with the exception of watches and the bracelet set he asked for at Christmas, so I was excited to see him try wedding bands on. For me, things were simple; I have my engagement ring and want a band to match. I had already made the decision to do a plain band to save money, so the hard part on my end was over.

The band on my ring is custom, so a custom band with diamonds is more money than I’d like to shell out for myself. So, I’ve decided to start with a plain band that matches the contour and width of my engagement ring, with the intent to perhaps get the diamond band down the road for an anniversary, if feasible. I could note here how people have already done the “disappointed head tilt” at hearing me say I am not getting a diamond band, as if there’s something inherently wrong with that, but I will just leave it at the passive aggressive statement and move forward. 🙂

So, my half of the consultation was easy. Nick, on the other hand, had to take in and digest all his options: gold vs. titanium vs. cobalt, vs. all the other metals rings come in. I could see we had two price points: one around what mine will be and one… higher. I knew where Nick’s head was going as I listened to the jeweler do his sales pitch, but Nick isn’t a diamonds kinda guy, so it’s not like we were talking anything too extravagant. I felt that, at the end of the day—though any chance to cut costs has me intrigued—I’m sitting here with my beautiful engagement ring… the band budget goes to Nick.

We are going back today and Nick is ordering his white gold wedding band haha.

Breaking it down

We are three days away from the 5 month mark (eek!), so I’ve been feeling ready to get down to business and start wrapping up the loose ends. I started a wedding notebook a while back and it’s been put to good use. I needed a space where I could simply write notes, reminders, lists, etc., so this seemed to be the best solution. Because organization is incredibly important, I start with a “just get it on paper” list every so often. There’s no order to it; I just get it out of my head. Once that slows down, I can then break it into relevant lists.

Each night in the second half of this week, I’ve dedicated some time to working on the updated list and its contents. But, let me tell you, this is definitely the fun part. Besides transportation, the honeymoon, and our registry, the remaining big items are done; I can’t describe what a relief that ends up being. So my list is now filled with follow up emails to vendors, budgetary to-dos, purchases, and the “little things.” The list is long, but certainly more fun than stressing about choosing a vendor before someone else does.

Budgeting Blues

One of the things I had on my mind was the impending influx of payments we’ll be dishing out. To book most vendors, we’ve had to put down a deposit, so we’ve already made a number of payments, but since we’ve crossed the six month mark, more deposits have been made and, as I said, it’s time to tackle the little things (which means spending money on the little things). I found myself suddenly (and unnecessarily) fearful of our larger payments coming due for vendors and not having the funds available.

To put myself at ease, last night, I sat down and took a look at our payment sheet. I essentially took the total cost for our current vendors, subtracted what we’ve already paid, then subtracted that number from what we have currently saved in our budget, in order to see how much we have left to play with. Our honeymoon budget was then subtracted, to give me a final number for how much I had available for everything else (based on our current savings).

My nerves kicked in because I have us saving until we move into our house, which will likely be after the wedding. It was the mentality that if we are saving up until the wedding, what happens to the 100% of payments that need to happen at least a few weeks before? However, after my reality check, my nerves were silenced and I know how much we have available to keep the ball rolling.

All in all, we are in a really exciting spot. We have a busy 5 months ahead of us, but again, we’re to the fun part, in my opinion. I have to wrap this up quickly because we have to not only go order our rings, but sign off on the blueprints for our house!!!


Ok, more to come soon!



I want you to know something…

I want you to know you’re still in my heart. That seeing you brings emotions so raw and powerful, I can feel a shifting at my very core. That even though I may be standing still, I still feel you. You move through me, extending into who I was and pulling me to feel it all again.

You always saw clearly, even when I felt trapped in the dark. You helped me escape to somewhere safe–somewhere I knew I’d be cared for. I found myself by losing myself in you.

I feel bitter that others still have you, but that my place is now in the wings. That the spinning no longer comes from the choreography… and it that may very well keep my curtain closed.

If I could do it all again, I’d cling to each movement as if it were my last. I’d give you my whole heart the way I should have from the start. It never should have been about anyone else… it was only ever about you and me. You freed me. You freed my heart.

I want you to know something…

I miss you. But I’ll always be yours.

Gotta Start Somewhere

47 days. No, not 47 days until our wedding. Not a 47 day challenge. 47 days since I’ve last written in my blog! Yikes!

The past 47 days have been busy, to say the least. So busy that choosing my topic for today either meant crickets chirping or a blog post so long, I may as well call it a short story—and I wouldn’t even know where to begin. We have house updates, life updates, wedding updates, and everything in between. However, I needed a place to start and—thank goodness for my new habit of writing down blog ideas in my to-do notebook, because the last bullet item fits the bill perfectly.

As I mentioned, we’ve been busy. With that busyness has come a fair amount of stress—stress we are still working through. Our plate is filled and simply trying to get a grasp on everything has been a challenge in and of itself.

Procrastination is my middle name. I like to think I’m better than I used to be, but I know I fall prey to putting things off because I get too overwhelmed. That’s essentially why I’ve gone 47 days without blogging and have at least 8–10 posts worth content sitting in my head and on random notes all over the house. Other times, I fall prey to the opposite: I get a massive amount of motivation and decide to try and do it all. Fast forward a day or so, throw in a heaping spoonful of that overwhelm, and I am back at square one.

So a few weeks back, after an absolutely delightful meltdown, I was sitting on my square and decided to line the rest up in front of me. I could see the myriad of things to do right there before my eyes. It was messy, but I could see the big picture. I could also accept that “doing it all” at once wasn’t going to be an option. So, what did I decide to do? I stepped to the next square. It was one step—one item I could check off my list. Then I stepped to the next, and the next, and—well, you get the picture.

There have been many scenarios in my life where I’ve decided to take a challenge one step at a time. Some were individual steps towards a massive change and other times, towards a tiny goal. But when I commit to trying to be human, rather than Wonder Woman, I reach the end much quicker, usually with a smile on my face.

So, no. I am not going to try and cover it all in one blog post. I am going to start here and when I’m done, I’m going to move to the next square in front of me and continue doing so until we come out on the other side. Gotta start somewhere…

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.

I Just Jumped in a Puddle

It’s a rainy, “gloomy” day here in Delaware today. It’s the quintessential “curl up with a good book and blanket with an indie playlist running in the background” kind of day—the kind of day that makes you wish you weren’t working so you could actually have that kind of day for once.

Well, the day was rather mediocre until about an hour or so ago when my mental pot boiled over. It was more of a gentle bubble or simmer, but I reached a threshold nonetheless. Nothing earth-shattering—really a 3/10 on the stress scale; just one of those days when there were too many thoughts and not enough space in my head. A day when I needed to stray the path so I could stop walking in circles. There was a small oversight on my part yesterday that will make the rest of my work-week a little more pressured. Certainly nothing I can’t work around, but annoying news when the day is supposed to be winding down.

Since I start my work day by 6:30 every morning, I was technically done for the day. I start work early for a very simple reason: I don’t like working past 3pm. I am a morning person through and through and, once lunchtime hits, time seems to slow down right alongside me. I work in the morning because A. I am doing myself a service by taking advantage of my motivation and energy and B. for my clients, who deserve my A game when I am running that clock.

So when I began to feel like nothing productive would come from working any more, I decided to take a break. I sat back in my chair and tried to think of what I would do to get my mind off things so I could come back refreshed. I did what I do many times throughout my day to start: took a walk.

I decided on that walk that I would write a blog post—wasn’t sure what it would be about until I was standing at the edge of a massive puddle blocking the path I take. All day, I’d been walking that path with my umbrella in hand—proud of myself for getting out and taking my usual walks, even in the rain. But in my search for an emotional and mental release, I noticed how I was walking so gingerly through the puddle all day, even though I was wearing sandals I ruined this weekend while refinishing our new breakfast table.

I stopped and thought to myself, “Why am I walking so carefully through this puddle? What is actually stopping me from jumping and running in it right now? I don’t have to go anywhere; I am not wearing shoes I’m concerned with; why the heck don’t I just jump in??” I decided, since there was nothing stopping me from doing so, that I would walk the lane one more time and jump in on my way back. As I crossed the puddle, I did so less carefully, but there was still a nervousness and excitement as I thought about actually doing it.

I’m not being metaphorical. There’s a deeper meaning, but I’m totally serious haha.

I work each and every day to be optimistic—it comes easier than it used to, but I still work at it. I’ve spent a lot of my life being cynical and distant. I went through a period when acknowledging my stress, anxiety, upset, heartbreak, etc. was nonexistent. I cut people out, I spoke to no one about my truths, not even myself. It was only after hitting my rock bottom that I realized how important it is to allow myself to work through stuff, big and small.

Life is pretty damn amazing right now. I have a ton going on and, while not all of it is peachy, I choose to feel and work through the bad and hold onto the good. I had a rough day. Not for any one reason, but just because I felt down. So I jumped in the puddle. I even went back and jumped in again, with a running start, after I realized I didn’t do so the first time with complete recklessness.

Things will always get better, just like they will always get worse; that’s why it’s important to find ways to bring yourself happiness each and every day, in whichever way works best for you—big or small.

So tonight, I will continue my self-care, so that I can wake up tomorrow, feeling optimistic and focused. I don’t want to steal from another post I want to do eventually and dive in further, but the message is to take care of yourself each and every day. Do things for you and be willing to jump in a puddle once in a while.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents. ❤


Photo by Joshua K. Jackson

Why Wait?

Why? Seriously. What is the benefit to waiting? For what, you ask?


I am tagging this post under two categories because it is a combination of my ramblings and a real goal I have for myself. When I was doing my TV Turnoff Challenge, I obviously had more time in my day. Not only did I have more time for the things I wanted to do, there was also more time for things that I didn’t particularly want to do, but now had no excuse not to. It got me thinking about procrastination—a concept I am too familiar with.

I don’t know about y’all, but when I think about procrastination, I think of school, work, deadlines, etc. All of that is pretty typical; but I’ve also started thinking those little to-do list items that always seem to be pushed to “later.”

Oftentimes, when I push things off, I know they wouldn’t take much of my time, but I find myself overcome with laziness and I just walk away. The TV Challenge opened my eyes to these instances in the face of doing small, every-day tasks, because now I had the time to do them and still didn’t. Take setting up the coffee, for example. My fiancé and I like to set up the coffee maker the night before, so that when I get up in the morning, the coffee is ready to be poured. Simple task, really: grounds in basket, water in maker, press two buttons, bada bing, bada boom—fresh coffee in the morning.

But that hour hits when I’m ready for bed and all of a sudden, I’m “too tired” for this process, which takes all of 2 minutes. The next morning isn’t a disaster, but I miss out on that moment of bliss when my coffee is there waiting for me (I clearly really love coffee). It sounds silly, but I’ve started to notice a number of these little tasks being avoided, despite their ease. I have two checks to get out in the mail. I have two thank you notes to write. Neither set will take long to do, but they’ve been sitting (with others) on a Post-it note stuck to my computer for three days now.

Yes, I’m talking about the little things throughout the day… but I need to emphasize the big things too… Why wait? Why keep pushing things off? All we have to do is start. Whenever I had something to tell someone that wasn’t easy, I knew I just needed to get past the point of no return. What’s the point of no return, you ask? The second I took the breath that would start my sentence—the moment I could say, “well, there’s no turning back now.”

I have a ton of work to do in this area—on both small and large scales. That’s why in my day-to-day activities, my goal is to stop putting things off and quit with the excuses. If I have a minute to write that thank you, I’m going to do it. If I can spare a half hour to give someone I love a call, I need to do it. Challenges like this are always hard because there isn’t much that is tangible, but it’s still important to find a way.

Timing rarely works in our favor. Oftentimes, the longer we wait to do anything, the harder it becomes. If you want to get healthy, get up and go to the gym… tonight… now. If you need to make the bed, stop walking past it and just make it. If you need to set up the damn coffee, quit the excuses and set it up. And most importantly, if you have something to say, say it. Words are useless when they are unspoken and there is no better time than right now. You want something? Go get it. Now. Not tomorrow. Not in a week. Now.

So many regrets come from actions not taken and words unsaid… I say this to myself and out into the universe: always seek to push yourself past the point of no return and when you do, simply revel in all you accomplish.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.

Another Lesson on Flexibility

I’ve mentioned this a few times over some of my more recent posts, but I’ve been working to come up with and “stick to” an optimal work schedule. I am definitely a morning person, whose energy and productivity happens to start wavering around 2:30, rendering me pretty much useless by 3:30. However, you get me started in the early morning hours? Not only are they productive, but they fly. I would love to do a separate post about what it’s like to work from home (featuring this subject), so I’ll keep moving along for now.

We are still at Nick’s grandparents’ house until ours is complete, so it’s not easy for me to figure out and stick to a routine. In our own home, it will be our own space, set up to accommodate our own lifestyle, thus making it easier to get into a routine. Now, my routine is not some harsh, rigid schedule that I have to follow to a T; it is a guideline to not only allow me the time I need to get ready and start my day, but to also fit in some of the things I enjoy or want to work into each day more, like reading, writing, and yoga.

I was really digging the routine I fell into over the past month or so, but fell out it and into a strange hybrid of the old and new. It’s not one I’d like to keep when we move, but it’s proving a good point: I like waking up and doing one of my “me” things in the morning. Case in point: this post. I sat down at my computer, ready to start work at 7 and got to thinking about my weekend. Next thing I knew, the blog was up and the words pouring out. It seems I am not writing about what I intended to (my weekend with Nick), but that’s another great thing about writing for me: it’s what I need it to be whenever I simply have the desire to write.

*Cliché segue approaching*—life doesn’t always unfold the way we hope it will. Nick and I are so grateful for the generosity of his grandparents, as this living situation is our saving grace as we head toward our first home, marriage, and our first years as a married couple. However, we both value our own space and alone time, often making it rather difficult to live in someone else’s home.

I sadly skipped a few mornings of writing and going for walks in the early morning sun, just so I could stay to my schedule. Why? Those things take time (obviously) and affect the rest of the day. But they are things that make me happy. They are activities that get my morning off to a good start and, in the end, if it means my work day is a little longer, then so be it! I have to work toward a compromise.

There are plenty of things we have to do each day. We can’t constantly push off responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make room and time for the things that make us happy—our “me” things. So no, I didn’t start my day off early. I will be working until the very end of the day; but, I started my day really nicely—not stressing over time away from the computer as I walked Nick to his truck and waited to wave him goodbye, or feeling disappointed as I watched the minutes tick away as I took way too long to write this post. It’s 2 hours later and I feel really good about how my Monday started, still feeling ready to tackle my day.

So I will end with this: living each day to the fullest doesn’t mean blowing off responsibilities, spending loads of money, or traveling the world. It means making the most of each and every day to not only do the things you have to, but making it a point to do the things that bring you joy, however complex or simple they may be. To me, living each day to the fullest means living full days—days where I go to bed feeling like I did what I needed to, but made time for my happiness as well.

With that, I bid y’all a happy Monday! Now it’s time to get to work!


You Just Know

Inspiration has struck me like a ton of bricks. 

Some of my earliest blog entires were often responses to quotes that struck me in some way—quotes I felt I could relate to or comment on. I love the challenge of expressing my own viewpoint and figuring out why certain quotes leave an impact, more so than others. Heck, I currently have one written on a bright yellow post-it note, stuck on my computer, just waiting for me to explore when the moment strikes.

However, I just came across another by author JM Storm, posted yesterday by Yoga Inspiration on Instagram, that so perfectly sums up recent thoughts, feelings, and inner-battles I’ve been dealing with over the past few days. So much so that I opened WordPress faster than I have in a while. It read,

I think some souls have a way of connecting without our knowledge. That’s why you can meet someone for the first time, but inside you just know. You know it is not the first time you’ve felt them.

It’s an inexplicable feeling, but so very true in some of my most treasured friendships. More recently, it also feels like the reason I can’t seem to let some people go. I always joke with one of my best and oldest friends because, while she remembers the moment we met with perfect clarity, I don’t remember a thing. For me, its a trend with some of my closest friends, save the most recent ones that are more fresh in my memory.

It’s as if they just materialized into my life. They were already there, but I couldn’t see them yet—there wasn’t a distinct beginning to our connection. It created a bond that is there because we just feel it, and the more tangible indicators of friendship simply don’t matter. Sometimes, it comes in the form of not remembering the moment we met and in others, it was that sense of knowing in the instant we did, that they were already a part of my life.

Easiest example of the latter is my lovely Charlotte (and if she’s reading, she already gets it). The day we met is clear in our minds, but we both sat there on opposite sides of the room just knowing there was already a connection. Simultaneously, we felt we already knew each other and that we needed to know each other.

Now, this is not to say these are the only people I have incredibly close friendships with (that’s not the case at all), but these are my soulmates—the relationships I feel in my core from the start. This makes for lasting friendships, which I am so grateful for, but it also makes it hard to let people go when it’s time to.

If the struggles of high school and college taught me anything, it’s that the people you meet throughout your life are there at the time they need to be, for however long they are meant to be. But regardless of how wonderful and special the friendship, it doesn’t mean they will always or should always be there. Some people are easier to move forward from… and others, not so much. In my case, with many friends, it didn’t mean a distinct fall out, but a smooth transition in separate directions as we continued growing up.

My subconscious has a way of bringing the most connected people back into my mind, oftentimes in the form of dreams. I had one earlier this week that has kept me in a funk ever since. It’s a hard situation to find yourself knowing you need to move forward, but still not being able to break this tie at your core—the elements that connect your souls.

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this quote—I needed to put this into words and the timing could not have been more perfect, because of both my recent dream and because of how insanely connected I’ve felt over the past few weeks to some of these “soulmates.” It’s a beautiful bond that I treasure so much and it’s not always easy to express in words.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

National Women’s Day

Forgive the lateness of the post, but it was a busy day for me, yesterday. As you all know by now, yesterday was National Women’s Day. I wore a bright red shirt and went about my day being myself: a strong, determined, independent woman.

I am a white, cisgender woman, happily engaged to the love of her life. I know how incredibly fortunate I am to lead the life that I do—a life where I do not feel limited by society for being who I am. I have family, friends, and a fiancé who support, love, and push me to be whatever I want.

As I young child, I remember often thinking “girls were better than boys.” I had my reasons for it, but there was always this competition to see who was better. Now, this post could get specific. It could get political, but that’s not what I want to do. I want to talk about me.

I know how that sounds, but allow me to continue. I grew up in a male-dominated household. It was a house of a lot of testosterone, sports, and everything that goes with it. It wasn’t until I got older that I really began to appreciate the men in my life—men who have always been there for me to inspire and guide me, and will always be there for me no matter what. But growing up as the only female child with four older brothers, I often looked to my mother. She was and is someone I look up to and can relate to. I am my mother’s clone and, while that was said jokingly a lot, it was always received as a huge compliment.

always gravitated towards women in my life: cousins, friends, teachers, etc. Now here is an important statement: I, by no means, want to belittle the support and inspiration I got from my father, brothers, male friends, and teachers—that is not the purpose of this post, because they have been absolute game changers in my life. But yesterday, I spent the day thinking about what it means to me to be a woman, as well as all the women who have changed my life.

Women who taught me to love myself for who I am. Women who taught me that I am worthy… of everything. Women who held me up when I was falling. Women who showed me my potential. Women who taught me to believe in myself and work hard for the things I want. The mindset that the people in my life helped me develop allowed me to never feel inferior. Someone told me I wasn’t good enough? Bullshit. Someone told me I couldn’t do something? Watch me.

The reality of gender inequality is real, even if not everyone experiences it. Feel free to disagree, but it’s real. It comes in many forms and in many levels of severity, but it’s there. If you deny it, it’s because you are fortunate enough not to have to live it. With that said, here is the last bit I’ll say:

I owe a lot to the women in my life and the women I look up to outside my personal network (and in history). Yesterday, I got up at my new time because women inspired me to become an early riser. I sat down to do the job I love because I know I deserve to love every aspect of my life. I did my job because I worked hard to get my degree, alongside other women working towards the same goal. I did my job with confidence because of the women who pushed me to be better. Many nights, I make dinner because I love cooking, not because it’s assumed of me. I bake because I love creating, and if it tastes good? Bring it on. I didn’t watch TV because I found it within myself to want to improve. I went to the gym because I’m in pain after 12 years of dancing and I see what not moving has done to me—to my body, my joints, my abilities. I worked hard to improve myself and my health. I lived a normal day because of women in history who paved the way. I lived a normal day because I’ve been inspired by women my whole life.

I plan on getting married to a man who loves me and supports me. I plan on starting a family. I plan on forwarding my career and working hard. If I can be at home with my kids at some point? You bet your ass I will. I plan on starting my own business catered to my strengths. I plan on seeing the world. I plan on continuing my journey through yoga. I plan on adopting a child. I plan on teaching any daughters I am blessed with that they are unstoppable. They are powerful, strong, and capable of anything they are willing to work hard at.

I can be a wife. I can be independent. I can be a mom. I can be a designer. I can be an entrepreneur. I can be a yogi. I can be a fighter. I can be a leader. I can be a friend. I can be a cook. I can be a CEO. I can be all this because I am a woman.

And I can be whoever I want.

Every Little Bit

Wishing everyone a very good morning today!

Last night was not the peaceful night of unbroken rest I had hoped for—Nicholas is still sick, so in an attempt to protect my oh-so-weak immune system, we have slept separately for two nights now. The first night was near perfect, as I was finally able to sleep through the majority of the night without having to deal with the fur babies waking me up far too early. However, last night was filled with nothing but those two driving me absolutely bonkers; I wish I was that fascinated with window blinds…

Inspiration for this post actually came yesterday. The lesson, however, came full force as I began my day today. While I am disappointed to say I haven’t truly started either of my 365 Challenges, I have been diligent in my primary resolution, to find time every day to keep doing the things that bring me happiness and personal growth. I’ve started back down my path to Living my Yoga, as our living situation and many other “excuses” have taken me away from it. I started re-reading Living Your Yoga: Finding the Spiritual in Every Day Life by Judith Hanson Lasater, as that was one of the things I walked away from mid-stream. I have a number of other books I want to read on the subject, but felt it was important to recenter myself by starting that from the beginning again, taking in its lessons, and most importantly, finishing it this time.

But what did yesterday bring me? When I woke up yesterday morning, I made the bed, grabbed my cup of coffee, sat in the chair in the bedroom, and read the next chapter. I sat down knowing I would only have a few minutes of this before I would have to continue with my day, since I hit the snooze button one too many times. It was driving my mind wild as I sat there trying to find peace in my morning.

Then the sunrise streamed in through the windows on either side of me. I found myself in a room of earthy, neutral colors that were being enriched by the warm colors of the sunrise. It wasn’t a Hallelujah Chorus kind of moment, it was simply serene and beautiful. As I kept reading, the chapter’s message—combined with the scene I found myself in—reminded me of the most important lesson of my resolution: it doesn’t matter if I’m able to spend an hour or two fulfilling it every day; if I can only find 5 minutes to slow down and do something for me—do something that brings me happiness or growth—then I need to own that 5 minutes, be present in it, and be grateful for it.

Quality over quantity.

I went to bed last night thinking I could recreate this lovely morning and make it better today. Well, that certainly wasn’t the case. The cats kept me up throughout the night and this morning, they definitely didn’t care that I was supposed to have an hour more of sleep. I woke up feeling agitated and as if they had already “ruined” my chance at a nice morning. I’m sitting here feeling inspired to write, so that clearly wasn’t the case.

When I finally got up, I consciously decided to make the most of it—to let go of my frustrations. I gave both of them a kiss and some quality pets before having my cup of coffee and reading the next chapter. It was a difficult chapter to understand, but I reminded myself to be thankful for the time I had and that I could reread it tomorrow or even later today.

To wrap this all up—to send my final two cents out into the universe: any step in the right direction, regardless of how big the stride, still moves you forward. If there’s something you want to resolve to do or practice, do so in whatever way your life will allow, but always be fully present and grateful for it. You may be surprised how far that step actually gets you in the end.

And that, my dears.. is my tiny two cents.

We can be more

Good morning everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all!

I woke up this morning absolutely ready to write this post. Last year, I did a year in review, but this New Year—for the most part—I am looking ahead. 2016 was a pretty great year for my little family. It was a still a rollercoaster, but not in the ways past years were. It was a year of change, excitement, disappointment, frustration, self discovery, and a whole lot of happiness.

For 2017, while I am going to attempt to do two different 365-resolutions (both very different from one another—more to come), I am keeping my primary resolution a tad more general as an alternate challenge for myself.

There is a growing stigma attached to New Year’s resolutions. Most people who know me know I believe any day is perfect to make a new resolution if it is going to improve your quality of life, but I often hear people say resolutions are stupid and pointless. Well, to each his own, but I’m still going to throw in my two cents.

Regardless of what they are, resolutions are made for a reason. New Years often leaves us taking a look back at how we’ve been living and oftentimes, we realize that things could be better—that we could be better. I believe human beings are always capable of immense growth, but we need proper care or else it can’t happen. New Year’s resolutions get a bad reputation because, let’s face it, we simply lose sight of them. We fall back into old habits, get lazy, or just stop caring. But one of the messages that has stuck with me this year is to be resolute in my resolutions.

Resolutions are made because we get a glimpse of our potential and an idea of how we might reach it. We see that we can be better in a way that makes sense for us and our lives. We can be happier, healthier, smarter, more ambitious, dedicated, loving, and a multitude of other things—we can be more. So, to everyone, I’d like to say be resolute this year. It doesn’t have to be anything massive; it can be as simple as trying to drink more water or make the bed everyday. But I suggest leaving your resolution somewhere you’ll see it every day. Put it in a frame by your bed. Make it the background on your phone. We all need a little reminder sometimes, so do what you need to do. But whatever you choose, be steadfast in your decision to do it.

For me, I am doing two 365-resolutions. For those who may be unfamiliar with the concept, it’s pretty self explanatory: doing one thing every day for 365 days. For my challenges, I hope to accomplish two things: 1. to get back into the yoga lifestyle by doing some form of yoga every day and 2. expand on my skills by hand lettering every day. 365 resolutions don’t have to be done extensively, but have to enter each day at some point.

For my general resolution, I took a look back at my year and the things I was trying to accomplish. If I wrote out every resolution I have, I’d run out of characters (and that’s not even possible). So here is my resolution: to find time every day to keep doing the things that bring me happiness and personal growth. I enjoy doing so many activities and, oftentimes, find myself not doing any of them because of laziness and the ease of doing nothing. So I am resolving to choose to do the things I enjoy every day, in some way, shape, or form.

2017 is going to be a big year. We have a lot happening and there is much to be done, but today, I am breathing in the promise of a wonderful 365 days. I genuinely wish everyone a year of happiness, success, and love. And if you are going to resolve to do anything, resolve to be better… and resolve to be resolute.

Happy 2017! xo